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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 10 - United and Divided
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Intrepid Episode #10 – United and Divided
Special guest appearance made by Ivan Shirenko of the Pack (SilverLantern)
Last time on Battlestar Intrepid…

Day 38

Dr. Anna Evans approached a computer that she knew has Fleet BBS access that someone had left logged in. It had been several days since the accident. She had debated on what to do with the drive, but in the end, she had given her word to Dr. Owens that she would do this.

Dr. Davis could hear the wireless in the background as people at the governmental convention debated what kind of government the people would have. She wondered if Clive’s last words would have an effect on the people.

She found out moments after inserting the memory stick, that Dr. Owens was getting his revenge from the grave. She ran after reading the message.

To everyone,
To those who think the military is being truthful, read this and then question everything. The biological scientists on the Discovery and the military doctors know they exists…they have samples and bodies on each ship!

To: All military department heads
From: Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Subject: Cylons

It is time that we broach a difficult subject. This is something that changes the outlook of the war and our perception of this conflict.

As hard as this will be to believe, the Cylons have evolved into flesh and blood beings. We became aware of this possibility in the Duvaun System. It was recently confirmed via medical testing and by the capture of another, “live” Cylon. Unfortunately, the subject was killed after a breakout and attempted sabotage.

Attached to this document are three photos. Two look exactly the same and this tipped us off to the problem. We are continuing to research into what makes these Cylon “models” function. Also, we are attempting to find a way to tell Human from Cylon.

The following things are known about these “Biological” Cylons:
1. They do have improved strength compared to humans.
2. Their dexterity and reaction times are better than human.
3. They will kill at the first chance given.

At this time, I am issuing Secret Order #29. It entails the following:
1. Anyone above the rank of Lieutenant J.G. is allowed to know this information.
2. All marines and anyone above the rank of Lieutenant J.G. are to be given a standard-issue pistol. They are required to wear it at all times, on and off duty.
3. Marine Squad Leaders and Gunnery Sergeants are to be informed of the Biological Cylons.
4. Capture of any Cylon is preferred, but the use of deadly force is authorized.

We will, at this time, continue with the “persons of interest” bulletins. At some point in the future, we will inform the ship captains and possibly the general public. Once we learn more information via autopsies and other methods, we will pass this information on to you.

I can not stress the sensitivity of this information. A premature leaking to the public could cause mass panic. Be careful and stress to your people to not say a thing. Per military law, leaking of this information could be construed as treason.

Thank you,
Admiral Thomas Jacobs

-Free the Knowledge

Two minutes later, the Fleet BBS was taken offline by the Military and Captain’s Union. Dr. Clive Owens had the effect he wanted.


Day 38

The message had only been up on the BBS for two minutes before the entire server was brought down by the order of Admiral Jacobs.

Two minutes was too long and the convention had plunged into chaos in short order.

Derrick Tobin of the Leonis Pride had taken to the podium. “Nearly forty days ago, the Cylons destroyed our lives and homes. Now comes this tid-bit of information from a supposedly a secret document from the military: Cylons is skin form! Skinjobs walk with us.”

“Dear Gods people, why are they hiding this from us? Who among us is a Cylon?! Mr. Chairman, I demand that Admiral Jacobs and Commander Guynes come here NOW and either explain themselves or resign. This is a catastrophe of major proportions. I want them here now to answer to us!!!”

A representative from the Taurus stood up “And who will lead us then, you frakking idiot?!”

With that, words were shouted across the auditorium from many of the representatives. Then, a chair out of seemingly nowhere was thrown at the podium. Chairman Greene slammed his gavel down trying to restore order as several fights broke out. Two minutes later, marines rushed the room and restored order. Ten reps were handcuffed and dragged out after trying to attack the marines and other representatives.

With order restored, a mad Patrick Greene returned to the podium. “We need to cool off folks! I am sure answers are coming from Admiral Jacobs, but this convention will not be turned into an overgrown bar room brawl. This convention is suspended for two days. Captain Barrington has also locked down this ship to all travel. I implore you to go back to your suites and collect yourselves.”

With that, Greene slammed the gavel down. He then turned off his mic and looked at his aide Anthony Ito. “Get me the Admiral now, godsdammit!”


Day 38

With order restored, a mad Patrick Greene returned to the podium. “We need to cool off folks! I am sure answers are coming from Admiral Jacobs, but this convention will not be turned into an overgrown bar room brawl. This convention is suspended for two days. Captain Barrington has also locked down this ship to all travel. I implore you to go back to your suites and collect yourselves.”

Delegate Ivan Shirenko, from the former jumpstar Lycanthrope, was stunned.

