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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 9 - Ground to call home?
PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 5:44 pm 
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Ground to call home?

Fleet BBS
Day 29

There are rumors going around the ship that the astro-scientists have found a habitable planet. This is no joke. The files have been sealed and are heading to Intrepid as we speak. Why the military wants to hide this fact is beyond us.

-Free the Knowledge


Conference Room
Day 29

“So Doctor Dunnavan, before we get into the discussion, what do you know about this BBS post?” Admiral Jacobs asked as he passed the print out to Dunnavan. His tone was less than happy

“Dammit, I ordered everyone involved to keep their mouths shut.”

“Doctor, a leak like this can only crater morale of the civilians if we find out this is false. You have some folks there with loose lips.”

“Admiral, I apologize for this making it out into the open.” Dunnavan paused “I have some liberal colleagues who think information should be…well, open.”

“I do not have to remind you that some things need to remain quiet and this is one of them.” Jacobs paused and locked eyes with Dunnavan “I hate to sound like an ass Bob, but find the information leak on your ship before I find him. Remember, we’re hiding some much bigger information than a planet on that ship.”

“Sir, I completely understand.” Dunnavan paused for a moment “I will find out who it is and get them to shut up.”

“Good doctor…lets move on to what you have found so far.”

Gem of Aquaria
Day 29

Kayla Welch had spent yesterday getting her hair cut and then dyed to what the stylist called a ‘dirty’ blonde color. Now, she looked in the mirror and how she looked. The business suite fit perfectly. Every button was perfect and not a wrinkle to be seen.

“You wear that suit better than any human, I must say.” said Brenda Holliwell to her model three sister.

“There are some things that work well for the body forms you sixes have. As the humans would say, we threes just look damn good in business attire.”

“So, what is your plan for today?”

Kayla smiled “Well, the humans want to start a government and each ship has a delegation…and that delegation needs help.”

“And you have a plan ready?”

“Oh yes, I have a plan my friend. I just need to infiltrate and then wait…”


Discovery – Dr. Dunnavan’s Office
Day 29

“Dr. Owens, Dr. Marsh and Dr. Seinman, thank you for coming on such short notice.” said Dr. Dunnavan.

All four sat down at the small conference table in Dr. Robert Dunnavan’s office. Each doctor represented the head of a department on the ship. Dr. Clive Owens was the head of biological sciences, Dr. Jana Marsh of planetary sciences and Dr. Darren Seinman of astrophysics.

Dunnavan looked at the three “Well, I had my meeting with the Admiral and it started out with getting my butt jumped. Does anyone know who posted to the BBS about the possible planet this morning?”

“I know who did it, but I don’t see what all the commotion is about nor am I going to say who did. Why does the admiral want to censor everything we do?” Dr. Owens smiled.

“Dammit Clive, we can’t build up peoples hope just to send it crashing down if we’re wrong! This isn’t to colonies or some university.” Dunnavan said rather annoyingly. “This is the military’s show and we need to play by their rules.”

“Why are you doing this? The last thing we need is the military looking over our shoulders.” Glared Dr. Seinman “Because of that post, my people are being examined under a microscope.”

“And who watches the military? People have the right to know what is going on…” Owens said bitterly. “Patrick Greene is right, you can’t trust the mil…”

“Okay, silence all of you!” Dr. Dunnavan took control of the meeting again. “If there is another irresponsible message like that again Clive, I will personally hand you over to the Admiral. Until the civilians are able to get their damn convention going and get a government running, we play by the military’s rules. Am I clear, Doctor?”

“Yes, Doctor, but I strongly disagree with you…”

“Noted, now shush it so we can move on to why we are here. We will be going to System 21603 to look for recourses and a possible planet.” Dr. Dunnavan took a moment to look at Dr. Owens “Unfortunately, Discovery will not be going…a team will go to the system on Taurus.”

“And who will lead this team?” asked Dr. Marsh.

