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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 7 - Hunted
PostPosted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 7:54 pm 
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Battlestar Intrepid – Episode 7: Hunted.
(co-written by Silver as The Pack)

Secret Memo #1
Day 15

To: All military department heads
From: Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Subject: Cylons

It is time that we broach a difficult subject. This is something that changes the outlook of the war and our perception of this conflict.

As hard as this will be to believe, the Cylons have evolved into flesh and blood beings. We became aware of this possibility in the Duvaun System. It was recently confirmed via medical testing and by the capture of another, “live” Cylon. Unfortunately, the subject was killed after a breakout and attempted sabotage.

Attached to this document are three photos. Two look exactly the same and this tipped us off to the problem. We are continuing to research into what makes these Cylon “models” function. Also, we are attempting to find a way to tell Human from Cylon.

The following things are known about these “Biological” Cylons:
1. They do have improved strength compared to humans.
2. Their dexterity and reaction times are better than human.
3. They will kill at the first chance given.

At this time, I am issuing Secret Order #29. It entails the following:
1. Anyone above the rank of Lieutenant J.G. is allowed to know this information.
2. All marines and anyone above the rank of Lieutenant J.G. are to be given a standard-issue pistol. They are required to wear it at all times, on and off duty.
3. Marine Squad Leaders and Gunnery Sergeants are to be informed of the Biological Cylons.
4. Capture of any Cylon is preferred, but the use of deadly force is authorized.

We will, at this time, continue with the “persons of interest” bulletins. At some point in the future, we will inform the ship captains and possibly the general public. Once we learn more information via autopsies and other methods, we will pass this information on to you.

I can not stress the sensitivity of this information. A premature leaking to the public could cause mass panic. Be careful and stress to your people to not say a thing. Per military law, leaking of this information could be construed as treason.

Thank you,
Admiral Thomas Jacobs


Secret Memo #2
Day 15

To: Commander Guynes, Colonel. Wilson, Major Davis
From: Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Subject: Cylons and Lycanthrope

Well, I just laid it on the line to our department heads and other major staff members. It was something I thought about last night after our discussions. Now, I am going to do something we were divided on.

Since Captain Merton and the crew of the Lycanthrope are operating with the Privateer’s License, I am going to allow this information to be shared with him and his staff.

It is my hope that if they come across a biological Cylon, they will pass it off to us quickly. Also, they are putting themselves in a greater danger (as compared to the rest of the civilian fleet) with the possibility of getting results that benefit us all.

Thusly, these are the orders of Secret Order #30.
1. Authorized sharing of the information in S.O. #29 is allowed to the Lycanthrope and her senior crew members.
2. The listed restrictions and consequences listed in S.O #29 will apply to them as well.
3. If they are salvaging from a battle site and if the opportunity presents itself to capture a “living” biological Cylon, they are to attempt it. Stress that there must be great care and vigilance given when dealing with the new “machines”.
4. Finding of any other bodies that are cylon will be looked upon favorably as well.

If we’re lucky, I hope we never see another Cylon ever, but I’m not counting on it. I will allow the two of you to handle the forwarding of the information.

Thank you,
Admiral Thomas Jacobs


Day 15

When Merton finished reading the letter aloud to The Pack’s senior members; he passed the photographs to them.

“This is a nightmare. A frakkin’ nightmare.” He said. “It was bad enough when we feared any and all artificial intelligence, to the point of setting our technology back by decades. Now we have to worry if the schmuch next to us is a breathing death machine.” He wasn’t speaking of his group, but of all Humanity of the twelve Colonies.

“What are our orders?” XO Ivan Shirenko asked him.

“Somehow, the admiral trusts us enough to share this news with us.” Merton replied. “That’s a smart move. We can slip unnoticed throughout the fleet, delivering supplies, while looking for any of these…bios, for anyone acting suspicious.” He turned to Soligen.

“Max, you and Glitter will work as a pair. A nice looking couple won’t raise any eyebrows.”

“And, Ivan. You and Corinna need to go over the backgrounds of all The Pack. Make sure we don’t have a cylon agent aboard Lycan.

‘There’s no way a cylon got past us.” Security officer Corinna Harrison said defensively.

“They got past the military. They could have gotten past us.” Merton said, but Corinna didn’t believe that.

