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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 6 - "Deal"
PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2006 12:55 pm 
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Intrepid Episode 6 - "Deal"
Cowritten scenes with Silver (IE - The Pack)
Previously on Battlestar Intrepid
Admiral Jacobs took all the ships into deep space to find a new start for humanity.
Medical Doctors and Scientists put forth a shocking theory: Cylons have evolved into flesh and blood.
Love grows throughout the ranks and Captain Watkins and Lt. Butler fall for each other.
The biological Cylon Michael Brennan is captured.

Intrepid hanger deck
Day 10

The shuttle from the Gem of Aquaria had just been pulled into the hanger deck. The call had gone to Col. Petrivich about an inbound prisoner. He decided to take no chances once he found out it was one of the “persons of interest”. As the shuttle was moved down the bay, 50 marines in full combat armor greeted it.

The shuttle finally parked and the doors opened. Five marines were the first ones out. Then Michael Brennan was escorted out. He was in heavy chains at the hands and feet. Blindfolded, he needed two marines to escort him off. After he cleared the door and was on the deck, another five marines appeared out of the heavy shuttle’s hatch.

The Colonel pressed a button on his commlink “Pretrivich to CIC, we are in positive control of the prisoner and heading to the brig with heavy escort.”

[Copy that, Colonel. Remember, if he tries anything, wound him first…I want answers, not a corpse.]

“Aye Admiral…I’ll remind my grunts of that.”

After a few moments of positioning, the marines were ready to escort the prisoner en mass. Col. Pretrivich stood right behind him and whispered in his ear.

“You better pray to the Gods, you sorry sombitch…or what ever you believe in. Now move and turn when I tell you to and not a moment before. Clear?”

Brennan held his head up “Yes and you’re making a big mistake, sir.”

“Shut the frak up.” The Colonel then looked at all his men. “Alright, move out and remember where we’re going.”


Taurus CIC
Day 10

Col. Wilson had monitored the trip of the shuttle to the Intrepid with weapons tracking it the entire way. Per Admiral Jacobs’s instructions, he had not passed the information off to Commander Guynes just yet.

‘Newlyweds need some privacy, even in a time of war.’ was the Admiral’s comment to the Colonel.

After the shuttle was confirmed down and safe with the prisoner, Wilson turned back to an e-mail he was composing to the newest ship in the fleet. Wilson had been given the job of compiling a list of supplies and survivors. He was also appointed to be a fleet quartermaster and move supplies, if needed.

To: Captain Merton, Lycanthrope
From: Colonel Dean Wilson, Taurus
Subject: Greetings

Captain Merton,

Welcome to the fleet. I must say, you look to have a very impressive ship. It has been years since I’ve seen an operational jumpstar. I’d love to come and tour at some point, if you don’t mind.

Now, we need to move on to business. I am responsible for bringing together a list of fleet-wide survivors and fleet supplies. If you could provide a brief rundown of what you have and what your needs are, I can assist you and other ships in the fleet.

If you have any questions, please just let me know.

Col. Dean Wilson
Executive Officer
Battlestar Taurus

Happy with his note, he pressed send. Afterwards, Chief Cooper walked into the CIC and made his way right to the Colonel.

“Good evening, Colonel.”

“Same to you chief…what’s up?”

“I need to take the port launch bays offline. We’re having pressurization issues with the launch catapults. I felt it was better to discuss this in person that on a handset.”

Wilson was far from happy. “How long are we talking about?”

“It’ll take about three hour’s total to do the repairs and we have to take the entire system offline for the port bay.”

“Frak…wait, there’s a redundant system. Why do you have to take the bay offline?”

The Chief bit his lower lip slightly “I’d use it if some fleet quartermaster hadn’t ripped out half the pipes for use elsewhere.”

Wilson’s eyes rolled upward at that point “Gotcha. Do what you have to do and let Captain Watkins know. Work fast and then find a way to rebuild that redundant system.”

“Aye Colonel and I’m already working on that second one.” Cooper said as he walked away and Specialist Ibrim walked up.

“Colonel, I have Intrepid Actual on the handset. The Admiral wishes to speak to you.”

Wilson grabbed the handset almost immediately “This is Taurus Actual, Admiral…”


Commander’s Quarters – Taurus
Day 10

Nearly seven hours ago, William and Jenni Guynes were married on the Intrepid. Four hours ago, they slipped away from the reception in the mess hall on the Taurus.

For the last hour, they were in bed cuddling after doing what newlyweds do a lot of on their “wedding night”. They lay there, only a thin sheet covering them and both smiling.

