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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 8 - The Honorable Gentleman from Picon
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Battlestar Intrepid #8 – The Honorable Gentleman from Picon

Sick Bay – Battlestar Taurus
Day 24

“So, I hear you’re the fill-in CAG, mister.” Maj. Sabrina Watkins smiled as she saw Lt. Kevin Butler slip past the curtain “I heard that last damn CAG got sloppy with her viper. Don’t follow that horrid example of command. I wonder who the frak put her in charge…”

All Kevin could do was rolled his eyes and lightly laugh. He walked over and took her hand “And would you believe that gave that idiot a promotion? What the frak is up with that?”

Her eyes grew big as she tried not to laugh “Hey, watch it buddy! That may inspire me to heal faster just so I can kick your ass.”

The two looked at each other deeply for a minute. Kevin brushed the hair that had fallen around her eyes. Finally, Kevin spoke.

“Any advice for the understudy CAG, Major Watkins?”

“One piece, Lieutenant.” she responded.

“And just what would that be?”

“I’ll tell you, but I have to whisper it…get closer. It’s our little secret.”

Kevin bent over and got face to face with Sabrina. She kept a dead serious look on her face while he tried not to crack up.

“Lieutenant, the best advice I can give you is never show up late for the morning briefing with Col. Wilson. It pisses him off to no end.” She paused for a moment “Now kiss me and get to work, you slob.”

He laughed as he gave her a gentle kiss on the lips “Damn, you’re pushy for someone in the hospital.”

Sabrina laughed as he stood back up “Yeah, but I don’t kiss the doctors and nurses. Count yourself lucky.”


Day 24

To: Commander Guynes, Patrick Greene, Andy Meyers, Captains Union Members
From: Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Subject: Restarting the government

Tomorrow at 1000, I would like to have a frank discussion about restarting the civilian government. Please bring all ideas to the table…nothing is too stupid or crazy.

As this could be a long discussion, lunch and dinner will be served. We will be in the main conference room on Intrepid.

If you or a representative are unable to attend, please contact me.

Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Battlestar Intrepid


Intrepid CIC
Day 24

“Admiral on the bridge!” the marine at the door shouted in an almost ‘ritualistic’ tone.

“At ease and carry on” Jacobs said as he made his way to the command table. “Good morning, Captain Trevors. What is the word this morning?”

The captain frowned as he handed the report to the admiral “The word is Leonis Pride and the word is not good.”

Jacobs read the report as Major Davis joined them at the command table. The admiral frowned “A second murder and the M.O. is the same as the first one.”

Davis read the report. “We’re gonna have a ship in a panic soon.”

Captain Trevors glanced up “The captain of the Pride has already had thirty requests for transfers off the ship.”

“Major Davis, please take charge of this investigation and see about reassuring the people.” Jacobs paused “Get to the bottom of this. See if there is any security footage of this person.”

“Yes sir. I’ll contact Dr. Kersh as well to see what he’s turned up.”

“That works for me. Captain, what else do you have for us this morning?” Jacobs asked.

“Two messages for you. One is from the captain of Highlands Dawn and Mr. Ito on the Nimbus.” Trevors said.

“Great…now he has his chief of staff bugging me.” Jacobs said as he rolled his eyes.


Intrepid Conference Room
Day 25

The civilian ship captains, military commanders and Patrick Greene had arrived. There tables were arranged in a square. Along the port wall, there was fruit, coffee, donuts and water.

Admiral Jacobs called the meeting to order straight at 1000.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to this meeting. 25 days ago, the Cylons destroyed our way of life. They destroyed our institutions. Worst of all, they have all but destroyed humanity.”

Jacobs took a sip of coffee and continued. “The Gods have smiled upon us and given the last 20,000 of us a fighting chance. The military will fight to protect the civilians and find a place to start over. For humanity to really start over, we need a government of the people, democratically elected. That is why I called you all here, so lets get to work.”

Patrick Greene looked across the room as the Admiral sat down. He smiled and spoke.

“I suggest that we pick back up with the Articles of Colonization. Everyone knows them and they still work. Have elections for Quorum members, People’s Council and of course, the presidency.”

“My name is Kelly Hill and I’m the XO of the Catalina.” Kelly was a young man, looked to be in his mid twenties “Mr. Greene, do you really think that the Articles reflect the current reality of our fleet? We are on the run from mechanical freaks…”

Greene interrupted Hill “Yes, the Cylons are coming after us, but why should we give up our rights and our humanity?”

“We’re on ships, not colonies Mr. Greene, we must take that reality into effect.” said Matt Ryann of the Leonis Pride.

