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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 5 - "Not Alone"
PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2006 11:47 pm 
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Episode #5 - Not alone
with SilverLantern as "The Pack" / Lycanthrope

Intrepid Fleet as it left the Davuan system information:

Intrepid 2400
Taurus 2080

Nimbus 1900 (500 guests / crew, 1400 marines)
Catalina [Cloud 9] 1902
Leonis Pride [Cloud 9]: 2098
Gem of Aquaria [Space Park] 2100
Silver Falls [Olympic Carrier] 1090
Olympic Flyer [Olympic Carrier] 1100

Pan Galactic Flights
402: 802
788: 767
1190: 850
3150: 984
4502: 780

Fleet Heavy Tug N741A: 4
Tug “Mini-Mighty: 3
Belton Moving Co. [Demeter type cargo ship]: 12

Delphi [Space Park - Govenmental conversion]: 1200
Discovery [Space Park - Govenmental conversion]: 1194
Prospector [Hades Horn type mining ship]: 325

Highlands Dawn [Astral Dawn]: 500

Colonial Heavy 691: 130
Hydrus [Botanical Cruiser]: 110
University of Caprica “Sundog” [Botanical Cruiser]: 115

Scorpion Mining 742 [Hades Horn]: 290
Colonial Fueler N7589V [Necromancer]: 350

Total: 23,086

Davuan System
Day 8

The Intrepid fleet jumped away from Colonial space nearly five full days ago. They fled the death and destruction that the Cylon wrath had brought down on them.

For the Cylons, they had spent the time destroying any humanity that they could find. They had chased down and killed showing no mercy. They were also chasing other humans fleeing.

And for the Cylons, the first hint that someone had been in this system was trash debris between the main planet and the first moon.


Intrepid CIC
Day 8

Captain Lia Davis stood in the mists of CIC for the first time in over two weeks. The surgery that had been done on her stomach had healed well enough for her to go back to duty. Dr. Kersh was less than thrilled; he wanted her to spend more time recovering. With two capital ships protecting the fleet, every member of the command staff is needed.

As Admiral Jacobs walked up, she had a stack of reports ready and his freshly poured cup of coffee ready.

“Good morning Captain and welcome back to duty.”

“Thank you sir and all went well” she smiled “They brought me a chair at one point so I could get off of my feet a bit. It worked out well.”

“If you need it for the next few weeks, have them bring it back in at the start of your watch. I can’t go without you at this point.”

“Aye sir and thank you.” Captain Davis quickly got to business “As you see, the fleet has reported in with the usual requests and news. Taurus will have its starboard pod ready for operation later today.”

The admiral thumbed through the reports and messages. He then saw one that had become customary. It was a message from Rep. Greene.

“Frak…I can’t put this off much longer” he frowned. He quickly wrote a message down and handed it to Captain Davis. “Have that sent to Mr. Greene on the Nimbus. I’ll meet with him tomorrow afternoon.”

“Into the layer of the beast, sir?” Lia smirked.

“Politicians…can’t live with them, can’t shove them out an airlock.”

Lt. Trevors walked up to the Admiral and Captain. Shortly following behind them was Col. Pretrivich and Maj. Laswell.

Admiral Jacobs looked up a Lt. Bays “Lt. Bays…”

She brought two small boxes to the Admiral and a head set. Then she called the ship to attention over the intercom.

The Admiral quickly looked around and ordered the CIC staff at ease.

“Captain Davis and Lt. Trevors, front and center, please.”

Both stepped forward, not knowing what was going on.

“As you know, with two battlestars to man, there has been a division of command staffs to operate both ships. Also, over the last few days, there are those who have distinguished themselves in duty.” He paused for a moment.

“First, after a long discussion, Major Laswell has agreed to be the Fleet CAG. We have discussed the different plans for the viper squadrons. There will be realignments and the air wings will be spread between Intrepid and Taurus. These moves will start this afternoon. There will be a meeting at 1100 hours in the port bay for all pilots.”

“Based on the discussions with Commander Guynes and at the personal recommendation of Major Laswell, I hereby promote Captain Lia Davis to Major and appoint her as Executive Officer of the Intrepid. Congratulations, Major.”