“We’ll check the records. Any cylon I find, I kill.”

“Not right away.” Merton said to her, with a wry smile. “We need to interrogate first. But I promise that you can do the deed afterward.”

“I wonder how many there are.” Pilot Max Soligen asked aloud, while examining the photographs. “I mean, how many faces, and how many copies of each face.”

“Well, they wouldn’t dare use my face.” The oldest member, Gwen Wyatt, retorted. “There’s only one of me.”

“Thank the gods for that.” Shirenko joked. “One Gremlin is enough.”

As the photographs and Jacob’s memo were passed around the room, Max Soligen thought to himself. Flesh and blood cylons. They look like us but are stronger, faster, and can strike at any moment. Gotta be real careful, Max. Watch your back.


Leonis Pride
Day 19

The Leonis Pride was known throughout the Colonies as a party ship and a place where you can do and find anything. Two days before the Cylon invasion, the ship put to space for a two-week cruise.

The people who boarded the ship came for the parties and to revel in the wild side of life. For most, now just pray for life.

But for some, the party hasn’t stopped.

A man and woman left one of the many bar and headed back to her room. The passion is intense between the two of them and started as soon as the door was closed and locked. After a while, they rolled off the bed and right next to their clothing. Minutes later, both lay there on the floor seemingly near exhaustion.

The man grabed his pants. He removed the thick brown belt and strangled the young woman. In less than a minute, it’s all over. The man showered and then placed her on the bed. After getting his boot knife, he cut her throat.


Intrepid CIC
Day 20

“Admiral on the bridge” called out a marine. The crew snaped to attention. The guard saluted Admiral Jacobs.

“At ease and as you were.” Jacobs walked up and looked at the DRADIS and then looked to Captain Trevors. “Good morning and how was the third shift?”

“Quiet, Admiral. Prospector will be returning to the fleet with the ore they found in that nearby asteroid field within the hour. Here are the messages we’ve received over the shift.” Trevors poured Jacobs a cup of coffee while the Admiral thumbed though the messages.

“Nothing unusual here…very good. After the Prospector returns, we will begin jump prep. I’d like to get some more distance between us and the Colonies.”

“Aye, Admiral. I’ll ask the navigator to join us.”


Open Space / Intrepid CIC
0855 to 0912
Day 20

There was a brief flash as the Prospector rejoined the fleet. Shortly afterwards, the order is given for all ships to start jump prep.

At 0910, the Taurus and Lycanthrope jumped. In the next two minutes, only the Intrepid is left.

“Lieutenant Bays, start your jump clock.”

“Aye Admiral.” Lt. Bays looked at the navigator and received a ‘thumbs up’. “Jump systems are activated and the clock is running. Jumping in 10…9…8…”

A few moments later, the Intrepid took her spot with the rest of the fleet.

“Jump complete and all ships are accounted for.”

“Excellent Lt. Bays. Launch our CAP and resume normal course.

“Aye Admiral.”


Leonis Pride
Day 20

Daphne Jones approached suite B142. Even as she got near the door, something smelled different. She swept the keycard in door after no one responded to her knock.

She screamed at the top of her lungs. There was the nude body of the occupant. Blood had soaked into the sheets and pillows. The rank smell of death floated into the hallway.


Hanger Deck – Taurus / Fleet
Day 20

Colonel Wilson, Captain Watkins and Lt. Butler stood in the hanger bay. With the help of Intrepid’s facilities and Taurus’s hard working deckhands, Colonel Wilson’s vision of the scout raptor was turned into a reality quickly.

Wilson personally went through the craft before releasing it to the pilot. The raptor had gone from a craft that could carry a dozen people to one. It had a first class electronics suite. The FTL drive, engines and other equipment were improved.

The Colonel walked up to Kevin Butler and smiled. “She’s ready for her official maiden flight.” He lit a cigarette and blew the smoke off to the side. “You scratch my girl, I put you on toilet cleaning detail and bust your ass to private.”

“I will treat her as a loving family member, sir.” Butler laughed.

“Good deal. You two launch in ten minutes. Best of luck.”

Watkins and Butler both saluted the Colonel.

Ten minutes later, Raptor 1241 cleared the deck as Captain Watkin’s and her viper cleared the launch tube.