Then the handset next to the bed goes off.

“Don’t answer it Will. They can live without you, I can’t.” Jenni sheepishly grinned “I’m not letting you out of this room.”

“Knowing my luck, it’s the Cylons bringing wedding presents” grinned the Commander. He picked up the handset as it buzzed again.

“This is the Commander.” His face then turned from a grin to business “Hello Admiral and no, you didn’t interrupt anything.”

Jenni sat up and pulled the sheet around her while looking at William curiously.

“Aye Admiral and I’ll be there in about thirty minutes or so.” The commander then reset the handset and paged CIC “This is the Commander. Have a raptor ready to go for me in thirty minutes.”

Jenni frowned as he hung up the handset “Frak me…”

Her husband quipped with a devilish grin “I already have, repeatedly…duty butts in again.”

At that point, Jenni grabbed a pillow and lightly hit her husband. “Well, you did say thirty minutes or so and you need a shower…”


Gem of Aquaria
Day 10

Brittany (Six model) and Kayla (Three model) sat quietly in Brittany’s suite. It had been a stressful hour for them. They had barricaded the door and brought out what weapons they had smuggled aboard. Finally, Brittany spoke.

“Do you think they’re coming for us?”

“Honestly, I’m beginning to doubt it. Let’s give the humans a bit more time.”

“Do you think he will talk?”

“He’s a Cylon…I would expect even with torture he wouldn’t budge, unless he’s a broken machine.”

Brittany looked around the room for a moment. “If they don’t come for us, we need to plot a way to cause major problems or get a signal to the others.”

“In my room are some explosives that I managed to smuggle on. We can blow a big hole in something.” Kayla looked back at Brittany and smiled “Don’t worry, we’ll concoct something.”

Taurus CIC
Day 10


To: Colonel Dean Wilson, Taurus
From: CO E.A. Merton, Lycanthrope
Subject: re: Greetings

Thank you for the kind welcome, Colonel.

My ship is Picon-registered. The crew is a nearly self-sufficent community called The Pack. Unlike the survivors of the fleet, The Pack is a group of survivalists, who prepared for an unknown disruption of the Colonial civilization. We didn't prepare for this magnitude, however.

We are 165 persons, and well stocked.

But, we could use more ordnance, as defense of ourselves and the fleet.

Many of us are former military, and are experienced with the Jumpstar Class and other military vessels, weaponry etc.

You are cordially invited to visit us at your convenience.

E.A. Merton—

Col. Wilson looked at the message. It wasn’t what he expected and he had many questions…but they would have to wait until the Commander got back.


Intrepid Brig / Interrogation
Day 10

Commander Guynes had just arrived from the Taurus. Admiral Jacobs waited for him in a room off the main interrogation room.

“Sorry to ruin your wedding night and birthday, Will. I figured you might want to be here for this.”

“No problem, Jenni told me to inform you that you owe us a quiet night.” Guynes smiled.

“I’ll mention that to the Cylons the next time they send me an e-mail.”

They watched a monitor feed from the interrogation room as Col. Pretrivich and Major Davis walked in. The Major’s face was blank of emotion as she looked the prisoner over.

Col. Steven Pretrivich on the other hand, would have loved nothing better than to start beating on Michael right then and there.

Michael, the Colonel, Major and four marines stayed silent for nearly minute. Finally, the prisoner broke the silence.

“So, where is my lawyer? According to the law, I’m supposed to have a lawyer present. Those are my rights.”

Major Davis answered before the marine Colonel could get a word out. “As noted on all ships, civil laws and the articles have been suspended until a government can be reformed. I’m not sure there is a lawyer alive in the fleet.”

“So Major, what you are saying is that I’m at the whims of the military? How comforting…”

Pretrivich finally spoke “You’d find things a lot easier if you start talking about how you got here and if there are any other tin-cans in this fleet with skin.”

“I am not a frakking Cylon! I’m just a simple college instructor on a holiday cruise.”

At this point, the colonel stood up and grabbed a folder. He walked over to the other side of the table and got right in his face.

“Oh, I have proof that you’re a Cylon. In fact, it can be proven a few different ways.” Pretrivich opened the folder and threw the photos in front of him. “Look familiar? Is this you long lost twin brother maybe? Would you like to go visit him in the morgue?”

“This is Private James Perrimore, Michael. The last time we checked, your last name is Brennan…or is it?” said the Major. “You two look like carbon copies.”