Now Major Davis stepped forward and looked at Major Laswell and the Admiral in total shock as he pinned her new insignias. She shook the hand of Jacobs and promised ‘not to let him or the ship down’.

“Lt. Darrin Trevors has consistently put the needs of this fleet, ship and crewmates ahead of himself. He did this not only since the day war broke out, but before during the science expedition. It is with great honor I promote him to Captain and put him at the head of the late watch. Congratulations, Captain.”

Trevors moved forward to be pinned, shook the Admiral’s hand and saluted him. The Admiral then continued.

“You all have performed wonderfully over last eight days. Your courage and compassion has astounded me. I have there for ordered the mess hall staff to prepare a special meal for all of you. It was supposed to be made for you on the last day of the science tour before we docked. You have earned this. The meal will be served starting at 1200 and will be given over the next day. Congratulations and work well done to everyone. That is all.”


Taurus CIC
Day 8

At the same time Admiral Jacobs was handing out promotions, Commander Guynes was doing the same thing on Taurus.

Major Wilson had been promoted to Colonel and officially named XO. Lt. Wu was promoted to Captain. Captain Lane Azmos was promoted to Major and named Chief Engineer. Guynes also announced that the first air wing to be stationed to Taurus would start arriving at 1500 hours today.

After a few minutes of handshakes and congratulations, Colonel Wilson walked up to the Commander.

“Colonel, what is on your mind?” Guynes asked.

“Well, do we know who the ship CAG is going to be?”

“Captain Sabrina Watkins will be the ship CAG while Major Laswell serves as fleet CAG and CAG to the Intrepid.”

Wilson raised an eyebrow “So, you’re telling me we’re getting the Black Hat Squadron right off the bat? They’re the…”

Guynes jumped in “Yup, we’re getting them on Taurus. The Captain knows how to handle them, but I expect you to crack a whip when needed.”

“That’s part of my job description…I need to make you look good” smirked the XO.

“So, how is the movement of supplies going Colonel?”

“It’s going smoothly. We’ve offloaded some more ammo and medical supplies to Intrepid. Tomorrow they will have some nukes ready to put in our launchers. Other supplies are being moved through the fleet.”

“Very good and you will be in charge of that nuke transfer.”

“Also two other things of note, Commander; Medical will be fully operational by 1000 hours and the main mess hall should be serving its first hot meal at 1800.”

“I will take both of those as a blessing, my friend. No more running people to Intrepid and no more sandwiches or rations” grinned Guynes. “One more thing, Captain Watkins will be onboard at 1300. We will both meet with her in the main conference room. Right after that, we’ll meet with Captain Daniel Storm. He will lead the marines that will be coming aboard.”

Wilson shook his head in approval “Aye sir and I will have Captain Wu stand watch while we meet with them.” He then paused “Sir?”

“Yes, Colonel?”

“We’ll need to fully clean out the Mardet area. It currently has rations, bandages and toilet paper packed in it…wall to wall.”

Guynes signed “Make it so. Grab the marines we have and put them to work. Find out where we have open space or if one of the other ships does.”


Nimbus – Rep. Patrick Greene’s ‘Office’
Day 8

Rep. Greene,

I will meet with you on Intrepid tomorrow at 1400 hours to hear your ideas. Commander Guynes will also be in attendance. A raptor will be sent to pick you up at 1330.

Admiral Thomas Jacobs
Fleet Commanding Officer

Patrick Greene sat looking at the message. He has waited over three days to get a response. He knows they are busy, but finds it rude that they have put him off so long. He looked at his assistant across the room.

“Mr. Ito, do you have that dossier prepared over the Admiral and Commander?”

Anthony Ito was a big man. Not only was he a personal assistant to Mr. Greene, but a bodyguard as well.

“Based on the limited information we have, I was able to compile some information.” He paused “There is at least a decent library on this ship.”

Greene flipped through the information and the summation his staff had created for him. It wasn’t their best job, but it was very good considering the circumstances.