Captain Watkins took the lead when the ships paired up. “This is Test Group One to Taurus. We’re requesting permission to proceed to the five kilometer mark from the fleet for initial equipment testing.”

“Copy that, Test Group One. You are cleared to proceed for equipment testing.”

Over the next two hours, Butler tested the equipment of the Scout Raptor. The ship performed nearly flawless. There were some kinks that still needed to be worked out, but Col. Wilson was thrilled with the test.

“Bring them home…we’ll do the FTL tests next.”


Admiral’s Quarters – Intrepid
Day 20

Admiral Jacobs had just sat on his couch. He grabbed his remote control and started some relaxing chamber music.

‘Fleet needs an orchestra…music would be good for morale in the fleet.’ he thought. He laid flat on the couch with his jacket unbuttoned and gun on the table. Jacobs smiled, closed his eyes and started conducting.

Then, the handset rang.

“This is the Admiral” he said. Major Davis reported the murder on the Leonis Pride. He frowned and scratched his head. “Alert Dr. Kersh and have the marines seal off the room. Look through the fleet files and see if we have any cops or detectives out there.”

“Aye, sir. If I hear anything else, I’ll call you ASAP. CIC out.”

Thomas put the handset down and frowned ‘Now this…frak’ he thought.


Fleet and Open Space
0757 - 0917
Day 22

“Test Group One, this is Taurus. You are cleared for your mission and jump.” Said Lt. Wu

Capt. Watkins took one final look at Specialist Jackson. He gave her a thumbs up for the jump. She looked out the window and got a thumbs up from Lt. Butler in the Scout Raptor.

“Taurus, this is Group One Leader, executing jump in 3…2…1.”

Both ships jumped from the fleet. After taking a check of the DRAIDIS, they started testing the Scout Raptor.

“Leader One to Ranger, Battlemaster, it’s your show.”

“Affirmative, Leader One. Please go radio silent. Moving ten kilometers from your location to initiate spectrum scans.”

“Confirmed, Ranger. Leader One going silent for your tests.”

Some of the equipment had come from the storage areas on Taurus. Other parts came from equipment on Intrepid. It was amazing that it went from concept to working machine in a short time.

Also, the scientists from Delphi and Discovery had a hand in creating the Ranger. Thanks to the “present” they received from the Lycanthrope

Lt. Butler started through his check list. Fifteen minutes into the scan, he picked up a signal and it wasn’t coming from the fleet. Thrity seconds later, the master computer identified the weak signal. Butler sat there in shock. He ran the test two more times. Each time it came up the same.

And each time, the signal grew stronger.

“Leader One, Leader One. I have a enemy signal on the spectrum scan”.

Captain Watkins went from a slumped, almost asleep position to sitting straight. “Battlemaster, are you sure of your data?”

“Leader One, I am absolutely sure. Cylon signal has been confirmed three times and it’s getting stronger every moment.”

“Spool your FTL and lets get back to the fleet. Brass needs to know this fast!” Watkins said as she started jump procedures.


Intrepid CIC
Day 22
0922 to 0938

Admiral Jacobs listened into the report as Test One Group approached Taurus. As the Raptors were cleared to land, he had Lt. Bays contact Taurus. Commander Guynes was already waiting on the Admiral.

“Taurus Actual, this is Intrepid Actual. Have Major Wilson and the computer geeks confirm the data.”

(”Aye Admiral. Should we launch additional vipers to patrol?”)

“I have a squad already in the tubes and launching. Be ready to start your jump prep if they confirm it. You and Lycanthrope will jump to the emergency jump coordinates first. I’ll be waiting for your report, Intrepid Actual out.”

After twelve minutes of waiting, Taurus and Commander Guynes had an answer for the Admiral.

(”Data confirmed, Admiral. We have Cylons closing on us.”)

“Spool up your FTLs and start your jump prep. We are distributing emergency jump instructions throughout the fleet. Condition one will be set fleet-wide in one minute.”

(”Aye, Sir. Setting Condition One and starting jump preparations. Taurus Actual out.”)

As soon as Jacobs hung up the hand set, the klaxons bellowed and the voice of Lt. Amanda Bays could be heard throughout the ship.

“Action stations, action stations! Condition One has been set throughout the fleet. This is not a drill…”

Within two minutes, Majors Davis and Lazwell were in the CIC. Jacobs gave the situation report.