Michael knew the game was over. It wasn’t logical to keep his façade up anymore.

“That’s okay, God will take care of me and smite all of you…”


Taurus CIC
Day 10

Col. Wilson looks at the message he’s about to send. ”Survivalist, but they didn’t count on this…hell, no one did!”

Wilson thought back to his youth on Canceron. There were a lot of people like those on the Lycanthrope. He had an uncle who had planned for what he thought would be the worst.

Some called people like him crazy…but he knew most ‘survivalists’ were really alright deep down inside. The main difference was they wanted to live through the worst, what ever that could be.

He looked at the Lycanthope on the DRADIS. “She’s an armed ship and that could be helpful to us…extra guns to cover the civvies…extra guns…”

His course of action became clear. He cancelled his first response before sending it and re-wrote his message.

To: CO E.A. Merton, Lycanthrope
From: Colonel Dean Wilson, Taurus
Subject: re: re: Greetings

I can come at 0800 tomorrow. We can discuss supplies and other issues tomorrow morning. I would also like to discuss an idea with you, but it's better to talk of these things face-to-face.

Once again, if you have any questions, please just let me know.

Col. Dean Wilson
Executive Officer
Battlestar Taurus

Wilson thought ’I’ll need to come up with a solid pitch to the old man and Guynes…devil is in the details. I hope they finish grilling that guy sometime soon.’


Main Conference Room – Intrepid
Day 10

“Well, I never in all my time thought I’d see this…or hear all that crap run from the mouth of a Cylon” said a frustrated Col. Pretrivich.

Admiral Jacobs looked at his assembled staff members “So, what do we do now? Keep him around for more interrogations…shove him out an airlock? Suggestions, folks.”

“Well, we have a living, breathing…or functioning Cylon. I would think Dr. Kersh and the scientists would have a field day.” Major Davis said.

“He’s a danger to this entire fleet. Shove him out an airlock full of holes when we’re done with him” injected Pretrivich.

“I’d say do another round of questions and ramp up the pressure. He’s maybe a machine, but if he is alive…the will to live may mean more to him than his will to be a martyr.” Guynes said with a yawn “Sorry about that…”

The Admiral tried not to yawn, but failed. “Lets do this for now: We’ll continue questioning and let the scientists get live samples from him. Like I said earlier, if he tries something, I want him wounded unless absolutely necessary. We’ll decide what to do next when we can’t go any further.”


Taurus lower deck cargo area
Day 11

It wasn’t the most romantic place on a ship to have dinner and it wasn’t the most romatic of all meal plans. The candles were borrowed from the reception the crew had for the Guynes’ when they returned from Intrepid. The meal was actually two bags of rations.

The cargo transfers were done for the day and the knuckle draggers were working on the shuttles. The room was still filled with cargo boxes containing various items. Some boxes were cardboard while others were big wooden crates. The last members of the cargo-moving team left an hour ago.

In short, Sabrina Watkins and Kevin Butler had this cargo room to themselves. They were in a quiet corner with a fire blanket laid on the floor.

“So, what did you get from the crate” Lt Butler asked.

“Chicken in white sauce and noodles with crackers and a chocolate bar.” Capt. Watkins paused for a moment “Oh! And it comes with a freeze-dried fruit drink…cheery flavored!”

Both laughed in low tones, so not to be heard. Sabrina lit the candles. “So, Lieutenant, what do you have in yours?”

“Lets see Captain…Pasta in red sauce with meat. Brownie and a freeze-dryed grape drink. Could be worse…oh, and we can’t forget the ever-present ration crackers” Kevin opened another bag and pulled out beers and two bottles of water.

“That’s what I like about you Kevin, you’re always thinking ahead…”

It was a quiet dinner session, both just sat there in the candle light. The last ten days had been hell, but they had found a refuge in each other.

“Kevin, I would be lying if I said I didn’t have strong feeling for you. We both have family and friends we’ll never see again…” Sabrina paused for a moment as Kevin wrapped his arms around her. “We need to keep this quiet for awhile. Let everything settle down before others find out. Does that work for you?”

Kevin thought about his fiancé as Sabrina talked. In his mind, he knew she was dead, but his heart hoped she was still alive. He wasn’t sure about some things, but he knew that he didn’t want to go without Sabrina if home really was no more. She had been a good friend for the last two years and saved his but from Major Laswell on a couple of occasions. Now, she had turned into so much more.

’I won’t feel guilty about this…my old life is gone because of the Cylons. This is now…gotta have something to hold on to’ he thought.