“They are career military men with no idea how to lead the common people. If I was in the line of succession, I could be declared president and force them to help a bit more than just telling us where to go and forcing cargo onto the ships.”

Ito looked up “So, how do you plan on getting from point A to point B with their support?”

“There are a lot of civilians in this fleet and they won’t stand for military rule forever. Time is on our side, not theirs.” He folded his arms across his chest “We start with our plan to reinstate the Colonial Articles tomorrow. At some point, the good Admiral and military will have to do it.”

“We have researched some of the other ships and we are finding people who will be sympathetic to our cause…but there is one concern, sir.”

“And that is, Mr. Ito?”

“Some of the ship captains have become…nosy.”


Fleet “Secret” BBS
Day 8

On CH 691, there was a ship-wide BBS that also allowed for communications back home. It had been ordered shut down by Admiral Jacobs when they were found. As far as anyone knew, it was still shut down.

But the non-military captains of the fleet had known otherwise. For the last day, they had been secretly discussing what was going on in the fleet.

I need to bring this up to everyone: It seems like Mr. Greene is trying to get a meeting with the Admiral. His people have also been doing a lot of research and in communication with two other ships. He’s up to something and I have a bad feeling about it. – ‘Da Nimb
I’ve seen the same thing here. A person has gotten permission to speak to someone on your ship. I know they are being a bit lenient on martial law, but they will come down on everyone sometime soon. –Billy Boy

Guys, maybe it is time we ask for a meeting with the admiral…all of us. It is time for us to come out of the dark about our little “union” that we have put together. It’ll be for everyone’s own good and a good way to head off Greene. – Delta

I will offer to arrange the meeting. Get ready, folks. – HeavyPres


Intrepid CIC
Day 8

From: Dr. Steve Kersh, Dr. Ahmed El Garhi Sonji
To: Admiral T. Jacobs
CC: Commander W. Guynes
Subject: Urgent meeting


We ask for a meeting with both of you in person. This is urgent that all four of us meet face to face.

Dr. S. Kersh
Intrepid Medical

The Admiral shot back an immediate message.

From: Admiral T. Jacobs
To: Dr. Steve Kersh, Dr. Ahmed El Garhi Sonji
CC: Commander W. Guynes
Subject: Re: Urgent meeting

I have spoken to Commander Guynes and he will be here in 20 minutes. We will meet with both of you in the medical conference room.

Admiral Jacobs


Intrepid Medical
Day 8

Five minutes after Commander Guynes had landed on Intrepid, everyone had assembled in the medical conference room for this emergency meeting.

Dr. Kersh had put together folders with the lab results on the two crew members. The two senior officers of the fleet had been briefed about the theory the doctors had. This was the final results. There were three copies of the report on the table. One was for the doctors to refer to and the other two for the military leaders to have.

Jacobs and Guynes quickly thumb thumb through the data. They knew the basics already from a previous meeting. Everyone one agreed to confirm the tests. All four men agreed to a final report.

This final report would change the complexion of the conflict completely.

The Admiral looked up “Doctor Kersh, Doctor Sonji…are you completely confident in your findings?”

Dr. Kersh looked up “I am confident in our finding Admiral.”

“The results are conclusive and I stand behind them, sirs” responded Dr. Sonji.

Commander Guynes closed his copy of the results “So, what is next, doctors?”

Dr. Sonji answered “We’re working on that right now. Developing a test that will get the answers to us quickly will take time to develop. Some of the equipment and the staff on Discovery could…”

“I’m not sure about bringing anyone else into this right now.” Jacobs said.

“It may slow us down then, sir” Kersh responded.

The Admiral looked at the doctors “How about if we had the equipment brought here?”

“Some of the items we need would take weeks to tear down, move and set up. It’s better if we try and develop something there.” Sonji said.

Admiral Jacobs knew he was in a no-win situation. How to research this and keep it secret from the public was daunting. Commander Guynes then chimed in with his thoughts.

“Here is what we should do for now, gentlemen…”


Intrepid Hanger Bay
Day 8

“Admiral, I think we came up with a good plan for now. With the civilians and marines already being moved around, we can keep a look out if anyone sees anyone who looks like these two…with no suspicions. Just a ‘persons of interest’ bulletin should work for now.”