“This is all frakked up.” he muttered to no one in particular as he was gathering his notes and puttng them inside his briefcase.

“I’ll say!” A woman said near him. “I mean…the Cylons look like us now? How is that possible? They’re machines…nuts and bolts!”

Ivan looked at her as he closed his briefcase and picked it up. “They could’ve.. I dunno.. stolen some dead bodies… cloned them, but shorted out their human minds…” he shook his head. “Hell, I dunno how any of its possible… it’s all so…frakked up.” I gotta call Merton; he’s gotta get me off this damn ship!

“’How long do you think we’ll be held here? I wanna go back to my ship, where it’s normal…well, where things are more normal than this…insanity.” The woman gestured at the Grand Room. ‘I didn’t sign up to be punched, or kicked, or yelled at…or locked up.”

“I feel the same way.” Ivan said to the brunette. ‘My name’s Ivan, Ivan Shirenko. I’m from Lycanthrope.” he smiled, a rarity for him.

“Mandy Feige, Leonis Pride.” She shook his hand “I need a drink. Do you need a drink? Let’s go get a drink.


Intrepid / Fleet
Day 38

Jacobs hung up the handset after a 10 minute ‘chat’ with Patrick Greene. He shook his head and looked across the command table at Maj. Davis. “What was the ancient curse? ‘May you live in interesting times?’ Yeah, that’s it.”

Davis cleared a curl that had drifted over her right eye. “Sir, what are we going to do?”

“Patrick will be here later tonight to talk. I will be releasing a statement in the next hour or two. Meanwhile, I’m ordering our marines to a higher state of alert and deploying some reserves. Get me Colonel Pretrivich up here now.”

“Yes sir.”

Over the next hour, additional marines were sent to nearly all ships (except the Lycanthrope) and travel was restricted to emergencies only. After everything was in place, Jacobs release a statement:

To: Everyone in the fleet
From: Admiral Jacobs
Subject: The Cylon Threat

I’m going to say this in the easiest way I can put it: Yes, the Cylons have evolved into biological forms and we have found some in the fleet.

As stated in the now leaked memo, the reason I did not alert the public was to prevent a panic, like the one that occurred at the convention. Also, we kept the information secret as a way to lull these ‘biological’ Cylons a false sense if security. With this, we hoped that we would be able to capture one that is ‘alive’.

But now because of someone’s short-sightedness, that opportunity has been ripped out of our hands. With this treasonous act, this fleet may be in greater danger. If this person or persons are caught, they will be tried for treason and could be exposed to the consequences if found guilty.

As of this time, all travel in the fleet, except those of an emergency purpose are restricted. Any supply runs will continue with military approval. This restriction will be lifted in two days. Any civil disobedience during this time will be met with a strong response from the Colonial Marines and ship security forces.

This has been instituted to allow everyone to settle down and think clearly. I also ask that the governmental conventions quickly move forward and provide the fleet with a civil government…a government that can help in making these tough decisions that we in the military have to make daily.

Thank you,
Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Commanding Fleet Admiral – BSG 87


Catalina – Laundry Room Four
Day 38

Workers had stepped out to enjoy a small break from doing laundry. On a Cloud Nine luxury liner, there was a lot of bedding and towels that required cleaning every day. They left for a break room to enjoy a cigarette and discuss all that had happened that morning.

Half way through the break several of the workers thought they smelled something odd. As two of them walked back to the laundry, they noticed some smoke in the hall. When they reached the opened laundry room door; they could see a dryer completely engulfed in flames Also, several laundry carts filled with towels were burning.

But they never made it to pull the alarm. The cabinets holding various washing and cleaning supplies exploded from the heat…sending burning chemicals out into the hall. The two workers were dead within seconds. The security camera in the hallway was also taken out in the chemical explosion.

Then, the fire alarms finally went off.


Taurus CIC
Day 38

Lt. Nick Wu was at the comms station when the call from the Catalina came in. He looked down from his workstation and quickly buzzed the Command Table. “Commander, we have fire on Catalina. From the sounds of it, they do not have control of it.”

Commander Guynes looked up and over to where Wu was at. “Contact the Admiral and Captain Barrington. Conference them into my handset once you have them.”

“Aye Commander. Comms out.”

Commander Guynes hung up the hand set and looked to his XO, Col. Wilson. “Dean, The Catalina is having problems with a fire. Set condition two throughout the ship. Put medical on standby.”

“Aye sir” said Wilson as he picked up his handset.

There was a buzz from the handset on the Commander’s side of the table a minute later. Guynes quickly picked it up. “This is Taurus Actual, go head.”