“Well, since we are possibly looking at a habitable planet, I’m sending Dr. Owens, but there will be needs from nearly every department. Incidentally, Dr. Ownes, if there is no habitable planet, you or the person who posted that damn message will publicly admit to the fleet that there is no planet. Am I clear?”

Dr. Owens sat there and frowned as Dr. Dunnavan glared at him. “Understood doctor…this is the military’s show.”


Taurus Conference Room
Day 29

Commander Guynes called a meeting of his top officers after he had a wireless talk with Admiral Jacobs. Some of attendees were less than thrilled.

“So, correct me if I’m wrong, we’re babysitting some eggheads?” Col. Wilson said.

“Correct, Colonel. We will have a science expedition team going to System 21603. They will start loading onto the ship in four hours and we leave at 0600 tomorrow morning. It seems we’re interested in the fourth planet because it maybe habitable.” Guynes said.

Captain Kevin Butler, interim CAG raised an eyebrow. “Sir, our last engagement with the Cylons was not too long ago. Stopping now would be suicidal, in my opinion.”

“Captain, the Admiral and I share that same opinion. We are thinking more about getting supplies and continuing.”

“And what about the ones who find out and want to stay?” asked Wilson. “If that frakking BBS message is any indication, there will be those who want to stop running.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when get there, Dean. Meanwhile, we need to prep quarters, have storage for their equipment. Also, we need to have raptors ready for taking down personnel. They are sending a few of their specialized shuttles. Captain Storm, go ahead and have additional security stationed around the ship and teams ready to go planet side with the science teams.” Guynes paused for a drink. “Think force recon.”

“Yes sir. I’ll have that ready before they step foot on the Bull.” smiled Storm.

“Very good. Anyone…questions?” the commander waited a few moments. “Then you are all dismissed.”


Discovery – Dr. Owens office
Day 29

“You wanted to speak with me sir?” asked Dr. Anna Evans, a junior member of the biological sciences team.

“Anna, please take a seat. I have sometime to ask of you.” said Dr. Owens. He slid her a memory stick to her after they were both seated.

“What is this, Doctor?”

“You are aware of the mission to System 21603?”

“Yes and I really wish I was going.”

“Well, I wish you were too, but the military and Dr. Dunnavan limited our numbers.”

Anna frowned and then looked down at the memory stick. “So, what do we have here?”

“A…message, should something happen during the expedition.”

“Should something happen? Like what, sir?”

Owens locked his eyes to hers “If I should not come back, please put that into the stick port of any computer that can connect to the BBS. It is my finally message to my colleagues and the fleet…just insert it and walk away quickly.”

Anna sat there with a surprised look on her face “What is specifically on the stick, if I might ask?”

“A message to be shared with everyone in the fleet. Do not insert it into any computer. It is a one-shot deal.” The older, grey haired man looked at her “I need you to do this for me incase anything bad happens. Please?”

Dr. Evans looked at the stick and then looked at he boss “Consider it done, Clive.”


Day 29

Helen Goodland had put together a civilian security staff based off of interviews and fleet information that was maintained by the Captain’s Union. She and her three new assistants walked into the grand conference center on Nimbus.

All four walked into the room and saw the security challenges of the large room.

“Ms. Goodland, this place is going to be a bitch to cover.” said Malcolm Freedman, a CBI officer. He had been on vacation of the Pride of Aquaria when the war broke out. “Lots of open spaces to cover, lots of open spaces to hide in.”

“Mr. Freedman, no one said this was going to be easy.” agreed Helen. “We have four days to get this place ready…it can be done. With ship security, military police and convention security, I think we’ll have enough people.”

Jared Ortiz approached the main podium area. He was a retired Military Police officer “This conference center is unique…much like a hard boiled egg. There is seating some seat the back of the stage area.”

“The back seating will be segregated off. Security and military will be the only ones back there.” Goodland paused. “This section will be easy to patrol.”

“And the balconies, Ms. Goodland?” asked Kelli Anderson. She was a private investigator with more than twenty years of experience under her belt from Turon.

“Media and security only in those areas. Also the sound and lighting booth will be guarded at all times, as well as the ceiling access to the lights.” Goodland paused for a moment. “It could be a worse location…this is workable at least.”