“Will, I agree, but we’re not going to be able to hide this forever. Your ideas on others that may look the same are interesting, but I still have some doubts. Still, we’ll try this and see what we get.”

“Agreed, sir…but this gives us a chance to let the scientists come up with something, if possible.”

“The information will go out to our marines and ship captains tonight. There will be questions, but we should be able to deflect them off the real reason.”

The two men stood next to Commander Guynes raptor. The Admiral remembered something from their ship-to-ship talk.

“William, you said you needed to ask me something before you left.”

“Yes sir.” Commander Guynes paused…he prayed the Admiral would say yes. “Jenni and I want to get married…and she wants to do it in two days on my birthday. Since you are commander of the fleet, we need your permission.”

Thomas Jacobs was very surprised. In his mind he was racing between being the Admiral and being a friend.

“You know, it’s against regulations in about five or six different ways. I’m not supposed to allow anyone to do this…but then again, the last eight days hasn’t exactly by the book, either.” Jacobs paused and then smiled “I’m setting an interesting and possibly rocky precedence…but I will allow it. Congratulations, William.”

“Chaplin DeShera had a feeling you would say yes…” Guynes sheepishly smiled.

“Planning behind my back already, Will?” Jacobs laughed “With the padre no less!”

“One more thing, sir…since Jenni’s father isn’t here, she needs someone to give her away and we were hoping you would do the honors.”

The Admiral fully smiled for the first time since the start of the war “I would be honored to.”


“The Get-Away” lounge on the Gem of Aquaria
Day 8

Kayla Welch had been waiting at a table for her two compatriots for ten minutes. She had been hit on by three men. She had verbally swatted them away with ease. She had long blonde hair and a wonderful accent. All this allure of good looks hid one important thing.

She is a Cylon…a biological Cylon.

First to come up was Michael Brennan, a tall caucasian man with good looks in his own right. A “five o’clock” shadow had developed on his face. He too, is a Cylon.

Finally, Brittany Holliwell came to the table. Another blonde beauty that was statuesque in stature. Like her two friends, she too was a Cylon.

They ordered drinks and shared laughs, just like everyone else. As the night progressed, the bar became more crowded and they observed those around them. After awhile, they left for Kayla’s room to talk business.

Michael spoke up after the door closed. “Well, it is nice to have the creation of God around me on a ship of the defective and dammed. The transfer here from CH 691 was a godsend.”

Brittany looked at them both “We must keep up appearances. They do not suspect anything at this time. The only thing keeping us from taking action is the fact we are far enough away from our kind with no chance of being reborn…we can all feel it in our beings.”

“Where God and the blessed of God are, there is a way…but we must bide our time” said Kayla.


Taurus Rec Room
Day 9

It was late and the room was still full of supplies. What had been moved around made room for four chairs, in the corner of the room. Captain Sabrina Watkins and her wingman Lt. Kevin Butler were sitting in the room, drinking beers that they had brought over from Intrepid.

It had been a busy day for both. The other Black Hats had crashed out in their bunks. CAP flights would start for them at 0700, but the Captain and Lt. did not have any duties until 1200.

“So Sabrina, what do you think of the XO?” Butler grinned.

“He has all the qualities to be an XO. He can be a good guy, but he’s going to be an ass when it’s called for.”

“Yeah, I thought the same thing. At least I don’t have to see Laswell everyday. What a jerk…”

“Hey, talk nice about him. He’s the fleet CAG and besides, I have to deal with the frakking bastard every day.” laughed Watkins. Kevin fell out of his chair laughing with beer flying out his nose.

Sabrina went to help him up, but she found herself floor next to him. Both were drunk.

“Wingman, I was trying to help you up…whatcha to that for?”

He then rolled on top of her and grinned “Because it’s funnier to be on the floor.”

They locked eyes on each other. She pulled him down to her and planted the first kiss. After a minute, he glanced at her and then a closet not too far away.

“Good idea, Wingman” She said.

He helped her off the floor and they both took a good look around the room. Since the place was still packed with supplies, no one was really interested in coming in. Butler opened to door and the closet was empty…and it had a lock that could be secured from the inside.