“Deal…just between us for now and no one else knows. Not even a Cylon will beat this out of me” smiled Kevin as he lightly kissed her.

Both sat there and just held each other. After a while, Kevin started rubbing her neck and worked his way down her shoulders.

“Kevin, I think you’re having other ideas…you started working your way down quick” Watkins slyly quipped.

Before he could say a thing, she had spun around and put him on his back. The kissing got heavier as hands started to explore. He had her shirt half off when he laid her down on the blanket.

At that point, he reached for the grape freeze-dried drink packet and tore it open. He made a line with the granules running from the top of Sabrina’s belly button to the bottom center of her rib cage.

Then he applied his tongue…licking it all up. She let out a combination of a giggle and a low moan.

“My Gods, Kevin you are SO bad…” Sabrina giggled before she kissed him again.


The Lycanthrope
Day 11

A.E. Merton, the commanding "officer" of the private vessel Lycanthrope, a decommisioned Colonial Jumpstar, shook hands with Colonel Wilson.

"Welcome aboard, Colonel. I'm Merton. You've met our Security Chief Corinna, and our Deck Chief . This is the second in command, Ivan Shirenko."

Col. Wilson shook the hands of each person. "Welcome to the fleet. It looks like you have a great ship here. I haven’t seen a working Jumpstar since I was a knuckle-dragging engineer."

Merton smiled at the compliment. "Most of The Pack are former military, Colonel. Some served during the Cylon War and on Jumpstars."

My uncle served on one during the war. Had big pictures of it in his living room. He passed away a few years ago. He always like the "old girls" as he called them." Wilson paused for a second "How long have you had this one?"

"She was purchased over a year and a half ago." Merton slid a folder to the Colonel. "Everything's in order."

Wilson looked at the folder. Paperwork was all in perfect order, not a page out of place. "Well, you are aware we have the civilian fleet in a state of martial law at this time. We have been placing marines on each ship. Now, knowing that you are survivalists, I know this might not set well. My uncle would have never gone for this."

"Martial law makes sense. It's that.. or chaos." Merton took a breath. "Marine presence makes sense for ships that need order. Lycanthrope all ready HAS order. Your marines would waste their time here... Colonel."

"Agreed. Still, I have a CO that disagrees with me. I've had a chat with Admiral Jacobs and he has an offer for you and your crew. How well do you know your Colonial history? Are you familiar with a ‘privateer license’?"

"We are." Merton said almost coldly. "Go on, Colonel, please."

The Admiral is willing to issue this license. It allows you a more independent status in the fleet. It allows you to conduct battles on the Cylons. It keeps the marines off your ship. Anything that is currently yours, you keep. He asks for three things in return." Wilson looked into the eyes of Merton and waited for the reply.
"Please..go on." Merton said, his fingertips touching, his chin resting on his thumbs.

"If the fleet is in need of supplies and you can spare them, please share them. Next, should you find any 'potentially useful' Cylon equipment, that you share it with the fleet scientists. Cylon communications equipment is of particular interest." Wilson paused for a moment to get a breath and gauge Merton's reaction.

Merton wasn’t showing any emotion. He was probably a very good card player.

Colonel Wilson continued. "Lastly, since we do not have any of our usual escort vessels, it makes it a bit harder to carry off landing and send someone to cover the civilians if we get into a fight. You would be one of the first to jump and serve as an armed escort. For this, we will supply you with ammunition."

"I would need to discuss this with The Pack, Colonel. But I believe the Admiral's offer is a good one, and that we will accept." He grinned. "It's either the offer... or we're on our own. And we've seen what the cylons are capable of."

"If you are like my uncle was, I'd image you could give the cans some trouble. He was a survivalist...from Canceron. If he was alive and somewhere in the fleet, I'd image he'd feel more at home here." Wilson smiled "Oh, the Admiral does have one other request."

Merton raised an eyebrow. This could make or break our accepting his offer. "And that is...?”

"Admiral Jacobs would like a tour of your ship sometime. He has a fondness for the old Jumpstars."

Wilson could see Merton, and the other Pack members that were present, relax.

"The Admiral can certainly tour the Lyc, Colonel. Oh. And there is one other thing to add to the Admiral's offer. We'd like to salvage from battle sites."

Wilson thought for a moment and stroked his mustache. "Agreed. You can salvage from the battlefields. It maybe the best way to find that Cylon equipment...and it makes sense. On a personal request, should we have to leave a downed pilot, keep your eyes open for them, please."