Taurus CIC
Day 30

The last of jump prep had been completed and the Admiral had already wished them well. The plan was to slowly point the fleet towards System 21603 incase useful material had been found. The mission was to last a day with scout raptors checking in every two hours.

This was to be ‘preliminary’ findings mission only.

Commander Guynes looked across to his XO. “Colonel, are we ready to jump?”

“The Bull reports ready to jump sir, just waiting for you to give the word.”

“The word is given. Jump us to System 21603, Colonel Wilson.”

“Aye, Commander.” With that, Colonel Wilson turned to look at the navigators. “Lt. Wu, you are cleared to commence your jump.”

“Yes sir! Navigation on my mark, turn your key to initiate the jump…”

Moments later, the Taurus disappeared in a green, smokey flash.”


Taurus CIC / System 21603
Day 30

Lt. Nick Wu looked up and smiled “I show us between planets five and four of System 21603, Commander.”

“And Commander, I show the DRADIS clear of contacts.” added Col. Wilson.

“Good job, everyone. Extend the hanger bay pods and launch the patrols and scouting raptors. Set us on a course to the fourth planet.

Colonel Wilson looked up at the DRADIS and the chart at the command table “Aye, Commander. Our ETA to the fourth planet of the system in 90 minutes sir.”

After a few minutes, Lt. JG Sharron Causwell approached the Commander and Colonel. “Sirs, I have a call from the hanger deck. Dr. Owens and his team want to board a science shuttle and go to the fourth planet now.”

Colonel Wilson looked at Causwell “They are supposed to be in the observation deck taking reading and what ever else the eggheads do.”

“I agree with you Colonel.” Guynes said with an annoyed look on his face. “Order them to return to the observation deck until we have done a security check around the planet. He can wait there or wait in the brig, Lieutenant.”

Guynes and Wilson returned to working and deploying forces when Lt. Causwell approached them again. “I hate to interrupt again sirs, but now Dr. Owens is calling from the Observation deck asking for permission to go to the planet. He wishes to speak to you directly, Commander.”

“Patch him to my handset, please.” Guynes grabbed the handset. “This is the Commander. What do you need, Doctor Owens?”

[Commander Guynes, can ask why you are not letting us go to the planet?]

“Doctor until I am sure there are no Cylons in the area, you can wait and do some studies in the Observation Deck.”

[Is that necessary, Commander?]

“Yes it is.” Guynes annoyance showed on his face “You and your team will stay here until I am satisfied the system is safe. Is there anything else?”

[Hmmp…okay Commander, we will do it your way, even though I feel we a wasting time.]

“I would rather waste time than have a tin can kill you. CIC out.”


Day 30

The fourth planet had proven to be a habitable planet. Eighty-five percent of the planet was covered with two continents. Commander Guynes was satisfied with the results and ordered the first science team to the planet.

The first science team with Dr. Owens and a marine scout team had been off the Taurus for three minutes when a signal was received…it was from the planet.
[Colonial ship, colonial ship…this is…crew…Picon Science…Endeavor. Please…in…have been…year.]

Commander Guynes looked to the communications station “Get that signal tuned in a bit more and ask them to re-identify. Order the scout team to return.”

“Yes Sir. I have them tuned back in and it seems like they are re-identifying themselves.”

[…is the stranded crew of the Science ship Endeavor, Picon registry. Please come in.]

“Colonel, set condition two throughout the ship and send a ranger scout to the fleet.”

“Aye sir.”

Lt. Wu looked at the command table from tactical “Sirs, the science shuttle has changed course and is heading to the location of the signal.”

“Order them back, Mr. Wu!” shouted the Colonel.

After a few moments, Wu looked up “They are far enough into atmospheric entry that they can’t.”

Commander Guynes looked at Wilson “Colonel, order the marine team to follow the science team to their location. They check out this stranded crew and arrest the science team for disobeying a direct order.”

“Yes sir.”