“Yes, we all live on ships right now, but there is no reason to give up the Articles. What we had back on the colonies gave law, order and the civilian government held the reigns of the military.” Greene paused for a moment “If we had a civilian government with the Articles intact, maybe a new police force could be formed quickly to find the murder on your ship, Captain Ryann.”

Captain Ryann raised and eyebrow and tried to keep his cool “Mr. Greene, I have faith in the Admiral and his resources. At least it was not I who cut budgets and made the claim…”

“Okay folks, lets keep this civil, shall we?” Jacobs jumped in. “There was things said and done on all sides, but that was a different time. Lets focus on the here and now.”

The room sat in silence for several long moments. Andy Myers of CH 691 finally spoke.

“Maybe we should break into smaller groups and discuss the issues for say, the next thirty minutes?” Andy paused “Lets see what we can come up with and then come back together?”

Admiral Jacobs smiled with a small sigh of relief “An excellent idea.”

The members of the meeting broke into five smaller groups. The thirty minute groups were still talking an hour later. Everything seemed to be going fine until Captain Ryann finally got frustrated.

He was in the group with Rep. Greene. The conversation was bouncing back and forth between views of how things were and how they should go.

“You see, we elect an interim Quorom and president. Within six months, when the normal elections are to occur…” Greene was interrupted by Ryann. The captain stood glaring at the representative from Picon.

“Six months?! We don’t have six months the fiddle around! Personally, I think all you want to do is hold on your worthless damn seat!”

Greene sat and smirked “And you are a clueless simpleton to the ways of how government works, Mr. Ryann.”

With that, Ryann started to approach Greene. Commander Guynes stepped between them. Anthony Ito, Greene’s chief of staff left the group he was in to get between his boss and the captain as well.

“Okay…we can go back to talking civilly or you two can continue this talk down in the brig.” Guynes said. “It makes no difference to me, if the truth is known.”

“Okay. Lets take a break, folks.” a frustrated Admiral Jacobs said “Getting out of this room for a few minutes will do us all some good.”

After the break, everyone agreed to have lunch brought in and continue to discuss in smaller groups. Captain Ryann and Rep. Greene were now in separate groups. The afternoon wore on. There were a lot of ideas, but no consensus at the end of the day.

The meeting ended at 1700 and they still no closer to a government than they were at 1000.


Admiral Jacobs quarters – Intrepid
Day 25

The meeting was finally over. The ship captains, Rep. Greene and his staff were finally off the Intrepid.

Admiral Jacobs sat on the couch with his head against the back cushion. Commander Guynes was at the small bar the admiral had. He brought over a bottle of ambrosia and two glasses and began to pour.

“Well Tom, that was a complete clusterfrak if I do say so myself.” the commander said as he handed the admiral a drink.

“Yeah, we need to rethink some things. What a waste of time…” Jacobs took the drink and downed in one gulp “Thanks Will, I needed that.”

Guynes poured another drink for the admiral and then sat down “Damn, didn’t know you were that thirsty.”

“Just frustrated my friend…just frustrated. I think that if we had less people in the room, we would have gotten some things taken care of.”

“Well, I do have an idea that could work.”

“Do you want to indulge me with it, William?”

Guynes refilled his glass and topped off Tom’s “Well, you represent the military, Meyers is the Captain’s Union president and Greene is the last of the high-level government officials.”

“True…cut to the chase and make the point” grinned Jacobs.

“Have a meeting with just the three of you, sir. No other captains, no aides…no outside angst.”

“Okay, I’m all for that Will. I can have the conference room set up for that tomorrow.”

“I would suggest that you want to wait a couple of days and then meet” Guynes paused “And not in the conference room. Do it in here and keep it somewhat informal. Have them come with their ideas and you do the same.”

Jacobs leaned back into the couch “I think you have a winning idea…”


Medical Memo
Day 26

To: Admiral Jacobs, Commander Guynes, Colonel Wilson, Major Davis
From: Dr. Steven Kersh
Subject Leonis Pride victims

Attached to this message are the full autopsy reports for Brenda Stimmons and Regina Zellos. I will provide some of the brief results here.

1. Both subjects were already dead when their throats were cut. This is proven through the bruising of the necks and the lesser than normal amounts of blood that was loss.

2. Both subjects were under the influence of alcohol. Both were above the legal limits for intoxication.

3. Some sort of straps was used to choke the women. The bruise marks and whelps show evenness. The strap that was used may have been a belt of some sort.