Sabrina turned on the light as Kevin closed the door and locked it. When he turned around, she was already down her underwear. He stood there completely stunned by her beauty.

“What’s wrong Kevin?” She looked him dead in the eyes and stood face to face with him.

“I just…maybe we should…are we…” Butler was stunned and bumbling for words.

“Let me put it to you this way, Lieutenant” Sabrina said as she took off her underwear and them place her arms around his shoulders “I have not had sex in a year. I am tired, drunk and lonely in the middle of frakking nowhere…and if you do not drop your pants in the next five seconds I will give you a direct order to drop them!”

Kevin Butler’s pants were off in two second. She spun him into the corner as they started to kiss again.


Intrepid Flight Deck / Medical
Day 9

The call to Intrepid had gone out fifteen minutes earlier of a medical emergency on the Silver Falls. A woman had gone into labor and she needed to be rushed to somewhere with medical facilities.

Captain Trevors authorized the launching of a shuttle from Silver Falls to the Intrepid. Dr. Sonji and his medical staff were waiting for her on the port hanger deck. The doors of the shuttle opened Shannon Morrison was brought out in a wheelchair by her husband Jason.

They were quickly moved to sickbay. Some took it as a strange sight…seeing a pregnant woman in the mists of the injured from battle. Shannon was taken into the surgical room for prepping. Dr. Sonji stopped her husband at the door.

“Come with me, Mr. Morrison” he said as he placed his hand on his shoulder. After you scrub up and change, you can go in with me.”


Intrepid CIC
Day 9

Lt. Amanda Bays was working communications this shift. It had been a long morning of dealing with other ship and the movement of nukes to Taurus. A message came in for the Admiral. She took it off the printer and delivered it to him.

Jacobs sat the message down for a few minutes before really reading it. He saw that it was from the captain of Colonial Heavy 691. As the last round of nukes had landed safely on Taurus, he picked it up.


Dear Admiral,

I know that you will have a meeting with Rep. Greene from the Nimbus later today. I wondered if it would be possible to meet with you before you meet with him? I will gladly come to Intrepid to meet you.

Andy Myers
Captain of Colonial Heavy 691

“How in the hell did he know about that?!” Jacobs wondered.

“Lt. Bays, please note my reply and send it to Mr. Myers…”


Intrepid medical
Day 9

It had been a long process for all involved with the birth. All were tired and just wanted to bring this new life into being. Nobody wanted this more than Mrs. Morrison.

“Shannon, I just need you to relax, take a deep breath and give me one more good push.” Dr. Sonji said.

Shannon was tired, sore and irritable and took it out on the good doctor.

“I’ll good push you out an airlock” she screamed in pain while panting. “Sorry doctor…I’ll do it. Very sorry, sir”

“That is okay, Mrs. Morrison. I have been told far worse…now give me that push.”

She took the breath and then pushed with all of her might. She could feel the baby finally leaving her body. Dr. Sonji quickly took the child. A moment later, there was the cry of a child. He held the baby up to where they could see it.

“Congratulation you two, it’s a girl!” Sonji said jubilantly.

Quickly, the umbilical cord was cut. She was cleaned and handed to her mother quickly. Nurse Jenny McDowell smiled at the two parents.

“So, what’s her name going to be?”

The Morrison’s looked at each other. Shannon then spoke.
“Since we have been keeping faith that she’d come into this life safely and the Gods would protect us…” she paused “We will call her Faith.”

Mr. Morrison shook his head in agreement. Dr. Sonji had just taken his gloves off. He looked at everyone. You could see a tear of joy roll down his face as he spoke.

“Welcome to the Intrepid, Faith Morrison. It’s nice to have a life come from this room for once.”


Intrepid main conference room
Day 9

Mr. Greene and Anthony Ito were escorted to the conference room. Both were in their best suits and ties. They were ready for business. The marine guards opened the door to the conference room, where two men awaited them.

Rep. Green looked and was surprised “I’m sorry admiral. We can wait outside while you finish your meeting.”