“Major Lazwell, get your remaining vipers into the tubes. Those in flight will execute combat landing when we are down to three remaining civilian ships. I hope we don’t need your bullets today, Bruce.”

“Same here, Admiral. I’m heading for the tubes after I talk to my folks on patrol.” Lazwell made his way to the entry way.

“Major Davis, have Colonel Pretrivich add additional men to the CIC, Aux Con, the computer core and engineering. After that, take over tactical and execute nuclear protocols. I want a fast-launch package ready on my command.”

“Yes Admiral.” Major Davis said as she reached for the handset.

Jacobs then took a fast look around CIC “Lt. Bays, you’re relieved from navigation duties. Take over Aux Con and coordinate the damage control teams.”

“Aye Admiral” Bays said as she was relieved at the navigation station. She sprinted out the door.


Day 22

"Understood, Colonel." Merton said into the handset, to Colonel Dean Wilson who was on the battlestar Taurus. "Lycanthrope will be ready. Merton, out."

He flipped a switch and the handset disconnected from Taurus.

"Gwen, put me throughout the ship." he said to the electronics specialist.

"Prepare for emergency jump. people." he said to those in CIC with him.

"Go, Merton." Gwen Wyat said to him, indicating he would be heard throughout the ship.

"This is Merton. We are receiving emergency coordinates from Taurus. Prepare the ship for jump. There are no cylons present, but we must always be ready for bumping into them on the other side of a jump. Condition One. "


Fleet / Intrepid CIC
Day 22

The first to jump were Taurus and Lycanthrope. Taurus was to launch her vipers when the jump was complete. Within moments, other ships in the fleet started to jump. When there was three civilian ships left, Admiral Jacobs looked across to Major Davis as she picked up the handset.

“Major, have patrolling Vipers execute combat landings and start jump prep.”

“Aye Admiral.” She said.

Within two minutes, the last vipers had landed and were secured. Major Davis just started a thirty second countdown to get Intrepid out of the area.

Then, two DRADIS contacts appeared.

“Admiral, two Cylon ships just jumped in the area. Contact in two minutes. Twenty-five seconds until we jump, sir.”

“Get us out of here, Major!”

The Cylon Baseship launched raiders and proceeded at full speed towards Intrepid. The second ship stayed back. On the Intrepid DRAIDIS, it was identified as ‘Unknown Cylon Hostile.’

Major Davis counted down as she looked at the DRAIDIS. “4…3…2…1…jump!”

The Intrepid jumped away. Part of the Cylon raiders formed up with the baseship as the others joined the unknown ship.


Interpid CIC
0950 to 0955
Day 22

“Admiral, all ships are accounted for.” Major Davis said with a smile.

“Maintain Condition One throughout the fleet. Get all of the vipers into space in case the Cylons pop up.”

“Aye sir.”

Jacobs made fast with the orders “Navigation, plot an extended jump to put more distance between us and our last location. Comm, get me Taurus now.”

The Admiral watched the DRAIDIS as the vipers moved though the fleet. Major Davis and the navigator were across from him plotting the next jump. The communications specialist waved and finally got Jacobs attention. He grabbed the handset.

“Will, we have a problem.”


“Yes…lets just say we got a good look at them right before we jumped.” Jacobs paused. “Lycanthrope will jump ahead with the civilians. We will combat land our vipers and jump as the last civilians jump away. Jump coordinates will distributed in ten minutes.”

(”Aye Admiral. Taurus vipers are already on combat patrol.”)

“Very good, Intrepid Actual out.”


Fleet - open space / Intrepid CIC
Day 22

The civilian fleet would jump in two minutes. Vipers and Raptors patrolled though out the fleet. Lycanthrope took the civilian lead as Taurus took a position on the rear port portion of the ships. Intrepid was on the starboard side, more in the middle.

The jump clocks had ticked down to 90 seconds. Two flashes occured on the starboard side of the fleet.

Major Davis shouted “Admiral, two Cylon ship on an intercept vector with the fleet! Contact in fourty-five seconds.”

“Put us between the cans and the civilians. Get Taurus and her vipers over here fast, Major.”

“Aye.” Major Davis noticed something as she grabbed the handset “One Cylon ship is launching raiders. Other one is moving away.”