4. After review of the crime scenes, the murders do not appear to be a part of some ritual.

5. There is evidence of sexual intercourse, more than likely before death. We have gone over the bodies for stray hair, bite marks and other areas in the search for DNA. It appears a prophylactic was used because there is no trace of seminal DNA material. Tests on hairs found are continuing at this time.

When we have additional results, I will report them to you. We are skilled in the ways of autopsies, but we are not a CSI unit. We are doing the best we can in this situation.

Dr. Steven Kersh (Major)
Chief Medical Officer
BS Intrepid

Leonis Pride – Herold’s Bar
Day 26

“Hey buddy! I’m glad to see someone here” shouted the barkeeper to the man entering his bar.

The bar was empty since the two murders on the ‘Pride. The old man was just happy to see someone.

“Sure…I need a stiff drink.” The man looked around the bar and then back to the bartender. “I have never seen this place so…empty.”

“Yeah, this place is generally hopping by now.” The barkeep said with resignation. “If this place doesn’t have at least four more customers in an hour, I’m closing down for the night.”

The main raised an eyebrow “I noticed Nite Trippers had shut its doors already. Damn murderer.”

The old barkeep signed “I’ve been running this bar for fourteen years and I’m a people person. Seeing almost no one in here breaks my heart.”

“So, my friendly master of libations, what’s your name?”

“Ted, Ted Maxwell.” The barkeep said has he shook his hand. “What’s your name and what’s your next drink.”

“My name is Alexander Bryant…and a good stiff ambrosia sound really good.”


Intrepid CIC
Day 27

The Admiral had taken care of the immediate fleet business. The morning had started off quietly. Most of all, there were no signs of another murder on the Leonis Pride.

’How long will this nut stay underground? Hopefully, Major Davis gets a break over on the ‘Pride today finding the perp.’ thought Jacobs. ‘This has to end quickly.

“Captain Trevors, you have the Con. I need to take care of some business in the conference room” Jacobs said to the young man “I’ll be back in twenty minutes.”

“Yes sir…”

To: Patrick Greene, Andy Meyers
From: Admiral Jacobs
Subject: Governmental Convention


I would like to invite both of you to my quarters tonight for dinner and a discussion about a governmental convention and restarting of a civilian government.

Since we failed in our last meeting, I would like to handle this discussion with just the three of us. No aides, no other captains, just the three of us.

Dinner will start at 1800.

Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Commanding Officer, Battlestar Intrepid
Fleet Commanding officer of BSG 87


Taurus Pilot Briefing
Day 27

Lt. Kevin Butler was going over the morning briefing with his last group of pilots. The Black Hat Squadron considers themselves the top squad on the ship. Before the war, they even believed they were the best fleet-wide. After the war started, some of that mentality changed. They were more focused and the morning briefing was far more business like.

“As you see, we’ll start CAP duties at 1200. Listed on the board is your flight rotation. Intrepid is supplying the raptors for today’s missions.” Butler paused for a moment “I will be taking the first patrol with Ensign Morton as my wingman…”

Lt. JG Shonda Francis stood up immediately “Major or the deck!”. The other pilots sprung to attention immediately, as well as the temporary CAG.

Maj. Sabrina Watkins was in a wheelchair with Captain Jenni Guynes pushing her. She saluted back. “At ease, Hats!”

At that moment, several of the pilots made a bee-line for the major. They were all glad to see their CAG out of sickbay, even if she was in a neck brace and wheelchair.

“Please continue your briefing, Lieutenant” smiled the major.

“Actually, I was just coming to the end of it, sir.” Butler paused “Okay Hatters, your assignments are up. Dismissed.”

Everyone stayed in the briefing room for about ten minutes after to talk with Watkins. She was going to have to stay in sickbay for a couple of more days, but at least she was happy Dr. Sonji was letting her get out for a few minutes.

“Come on, sir, it’s time to get you back. Physical therapy starts soon for you.” Nurse Guynes said.

Kevin walked with Sabrina and Jenni as they made their way back to Sickbay. Lt. JG Francis and Ensign Morton waved goodbye to their injured leader as she left.

As soon as she thought the major and lieutenant were out of earshot, Francis looked at Morton with a grin.

“Yeah, he’s shagging the CAG…”


Admiral Jacobs Quarters – Intrepid
Day 27

The meal had gone very well and the Admiral was surprised that Captain Meyers and Rep. Greene were in agreement with a lot of his ideas.

The ‘attendant’ had taken the last of the empty plates out of the room. It was now just the three men. Admiral Jacobs reached for one of his bottles of ambrosia and three glasses.

“So, how do we handle the election of representatives?” asked Jacobs.

Patrick Greene was the first to speak. “I would like to see two representatives from each ship at the convention. They are to be selected by the people who live on the ship.”