"Of course." Merton turned to his Security Chief. "Corinna, get that Cylon transponder from Grem…from Gwen, and give it to the Colonel." He turned to Wilson. "We have bits of those new raiders. We'll send a complete list of what we currently have, that we are being allowed to keep... should we accept the Admiral's offer; and like I said, I think it's a safe bet we will, Colonel."

Wilson smiled at Merton and company "I think we have a good working deal..."


Day 11

Representative Greene heard that the new “Captain’s Union” was having a meeting in the main conference room. As he and his aides approached, they were met by five ship guards.

“I’m sorry sir, this is a private meeting” the lead guard said with a straight face. “I’ve been instructed to only let ship captains in.”

“Do you know who I am?” Rep. Greene asked.

“Yes I do, sir. You are Patrick Greene of Picon and the Quorum of Twelve.”

“That’s correct and…” Greene was cut off verbally by the guard.

“And that means you are not a ship captain. If you wish to attend a meeting, please contact Captain Myers or Barrington. This is the instructions they left for me to tell everyone. Is there anything else, Mr. Greene?”

Greene walked away frustrated.


Intrepid Brig
Day 11

Michael sat on the floor of his cell smirking. The interrogation restarted at 0400 and continued for over six hours. Not only had he not broke in any of the questioning, he frustrated the humans. It was easy, he thought several times: Tell them they are damned and the Cylons were the true children of God

It was such a simple, and in his mind true, statement caused such frustration. He also used the history of humanity to taunt his questioners.

”So easy to frustrate them…so easy.” he thought.

He noticed the marines walking up to his cell with a man wearing a white coat and surgical gloves. In one hand, was a small metal case. In moments, two marines and the man in white stood in front of him.

“Get up, Brennan” One guard said. Michael did not respond to the order. Both guards stood in front the cylon and went to pull him up.

Michael grinned, and made the most of his chance. They didn't know about the superior Cylon reflexes or strength...until now.

As they went to grab him, he punched the guards as hard as he could in the testicles. Both men immediately dropped in horrid pain. As the right guard was dropping, Michael rolled and grabbed the pistol out of the holster.

At that point, he used his superior reflexes and snatched the medical lab technician. Michael put the gun to his head and dragged the man out of the cell. As the other three marines stood and reached for their guns, he shot them in the head or throat.

Michael then snapped the neck of his hostage. As he ran out of the holding area, he grabbed the gun of a dead marine and some spare clips. He tried to move to areas that held less traffic…and maybe a target of opportunity or a way to escape.


Intrepid CIC
Day 11

“Admiral, shots fired in the brig and there are marines down.” Lt. Bays reported to Admiral Jacobs.

“Any news on the prisoner?”

“He’s missing, Admiral.”

Jacobs grabbed the handset immediately as he glared at Bays “FRAK! Get me Colonel Pretrivich now.”


On the Intrepid / Intrepid CIC
Day 11

The ship had been placed on lockdown. Marines had fanned out through the ship. Most didn’t even grab their armor. They hit the corridors with their sidearms and rifles.

All knew what his face looked like. Even worse, most knew that fellow marines had been injured or killed when he escaped. The orders were to find Michael Brennan and capture him.

If capture was not possible, the orders to shoot and kill had been given.

Back in the CIC, Jacobs waited for any news. The guards in CIC had doubled, incase the prisoner tried to show up.

“Admiral, gun shots heard in the area of nuclear missile bay two…guards stationed there are not responding.” Lt. Bay said.

“Get every marine in the area there now!” growled Jacobs.


Intrepid Nuclear Missile Room 2
Day 11

Colonel Pretrivich and eight marines approached to door. As the point man looked in, he took an immediate bullet to the head from somewhere in the room.

An exchange of bullets took place almost immediately. After two concussion packs were thrown in, gunfire from in the room stopped.

The marines cautiously entered. After a search, the Colonel found Michael. He was near a missile tube and had opened the side of a controller box.

The Cylon’s plan was to launch a missile with the silo door close. It would have caused a big explosion in the room, detonating the fuel in the other missiles. It would have severely damaged or destroyed the Intrepid, even without a nuclear detonation. Between the bullets hitting him and the concussion packs, he didn’t get far in his plan.

Michael sat on the floor in a pool of blood, holding a gun he had taken off a dead guard. Pretrivich approached the dying man.

“We meet one last time, Colonel. When you die, you’re dead forever…” Michael coughed blood “I’ll just transfer to a new body…in time to see the rest of your fleet die. Killing me will do you no good.”