“Still one too many of them closing on us. Get a firing solution on those incoming raiders.”


Day 22

The two forces closed on each other at full speed. Taurus had quickly adjusted her course and was forming up with the Intrepid. For its part, the Intrepid put itself between the Cylons and the civilians. It would be another seventy seconds before they could jump.

The Cylon baseship closed with her raiders in the lead. The other Cylon ship was quickly moving away from the battle. Some raiders had broken of and joined the ‘unknown’ Cylon hostile ship.

“All vipers, stay out of the firing solutions of the Intrepid and Taurus. They have the baseship. Keep the raiders out of the civilians as best as possible.” Major Lazwell paused of a moment “Weapons free and standby for enemy contact.”

The Cylon raiders were the first to fire with a large salvo of missiles. The Colonial vipers quickly took aim to swat the missiles down. Several of the missiles found their marks. Eight vipers were destroyed in the first salvo.

The raptors, fitted for combat responded in kind to the Cylons. Missles streamed from the hardpoints into the melee.

The defensive guns of the Taurus and Intrepid fired on the raiders within their firing solution. The sheer amount of flack ripped into the raiders and heavy raiders.

At that moment on the CIC of the Taurus, an alarm sounded.

“Commander, radiological alarm from the baseship” Col. Wilson said “Four nukes inbound on us.”

“Knock them out of the sky now!” Commander Guynes said with a growl.

Taurus’s defensive guns locked on to the incoming ordinance. The last missile was seconds away from contact when was destroyed.

In the CIC of the Intrepid, they had their own concerns.

“Admiral, the fleet is twenty seconds from jumping. Baseship is in optimal firing range.” Major Davis said as the ship was rocked by a ship to ship missile.

“All in arc weaponry, open fire on the baseship!”

As the ships passed each other, they traded weapons fire. Damage on both ships was apparent as fires glowed upon their hulls. The Taurus then made its pass on the baseship as the Intrepid turned to pass again. The older battlestar and the baseship exchanged fire.

Commander Guynes added something extra to his salvo.

“Mr. Wilson, fire nukes one and two at the baseship at point of closest contact!”

Moments later, two nuclear missiles leapt out of their silos. But the capital ships were not the only ones locked in a struggle.


Day 22

“DRADIS contact! Two cylon vessels!” Puala Gold, the Jumpstar’s Tactical Officer, exclaimed while pointing at the two blips on the display.

“’Ninety seconds to jump.” Ivan Shirenko, the XO added.

Merton was assessing the display. “Raiders are inbound... be in here in less than a minute…”

“Forty-five seconds.” Gwen Wyatt, the oldest member of The Pack had calculated.

“Prepare guns for salvo fire.” Merton ordered. “That might slow the raiders down a little; give the vipers a chance to get between us and the cylons.”

“And if not?” Pilot Max Solingen asked.

“Then we’re gonna have company.” The other pilot, Crespo, noted ominously.

“Proceed with Jump Clock.” Merton said to them, then to Gwen he said, “Tell the mil to advise the vipers our guns are hot.

He waited until the raiders were within range, then the flak guns opened up.


Battle – Blackhat Squadron
Day 22

Some of the raiders had broken away and raced to the civilian ships. The Black Hats of the Taurus were the only defenders that stood between them.

“If Lycanthrope opens up, stay out of her firing solution…” Captain Watkins stopped as she noticed three missiles fire from a raider.

They were aimed at separate ships. The vipers broke to intercept the missiles. The Captain was on a direct path between the missile and the Leonis Pride. The missile would hit it in eight seconds if she didn’t do something. She locked onto the missile and pulled the trigger.

A jammed gun alarm sounded. Both of her guns had seized up. Still on a collision course with the missile, Watkins kicked in the afterburners. Two seconds before contact, her combat computer ejected her from the Mark VII viper.

As she rocketed away from her craft, viper and missile collided. The explosion wave caught up to her and caused her ejection seat to spin. The last thing she heard is her wingman calling out to her and a very sharp pain in the neck.

The other vipers destroyed the second missile. The last one is missed by two vipers. It was locked on to the Olympic Flyer. The captain of the ship could only mutter a small prayer as the missile impacted the center of the ship on the starboard side.