[This is Intrepid Actual. Captain Barrington, are you there?]

[Copy Intrepid and Taurus Actuals. I have a major blaze in one of my laundry rooms and it is spreading quickly. I need any and all help…we’re fighting a losing battle here. This thing is spreading quickly.]

Guynes closed his eyes. “Understood. I have my medical teams preparing to assist. Do you need damage control teams?”

[Commander Guynes, I will take all the help I can get.]

[Intrepid will also send teams over as well…]

Then, there was a loud pop heard in the background.

[Captain Barrington, this is Intrepid Actual. What was that?!]

[I’m down the hall from where the fire is…there was another explosion. That was a cleaning closet that just went up. My Gods! Fire crews, fall back!!! Taurus, Intrepid…I need your help, now. That was another chemical explosion. This keeps up we will lose the Catalina…]

At this point, Col. Wilson had finished his work and ‘tapped’ into the conversation. Commander Guynes looked up at his XO and then spoke into the handset. “Captain Barrington, I am pulling Taurus next to you…stand by to execute emergency docking procedures. My damage control teams will come in as soon as we dock.”

[This is Intrepid Actual. Go ahead with docking. I’m rounding up all raptors and RATs that can dock. We’re on our way, Barrington.]

[Thank you and understood…I’m contacting my bridge. Catalina out.]

“Colonel Wilson, please join me and the Admiral on the handset.” ordered Guynes.

“I’m here now, sirs.”

[Colonel, as soon as Taurus docks, look over the situation and do what has to be done. Are we clear on that?]

“Yes sir.” The Colonel paused “We’re going to do our best to take out this fire, but if we have to order an abandon ship, I can put people in cargo bays four and five…as well as the hanger decks starting out.”

Commander Guynes shook his head “There are over 1900 people on that ship, we can hold a lot of people if it comes down to it, but we’ll need to get them onto other ships. I hope we don’t have to cross that bridge.”

[Keep me in the loop, gentlemen. We can not afford to lose this ship. Do everything you can to save it…and I do mean everything. I’ll be monitoring the situation. Intrepid Actual out.]


1455 - 1515
Day 38

As the docking hatches opened, Colonel Wilson was greeted with the scene of people gathered in the corridor…all wanting to get on the Taurus. “Folks, clear the way for my emergency teams! We’re not losing this ship today. If we have to evacuate, please listen for the order.”

A woman in a freshly pressed white shirt approached the Colonel. “Colonel Wilson, my name is Clare Watson. I’m a security officer here on the Catalina. Captain Barrington has asked me to take you to the bridge.”

Colonel Wilson met Captain Barrington in the middle of his bridge. In the monitors built into the command table, you could see the fire. In two other hanging monitors, there were ship schematics displayed showing the location of the fire.

“Good to see you, Colonel.”

“Nice to see you as well captain. I wish we were talking about something other than this.”

“Agreed, Colonel Wilson. Here is my sitrep: The fire is in the rear portion of the ship. Engineering has sealed itself off. It has spread to four other levels. My fire teams have dropped back to here. The dome section has been cleared out and so far, all passengers have been accounted for. Roughly ten percent of the ship is now involved in the fire.”

“Frak me running...” Wilson looked down at the schematics “These are your emergency bulkhead doors, correct?”

“Yes and if things keep going they way they are, we’ll be fighting the fire at that point in less than ten minutes.”

Wilson looked up “Why wait, Captain? Pull your people out of that area and drop and lock the airtight doors…then decompress.”

“That could cause additional damage to the ship and…”

“Captain if the fire reaches your back promenade, it has access to most of the ship, including the dome section. If the fire gets that much freedom, it’s all over but the crying.” The Colonel was more than a little annoyed. “We can repair and repaint rooms…I can’t rebuild a melted chunk of metal.”

Barrington looked across the room at his crew and then to Col. Wilson.

“Captain Barrington, it’s now or never.” growled Wilson. He was about to move the captain out of the way and take over.

Barrington shook his head “Order the fire crews to fall back to the rear promenade. They have three minutes before I secure the airtight door and vent into space…”

Within three minutes, the last fire crews had backed out. The automated air-tight locks were in place. The ventilation system in the area had been closed full.

Then, two airlocks opened up. A whine and low rumble could be heard throughout the Catalina.

Debris spilled into space. Paper, plants, table and other items flew out. In the trash and debris, six bodies could be seen.

Colonel Wilson looked at the damage control reading for those sections. “Captain, I show zero atmospheres and the fires out.”

“I concur. Damage control, close the airlocks and repressurize the affected decks. Stand by to send our teams back into the area to investigate.”