“Comms, give me direct contact with the people on the ground.” Guynes took a deep breath before picking up the handset. “This is Taurus actual, please identify yourselves…”


Ground – 4th planet of System 21603

The science shuttle landed on the beach. As the main hatch opened, Dr. Clive Owens was greeted to the sight of a dozen tents, a few lean-to structures and a couple of shuttles that had not left the planet in a while.

A man walked out of one of the shuttles and towards the science team. He was a tall dark man. He was bald, but had a beard past the base of his neck. “It is good to see you all. We’ve been saved!”

Dr. Owens extended his hand to the stranger “I am Dr. Clive Ownes of the science ship Discovery.”

“Great to meet you. I'm Dr. William McDonald of the former science ship Endeavor. It is so good to have received your signal. We have a lot to discuss…but I need to hide you. Your commander has ordered your arrest for not returning.”

The other shuttle with the marines were approaching to land when a missile streaked across the beach, destroying the craft as it landed.

As Dr. Owens smiled, he looked at his Cylon compatriot “No need to hide me…lets take out the Taurus and then I can take us to the fleet.”

As the science team gasped in disbelief, four Cylon Centurions stepped out from the tents and gunned them down. Moments later, the science shuttle exploded after being hit with heavy gun rounds.

The Cavil and Simon units looked up to the sky and smiled…just in time to watch ten nuclear missiles leap from the sea at incredibly fast speeds. Then Dr. Owens looked at the Simon unit.

"I only wish they would have let me off the ship and I could have signaled. The baseships would have been right on top of them."

"This is why we developed a backup plan." said the Simon unit. "We wanted to make sure you had made it are valuable because of the information you have."


Taurus and planet side
Day 30

“Radiological alarm, sirs!” shouted Lt. Wu “Ten inbound nuclear missiles from the planet…same location as the Endeavor signal. Impact in ninety seconds…FTLs will be ready in two minutes.”

“Set condition one throughout the ship.” shouted Guynes “Colonel Wilson, combat land all craft and jump us out of here at the first chance. All guns fire at incoming nukes the moment they come into range.”

Right at that moment, the DRADIS emergency tone was heard again Colonel Wilson glared at the commander. “Four Cylon Baseship closing on us…and they are deploying raiders. ETA three minutes!”

Commander Guynes needed to buy some time and fast. He doubted his guns would knock down all the nukes before his FTLs were ready. He did have one other alternative, but it was risky.

“Navigation continue jump. Tactical, spin up nuke tubes one through three, fast launch package. Set nuke one to explode where the missiles will be in thirty seconds. Follow me Colonel!”

Both raced to the launch panel with their keys and put them in the ingnition launch switches. The board showed missile one was ready to launch. Both men turned their respective keys.

The hatch to missile one was blown clear and two seconds later, it streaked towards the planet.

“Wu, lock missiles two and three onto the location of that signal.” said Guynes.

Lt. Wu looked up almost in protest “What about the ground teams?”

“No time and we lost their shuttle signals moments before the Cylons launched missiles. They’re dead already!” retorted Wilson.

“Agreed…do it Lt. Wu.”

After a few moments, Lt. Wu looked up, his voice shaking nervously “Missiles two and three locked onto target…”

Then there was a flash in the atmosphere. The missile from the Taurus had exploded. In the upper atmosphere, taking out eight of the ten nukes. Moments later, the defensive guns took out the rest of the Cylon ordinance…and two more missiles streaked away from Taurus.

Commander Guynes and Colonel Wilson raced back to the command station as the DRADIS showed the Cylons closing and the colonial nuclear ordinance closing on target.

Wu looked up “Last craft has landed…Taurus is ready to jump!”

“Do it now!” shouted Guynes.

The Taurus disappeared in a green flash.

The Cavil unit that called himself Dr. Clive Owens and the Simon unit using the name William McDonald raced to a shuttle…trying to hail the baseships. They saw the nuclear flash take out the missiles and knew they had to send to coordinates of the Intrepid fleet quickly.