“And what of the ship captains?” asked Meyers “We run the ships they are all living on. The Captain’s Union believes that it is only fair that each ship gets a delegate that is selected by each ship captain. We also believe that the people on each ship should elect a person to represent them.”

Greene raised an eyebrow “I think it is far better that the people to decide their representatives and fate. Not the military or the Captain’s Union…the people and the people alone, Andy.”

The two quickly stated to squabble. Jacobs sat at the table and decided he would not preside over a verbal brawl.

“Gentlemen, I have a simple suggestion that will take care of both sides.” Jacobs intervened. “I agree that the people should have the majority decision in this. I also believe that the captains, while we are in space should have a say as well.”

“So, Admiral, what do you suggest?” asked Andy Meyers. Patrick Greene looked at the military leader, not knowing what to expect.

“Sirs, here is what I think should happen…” Jacobs said with determination.


Fleet-wide memo
Day 28

To: All ships
From: Intrepid Actual
Subject: Governmental Convention

After an extensive meeting with the leader of the Captain’s Union President Andy Meyers and Quorum Representative Patrick Greene, we are pleased to announce that there will be a governmental convention starting in five days.

Attached is a list of how the convention will work and the delegate election process. Please note, since Fleet Heavy Tug N741A and the tug Mini-Mighty have such small crews, these ships can select representatives from other ships or find temporary crews to man them.

Elections will be held in three days. If you are interesting in being a delegate, please contact your ship captain or Rep. Greene for further details. The election overview and counting process will be handled by Commander Guynes of the Battlestar Taurus. Please contact him if you have any questions about this process.

Finally, I strongly encourage citizens to participate in the process at every level. Volunteers are needed to assist the convention in many ways (and your captain or Rep. Greene can give you more information about this). Most of all, I encourage you to vote. This is the start or restart of our government. The military needs the assistance of a strong and vocal citizen government. Martial Law is can not be the answer forever, especially when we find a new world to call home.

Thank you for your time and may the Gods bless us all.
Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Commanding Officer, Battlestar Intrepid
Fleet Commanding officer of BSG 87


Mess Hall - Lycanthrope
Day 28

"I think we should send two people." Merton concluded his take on the upcoming convention. "I'll explain we can't afford to have three persons off ship for such an extended time."

"So…who should we select?" Pilot Max Solingen asked.

"Don't look at me." The old woman, Gwen Wyatt blurted out. "I'm too valuable here on Lycan."

'You're just afraid to admit that politics give you a rash." Ivan Shirenko kidded her, but he knew that she was truly indispensable.

Most of the crew was present, so Merton asked, "Who wants to go? These will be the people we can vote on."

"At a time like this, I doubt any of us want to reside on an unarmed ship." Shirenko said.

"Okay...Ivan volunteers." Merton said without laughing. "Who else?" [/b]


Day 28

Patrick Greene and Anthony Ito sat in the Quorum representative’s office exhausted. It had been a whirlwind day of making arrangements for delegates and a meeting room. The call for help had been answered by many people in the fleet for help with the convention.

Everything was shaping up the way they wanted, for the most part.

“Pat, I just got a message from Commader Guynes. Someone has apparently stepped forward be the civilian security chief.”

“Really, Tony…tell me of this person?”

“Her name is Helen Goodland, she’s on Pan Galactic 1190.” Ito paused for a moment “And she is a CIA agent, sir.”

“Really? I’d like to hear her story. Contact the Commander and inform him we would like to meet with Ms. Goodland.”

Ito smiled “I will get on that immediately, Mr. Chairman of the Convention…”


Discovery – Astro Research Lab
Day 29

Dr. Bob Dunnavan sat looking at a star system off in the distance. The ‘lab rats’ of Astro Research had been abuzz with excitement for six hours now. They woke up the chief scientist ninety minutes ago. The doctor came to lab, dressed in his pajamas, bath robe and leather house shoes.

For the first time, all the data was there: planetary orbits, star type…even the wobble of the planets. He looked at the monitors and the data again. Dr. Dunnavan rubbed his chin and let it all soak in.

“Good work, my friends. We must keep these findings to ourselves. No one outside this lab can find out...this could all still lead to nothing. We can’t build up the hope of the fleet and then smash it.” Dunnavan paused “I will go directly to Admiral Jacobs in the morning.”

As everyone in the lab handed their paperwork to Dr. Dunnavan and secured the computer data, one thing kept going through everyone’s head: We may have found a planet…a planet to call home.


*End of episode*
Next - Episode 9: Ground to call home?

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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