Michael smiled and tried to raise his gun, but Pretrivch already had the drop on him. The Colonel emptied the remainder his rifle clip into the Cylon before he could get a shot off.

Pretrivich grabed his radio and called the CIC. “Missile Bay Two is secured. It’s over Admiral…prisoner has been killed.”

The Colonel then looked in the hall. “We need medics, stat. Five marines who were on guard are down. Also have another marine down, but it’s too late for him.”


Raptor 1243
Day 12

Admiral Jacobs and Colonel Wilson were heading to Taurus after visiting the Lycanthrope. Jacobs waited until they had fully cleared Merton’s ship before he said anything.

“Privateer License, Major? Someone knows their military and early Colonial history and put it to good use” smiled Jacobs.

“Thank you sir. With there being no destroyers or other support ships, the more I thought about it, the more the idea made sense. It gives both battlestars a chance to let the civilians get away, but with protection.”

“Agreed, Major. Since you have a good relation with Merton and crew, you will serve as a liaison to them.”

“I can do that, sir” said Wilson “I think they liked you as well. Together we should be able to let them be who they are and be useful to us.”

“Captain Merton has already supplied us with a lot of good information. We’re really way ahead of where we were a few days ago.” Jacobs looked out the window and then back at Col. Wilson “This is a good deal…lets make sure we keep up our end.”

“Aye, Admiral. I think over time Commander Guynes will warm up. I know that he had reservations about doing this. Lets just let them do what they do best.”

The rest of the flight to Taurus occurred quietly. Before they approached the starboard landing pod, Col. Wilson spoke up.

“Sir, since we found the Lycanthrope, do you think there may have been other ships that got away from the Cylons?”

Admiral Jacobs raised his eyebrows “Well, I think it’s a good possibility, although as we get further away, contact is becoming slimmer.”

“After the inspection and meeting with the Commander, do you mind if I borrow just a few more minutes of your time?” Wilson looked at the Admiral “I have an idea for a craft that can scout for us, maybe find others and keep us ahead of the tin cans.”

“Okay Colonel, you have my interests piqued. You bring your idea and anything you have written down and lets talk…”


Intrepid Conference Room
Day 12

Admiral Jacobs sat in the conference room. The final reports of what happened to Discovery on day zero and what affected the cylon who served as a private at Davaun. He wrote a message to Dr. Bob Dunnavan, chief scientist on the Discovery and Dr. Kersh.

TO: Dr. Bob Dunnavan, Discovery, Dr. Steve Kersh, Intrepid.
FROM: Admiral Thomas Jacobs, Intrepid
SUBJECT: Your reports – TOP SECRET

I have read both of your reports. First, I want to thank you both for the time and effort put in to this research on such short notice.

On the medical findings, we must come up with a way to differentiate between Human and Cylon. The opportunity to develop the test further was lost with the death of the prisoner known as Michael Brennan.

Please continue as best as you can. There must be some way to detect them alive. Detecting them after death is not an option and could be deadly to everyone in this fleet.

For the radiation effects mentioned by Dr. Dunnavan, please look further into this. If a way could be found to affect the Cylons faster, a new weapon could be developed to ward them off. It is a theory, but it is one worth looking into.

As for the information and Cylon devices we have come into recent possession of, I expect a report on them as soon as possible.

Finally, the finding of the Discovery malfunction at the battle of the first buoy: we must find new ways to defend our computer systems as well. I know you have taken several steps already. Please continue your research into securing fleet-wide systems.

I will expect daily progress reports from the both of you. Let me know immediately of any major finding you discover.

Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Commanding Officer, BS Intrepid
Senior Admiral of BSG 87


Cylon Resurrection Ship
Somewhere FAR away from Intrepid fleet
Day 14

Michael sat up in the tub and began to immediately shake and choke. Something was not right with him. He flailed in the tub and splashed everyone around him.

A Simon model tried to hold him “Something is wrong with the download. The extreme range in which he came has had a severe effect on him.”

“Or maybe it was something he had been exposed to…” said a Cavil model.

Everything the biological Cylons tried to do for Michael failed. In the end, it was decided to “box” him. The loss of the information he could have given them was a major blow.

There are many questions of where Michael came from. They knew a general direction from where he came. It was not in an immediate area where the Cylons were chasing humans.

In the end, the loss Michael and his information would not prove to be insurmountable, or so they believed.


End of Episode #6
Next: Episode #7 – The Hunted

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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