They Simon unit tried to work the radio quickly, but with all the EMP interference, he could not get a message out. Moments before the blast, he looked at Dr. Owens.

“We tried and it nearly worked.”

“If only I could have convinced Dr. Dunnavan and the Admiral to bring the entire human fleet. They’ll be long gone before we can downl…”

The nuclear missile went off before he could finish his sentence.


Intrepid Conference Room
Day 33

When the Taurus returned and reported in the previous day, the fleet jumped twice to put distance between the system and the fleet. After the last jump, an investigation began looking into what happened

Colonel Wilson and Commander Guynes stood and saluted as Admiral Jacobs and Major Davis entered the room. Jacobs and Davis returned the salute.

“As you two were and I’ll make this quick. We have reviewed the logs and the quickly taken testimony of your CIC staff. Before you is the long results of our findings.” Jacobs paused for a moment “I will give you the short of it: You and your crew did exactly what I would have done…thusly there will be no actions against either one of you.”

The group spent the next thirty minutes reviewing the situation. I the end, they agreed that the Cylons had set up a very smart trap. The military officers agreed to set up new protocols when visiting planets.

Commander Guynes looked up “So, was Dr. Owens a possible Cylon or Cylon agent…or just in the wrong place at the wrong time?”

“I don’t know, but we will be having everyone involved signing secrecy oaths.” Jacobs paused “This subject will remain top secret since it may involve biological Cylons. We will have a good cover story for this…this ‘Owens’ incident. They crashed on a planet with no atmosphere while looking for useful materials when the science shuttle lost control and crashed into the security detachment raptor…”


Day 38

Dr. Anna Evans approached a computer that she knew has Fleet BBS access that someone had left logged in. It had been several days since the accident. She had debated on what to do with the drive, but in the end, she had given her word to Dr. Owens that she would do this.

Dr. Evans could hear the wireless in the background as people at the governmental convention debated what kind of government the people would have. She wondered if Clive’s last words would have an effect on the people.

She found out moments after inserting the memory stick, that Dr. Owens was getting his revenge from the grave. She ran after reading the message.

To everyone,
To those who think the military is being truthful, read this and then question everything. The biological scientists on the Discovery and the military doctors know they exists…they have samples and bodies on each ship!

To: All military department heads
From: Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Subject: Cylons

It is time that we broach a difficult subject. This is something that changes the outlook of the war and our perception of this conflict.

As hard as this will be to believe, the Cylons have evolved into flesh and blood beings. We became aware of this possibility in the Duvaun System. It was recently confirmed via medical testing and by the capture of another, “live” Cylon. Unfortunately, the subject was killed after a breakout and attempted sabotage.

Attached to this document are three photos. Two look exactly the same and this tipped us off to the problem. We are continuing to research into what makes these Cylon “models” function. Also, we are attempting to find a way to tell Human from Cylon.

The following things are known about these “Biological” Cylons:
1. They do have improved strength compared to humans.
2. Their dexterity and reaction times are better than human.
3. They will kill at the first chance given.

At this time, I am issuing Secret Order #29. It entails the following:
1. Anyone above the rank of Lieutenant J.G. is allowed to know this information.
2. All marines and anyone above the rank of Lieutenant J.G. are to be given a standard-issue pistol. They are required to wear it at all times, on and off duty.
3. Marine Squad Leaders and Gunnery Sergeants are to be informed of the Biological Cylons.
4. Capture of any Cylon is preferred, but the use of deadly force is authorized.

We will, at this time, continue with the “persons of interest” bulletins. At some point in the future, we will inform the ship captains and possibly the general public. Once we learn more information via autopsies and other methods, we will pass this information on to you.

I can not stress the sensitivity of this information. A premature leaking to the public could cause mass panic. Be careful and stress to your people to not say a thing. Per military law, leaking of this information could be construed as treason.

Thank you,
Admiral Thomas Jacobs

-Free the Knowledge

Two minutes later, the Fleet BBS was taken offline by the Military and Captain’s Union. Dr. Clive Owens had the effect he wanted.

The End – Next Episode #10: United and Divided

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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