The fireball ripped through the ship and the hull blew apart. 1100 souls died quickly four seconds away from jump. Nothing substantially whole of the ship was left.

Lt. Butler snapped back to reality and sped head-on into a raider. Guns blazing, the Cylon ripped apart. His viper flew through what looked to be mechanical fluid from the ship.

Fluid that was blood red.


Intrepid and Taurus CIC
Day 22

Moments before, Admiral Jacobs watched Taurus launch two of its nuclear missiles on the basestar.

“Major Davis, fire nukes four and five!”

The civilian ships were jumping at that very moment the order was given to launch. The missiles leapt from the mid-ship of Intrepid. The Cylons managed to knock down one from each battlestar.

But the other two found their marks. The Taurus nuke entered a raider launch port and exploded. The other connected directly to the middle section of the ship. As the nukes hit, cannon fire and missiles from the battlestars connected like a one-two punch from a boxer.

Within moments, fire erupted throughout the baseship. The arms and center hull exploded and fragmented.

As the last civilian ship jumped away, the “unknown” Cylon and her escorts did as well. The remainder of the raiders in battle jumped away after the destruction of the baseship.

On the Taurus, there was a jubilant cheer from the CIC crew.

“Commander, there are multiple explosions occurring in the baseship. Major Lazwell has confirmed her destruction.” said Col. Wilson.

On the Intrepid, there had been cheering for a few moments until a report was heard from Lt. Butler over the speaker.

“A missile got through to the civvies, sir. I’m sorry, but we lost the Olympic Flyer…nothing substantial is left of her.”

Jacobs realized that he had to get both capital ships out of there and to the fleet.

“Execute combat landings of all craft and jump.” he said in a somber tone.

Within two minutes, all vipers were aboard. Taurus and Intrepid jumped from the battlefield.


Battlefield area
Day 22

Captain Watkins awoke in severe pain from her neck. She could barely move to look down at her oxygen gauge. While slowly looking down, she got a view of the battlefield. She saw a large debris field filled with what looked to be destroyed Colonial and Cylon craft.

“Not…enough debris…there. The fleet…got away.” She mumbled openly and smiled.

A few moments later, she looked down at the guage. There was two hours of air supply left. The pain in her neck intensified as she tried to move her head up.

The ejection seat slowly rotated counter clock wise. Minutes seemed like hours as she hoped for rescue.

Then, there was a bright flash in the distance. Within minutes, she could make out the shape of the ship.

It was the Jumpstar.

The Lycanthrope had come back into the battleground. She quickly found the rescue signal button on the side of her chair. This also turned on the emergency radio.

“Krypter, krypter, krypter. This is Captain…ouch…Captain Sabrina Watkins. I’m a viper pilot from the Battlestar Taurus. Homing beacon is activated. I have a neck injury. Please send help.”

Four other pilots also called out to the Lycanthrope.


Day 22

“Max, bring us to the nearest colonial.” Merton said to the pilot. “Gwen, verify to them we are on our way. Paula, inform Ox to launch five short shuttles for rescue, then he can send Lycans 1 and 2 for salvage.”

“I’ll be there to meet our guests.” Corinna Harrison, Ship’s Security said as she turned to leave CIC. If any turned out to be known ‘biologicals’, she and her team would stop them cold.

“No way Olympic Flyer has any survivors.” Max Solingen said to Crespo. ‘Those cylon bastards…”

The DRADIS was clear of cylon ships. Likely the machines didn’t consider that the humans would send a ship back into such an area of space.


Cylon Resurrection Ship CIC
Day 22

The biological Cylon command crew had stayed in the CIC since stumbling onto the bigger Colonial Fleet. They hoped that there was enough distance between them and their opponents that they would not be found.

They had origionally thought that there was only one battlestar and chased it. All the models agreed that if they had known there were two functional battlestars, they would have summoned more baseships to join them.

Now, they waited for help to come. The trail would grow cold, but they could not afford the lost of a Resurrection Ship. Intrepid and its fleet could be found in time they agreed.