Intrepid CIC
Day 39

“Admiral on the deck!” called out a marine.

“At ease and as your were.” Admiral Jacobs approached the Command Table “Good morning, Lia. What do the reports look like today?”

Major Davis yawned as she handed the Admiral a cup of coffee. “Preliminary reports on yesterday’s Catalina fire are in. Sorry sir, I didn’t sleep too well last night.”

“That’s okay.” Jacobs looked over the report. “Security video showed the dryer going up. Everyone in the room had been out on break for about three minutes. Damn, 14 people didn’t make it out.”

“Still a possibility of foul play…but the chances are now less.” Davis pointed out “Less of a chance a Cylon did this.”

“Lets try to reduce some stress in the fleet. Release the report to the fleet news reporters. If the media wants to see the video, arrange a copy.”

“Yes sir.”


Space Park Liner Gem of Aquaria
Day 39

There had been a rumor of a protest. Some had grown tired of military rule and wanted a government now. They also distrusted the Captain’s Union. Over 400 people assembled.

Since her Cylon counterpart had landed the job as an assistant to the convention, the six model known and Brenda Holliwell made her way to the Barnaby Tavern. She listened to the rabble-rousers speeches in the bar. They seemed more hot air than action. After a few minutes, Brenda left for her room.

I sometimes try to have hope for humanity, but after hearing things like this, God is right: humans are defective. Got to find a way to cause some problems or communicate with the others in the fleet, if any. I wonder what repeated program is playing on the ship’s media network? It would be a far better use of my time.

As Brenda left, there were some men that eyed her for a few moments. They soon returned to drinking and talking. Their chat was more than idle…they talked war and revolution.

After locking her door, Brenda changed out of the dress she was wearing and into a pair of shorts and t-shirt. As she looked the monitor remote, Brenda heard several shots coming from outside her balcony. There were muffled shouts and screams that could be heard.

Then, there was a hail of gunfire that lasted for over a minute. Some of it was ‘single’ shots, others were automatic.

After retrieving the gun from her nightstand, she slowly crawled to the balcony door. Brenda looked down to the ‘courtyard area’ where the pool and restaurants were. She could see several humans down on the ground in pools of blood. Then, she saw a small mob and a smaller group of Colonial Marines retreating.

After crawling back into the room, Brenda pulled herself up and used the furniture in her room to barricade herself in the room. After a few minutes, the phone rang.


“Attention Gem of Aquaria guest, this is an automated message. There has been an incident in your section of the ship. At this time, the captain and crew ask that you do not leave your room and we regrettably inform you that the section of your ship has been sealed off…”

Brenda hung up the phone and shook her head. God was right…defective.


Intrepid CIC
Day 39

“Major, sitrep.” Admiral Jacobs had just returned to the CIC after a meeting with Patrick Greene.

“We’ve had a small riot on Gem of Aquaria. Marines report that they were attacked without provocation by a group of twenty people.” Major Davis looked up from her notes “The section of ship where the rioters are has been sealed off and six marines have not been accounted for.”

“Dammit! Do we know what set this off?”

Lt. Bays walked up to the command table with a print out “Sirs, this was just posted to the BBS. Also, Captain Diaz of the Gem is asking for marine assistance”

First, the admiral read it and then he handed it to the Major. “Order Colonel Pretrivick and Captain Storm to prepare assault teams at once. I don’t negotiate with terrorists, nor is anyone being handed over to this…nutcase.”

“Yes sir.”

BBS message 652812
From: Perry Snyder

We are the leaders of the revolution! It is time to stand up and retake our ships, our lives and live the way we should: as free humans! We ask everyone on all ships to rise up against the true oppressors – The military and what is left of the old government.

At this time, we demand that Admiral Jacobs, Commander Guynes, Patrick Greene and every ship captain turn themselves over for trial by the People’s Revolutionary Court. They have four hours to hand themselves over before we take our next actions.

They are charged with Crimes and Against Humanity for the destruction of the Twelve Colonies, Forced Labor and Imprisonment and finally Treason.

If they do not surrender themselves in four hours, we have the technology and ways to get out of this supposedly sealed off section and we will move to our next plan. Do the right thing and hand yourselves over for trial and judgment.

Your marines and ship security members who fought back have already paid the price for denying our freedoms. Only their bodies remain as a reminder of your failures.

People – Stand up and fight or you will allow them to take everything from you! Fight NOW!

Perry Snyder
Leader of the People’s Revolution
Gem of Aquaria


Space Park Liner Gem of Aquaria
Day 39

Brenda looked cautiously out her balcony window. She counted twenty two armed men and about a dozen bodies on the ground. Some were marines, some were ship security and some were…civilian.