A Three model looked at the CIC crew “Yet another group of humans we missed 22 days ago…”


Colonial Fleet
Day 23

To: All Department Heads, Admiral Jacobs, Commander Guynes
From: Lt. Amanda Bays
Subject: Final Report and Casualties

Life losses and injuries:
1270 crew and passengers of the Olympic Flyer
30 marines K.I.A. on the Olympic Flyer
21 viper pilots K.I.A
2 viper pilots injured
4 Raptor crew members K.I.A.
126 crew members of the Intrepid K.I.A
203 crew members of the Intrepid injured
56 crew members of the Taurus K.I.A
158 crew members of the Taurus injured

Material ship damages and losses:
26 Vipers destroyed
16 Vipers damaged, 12 repairable
2 Raptors destroyed
1 Raptor damaged, but repairable

Civilian ship Olympic Flyer destroyed

3 heavy cannons
19 point defense guns
2 missile launchers
Various armor plates
Engine number 3 (offline for three days estimated)
Auxiliary motor six and drive mountings for port side pod retractor

3 Heavy Cannons
22 point defense guns
2 missile launchers
Various armor plates
Long-range radio equipment dish and equipment room
Main mess hall has extensive fire damage
Starboard side launch tubes 3 through 7

Repairs continuing at this time. Estimated time for full repairs throughout the fleet is six days. Additional damage reports are to be submitted to me. Request for repair materials and personnel are to be sent to Col. Wilson on the Taurus.

Lt. Amanda Bays
Battlestar Intrepid


Taurus Medical
Day 23

Sabrina Watkins laid in bed with a neck brace on. She had a severe case of whip-lash and cracked vertebrae. Dr. Sonji had told her that it would be three more days before he’d let her get out of medical. A week after that, she could do some light duties.

As for a return to flight, that might take a little longer. She hated that comment, but knew she had to give the bone and neck time to heal.

She heard sound of several foot steps. She opened her eyes and was surprised by the visitors.

“Admiral Jacobs, sir. It’s nice to see you.” She also saw Commander Guynes, Major Lazwell, Colonel Wilson and Lt. Butler.

“Same here Captain. Let me start off by saying, that was some damn good flying you did back there.” He paused for a moment “There are nearly 2100 people alive today because of your actions.”

“Thank you sir…I was just doing my job.”

“Sabrina, you went above and beyond the call of duty. After reading the reports from Lt. Butler, the captain of the Leonis Pride and three other witnesses, you’re a hero in my eyes.”

The tears flowed from her eyes and she was speechless. 'Me, a hero? Anyone would have do the same thing.' she thought. The Admiral reached down and squeezed her hand and held it for a moment. Everyone assembled around her was moved.

“In honor of your extraordinary actions yesterday, I am first bestowing on you the Colonial Flying Star. You saved the lives those on the Leonis Pride without a thought of your own life.” Jacobs smiled as he gave her the box containing the award.

“Since we don’t have a known jeweler in the fleet, this is the Colonial Flying Star that was awarded to me many years ago. I think it’s in more deserving hands now.”

“Than…thank you, sir.” Watkins said as she tried not to cry even more.

“You’re going to get one other hand-me-down that we expect you to wear with pride when you get back on duty. Major Lazwell, please?”

The major produced a small box and handed it to the Admiral. “I’m glad I had a spare set, sir.”

Jacobs took the box and smiled “After a talk with Commander Guynes, Colonel Wilson and Major Lazwell, we decided that there was one more thing that you earned yesterday besides our gratitude.”

The Admiral opened the box. Inside were two small rank insignias. Her eyes opened wide and flowed with more tears when she realized what had just happened.

“Congratulations Major Watkins. You earned this. Get well soon because we need you out there.”

“Admiral…I…” she tried to find the words to say, but nothing would come out as she looked at the rank insignias.

“You don’t need to say a thing.” he said as he bent down to hug her. "Just do what Dr. Sonji tells you to."


Leonis Pride
Day 24

The attitude of most people had changed a bit on the Leonis Pride. It was the closest some had come to death. Many had decided to take in a memorial for those who had died in the last battle.

Some people still made it a point to celebrate life. A tall, handsome man with black hair and well-defined features walked into one of the many bars. He took a seat and struck up a conversation with a stunningly beautiful red-headed lady.. After a few hours, they left the bar and went back to her room.

He got undressed and made it a point to put his pants on a chair. Before she returned to the bedroom, he took the brown-colored, thick belt out of the pants loops and placed it off to the side.


End of Episode 7
Next Episode 8: The Honorable Gentleman from Picon

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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