Maybe that was another reason why we destroyed them so easy on the day of the attack…they were too busy killing themselves.

Then, shots rang out again and Brenda crawled her way to the furthest point from the balcony: the bathroom. She quickly jumped into the tub and laid there with her pistol ready to fire.

After a short and intense battle, the ‘revolution’ had been put down by over two hundred marines rushing the area from various directions. More bodies were strewn across the grounds. Finally, there was a small explosion from a bar…from Barnaby Tavern to be exact.

Then silence. It was all over in six minutes.

The loudspeakers in the hallway asked that all guests remain in their rooms and that ship security would be checking on them room by room. Brenda quickly took her gun to a secret hiding place she had made in the bathroom. After that, she unbarricaded her door and awaited the ship staff and marines.

After thirty minutes, there was a knock on her door “Colonial Marines! Please open up.”

Brenda opened the door, before her stood and armed marine and a ship steward. She already decided to play a game on them. She look was disheveled and her makeup was running. She acted like she was terrified.

“Your, here! Thank the Gods!!! I heard gun shots and then…” Brenda sat on the edge of her bed…’crying’ hysterically.

The marine searched the room and the steward comforted her. After a few minutes, she stopped ‘crying’ and the two searchers, satisfied that no one was hiding, left the room.

Brenda locked the doors and went to wash her face. She looked at the mirror and smiled. I think the term ‘suckers’ is what the humans would say right now…


Nimbus – Government Convention
Day 40

Admiral Thomas Jacobs walked to the podium. The delegates watched him slowly open a piece of paper and put on his reading glasses.

“Ladies and Gentleman of the Governmental Convention, the last forty-eight hours have been a trying time, to say the least. We have fought among ourselves and spilled blood, blood that we can not afford to lose. We need to heal our wounds and remember that it is not our fellow humans we should be fighting. The Cylons are your enemy, not the person sitting next to you.”

The actions on the Gem of Aquaria were regretful and brought about by a zealous few. I have taken comfort over the last day in the words of the people of this fleet. They back the military and they back you, the convention. What they will not take is the fighting that occurred not only on the Gem of Aquaria, but in this very hall…verbally and otherwise.

In my previous statement, I pointed out why we kept the news of biological Cylons hidden. Although this is now out in the open, we continue our hunt for any that maybe in the fleet. If you are a Cylon and you can hear me, I have a message for you: You will be found and you will be dealt with. That also goes for human who may even remotely thing about assisting our true enemy.

I will meet with most of you today and listen to what you have to say. I know that some of you are unhappy with the current situation and what happened over the last few days. Personally, having the military rule the people is not a long-term option. It is up to all of you to move forward and restore a government of the people. When that happens, I think we will restore the people’s faith in all of us. Thank you for your time.”

As the admiral folded his statement, a small group of representatives cheered. A few moments later, everyone in the hall was applauding the Admiral. Chairman Greene approached Jacobs and shook his hand.

Jacobs smiled, I hope this started some healing…now do you part, folks.

Cylon ‘Three’ model and convention worker Kayla Welch was one of those applauding with the crowd. She was all smiles on the outside, but on the inside, it was a different story.

Not all of us in this room are friendly or human, Admiral. Maybe you’ll come back and I’ll have a plan…and show you what awaits your precious humanity. You had best catch me before I act.


Somewhere in the fleet.
Same time as Admiral Jacobs’s speech
Day 40

A man and woman watched the coverage of the convention in a stateroom they shared. They listened to the words of the Admiral, but they disagreed strongly. They then gauged reactions on the fleet BBS. It was far from what they had hoped for.

The woman somberly spoke, “As you predicted, Perry’s attempt would fail and now we our work cut out for us. The people are for the military, the captains and this farce that Greene is running. I’m so glad we decided not to join them in that action.”

“My lady, do not despair, time is on our side still. Unfortunately, Perry has made it to where we have to start our work all over again, slowly.” The man picked up his cup of coffee “Fortunately, they killed themselves instead of being captured. Perry and his short sighted brutes had it all wrong. Time will heal the wounds that were inflicted. In time, our message will get across the masses as well. Then, we will have the will of the people. Then, those who are holding us back will have to listen and give way.”

“How long will it take before we can convince the people that there is a better way?”

The man looked back at the grey-haired woman. “Only time and the Gods know that. For now, we must stay in the shadows and spread out into the fleet. We’ll meet with the others in a few days and go from there. Have faith, my friend…”


End of Episode.
Next Episode - Story Time...Old Times.

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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