Jacobs just smiled “No, we are ready and waiting for you, Honorable Mr. Greene.”

At that point Greene was surprised “Both of you are waiting on me?”

At that point the admiral and the other man stood up and approached the other two. Mr. Ito glanced at his boss who looked like a deer in the lights.

“Mr. Greene, Mr. Ito, let me introduce you to Andy Myers. He is the leader of the newly formed Ship Captain’s Union and the captain of Colonial Heavy 691. I think that both of you are thinking about the same thing.” Jacobs paused “So lets all talk about this.”


Taurus Port Flight Deck
Day 10

Raptor 1241 had been moved to the Taurus last night. It’s now going on a scout mission. A small system was within jumping distance. After the astro-scientists on the Discovery looked at the system via its instruments, they think they found a moon that maybe covered in ice and water. Although not needed now, any possible fresh water could help.

Pilot Lt. Tony Swinson and ECO Lt. J.G. Erica Mendoza were tapped for the mission. They had done all of their pre-flight check out. The mission was simple: Look around the system for any Cylons and get samples of water or ice.

“How are the electronics looking back there, Erica?”

“I’m ready to go when you are, lieutenant.”

At that point, Lt. Swinson gave thumbs up to be taken to the deck for launching.


Intrepid Main Conference Room
Day 10

The chairs and table had been cleared out the room. When empty, there was a lot more space in the conference room. This was still to be a small gathering of friends.

William Guynes stood with Chaplin DeShera at one end of the room. The Commander was sweating and nervous. The chaplain noticed and smiled.

“What a birthday present, my son. There is a door on the other side and you can run if you’re too nervous.” quipped DeShera.

“And she would tear this fleet apart looking for me…with the old man’s permission.” Guynes said in a low voice.

At that moment, the door on the far side of the room opened. It was the admiral and Jenni McDowell. Everyone was in dress uniform, including the bride. Some friends had made a veil for her. It wasn’t regulation, but it was appropriate.

Admiral Jacobs escorted Jenni to the makeshift alter area. She was all smiles as her eyes met William’s eyes.

“Who gives this bride away in holy wedlock?” asked the chaplain.

Nervously, the admiral answers “I do, sir.” The bride reached down and squeezed the Admiral’s hand.

Chaplin DeShera smiled “Let us all pray…”


System 742
Day 10
The mission had been a success for Raptor 1241. Swinson and Mendoza had just cleared the back side of the moon. They were plotting their jump home when a DRADIS contact came up.

“Lieutenant, I have three contacts on DRADIS…awaiting IFF to kick in.”

“Mendoza, get ready to jump.”

“Sir, contact is colonial…it’s an old Jump Star and two shuttles.”

Lt. Swinson looked his his ECO “That ship is a classic…and a long way from home. Stand by to jump if it’s a trap. We also need to be ready to escort it back to the fleet.”

“They’re hailing us sir…”



Survivalists. To many, the word was a synonym for “fringe wackos”. But in actuality the term comprised anyone who prepared for any emergency. Some would have water and food and battery powered wireless, in case of a natural disaster; while others would have weapons for defense, in case of breakdown in order.

And there was The Pack, a group that had come into existence some twenty years after the Cylon war, the first one. As the years rolled by with no contact with the Cylons, the Colonial government became less concerned about them. Yes, they would send a shuttle to Armistice Station once a year, and maybe there were some black ops going on. But as the years passed, the cylon thread seemed to lessen. Not for The Pack.

The group was formed by some retiring Colonial officers, who saw the complacency in the military, and particularly in the government. The group even advertised for new members. Recruits were scrutinized before full membership. What The Packwas doing eas preparing., whether for the return of the cylons, which was the group’ original reason for forming; or preparing for the breakdown of the Colonial system. After all, it was the threat of annihilation by the machines that had brought the twelve Colonies together. Without that threat, the system could splinter.

So it was that The Pack’s highest goal was self-reliance. But unlike most survivalists, having a piece of ground in the Colonies, was not on the agenda. They had a “headquarters”, but that would be abandoned if the worse came to be. While the sheep of humanity was content with the illusion of safety, The Pack was preparing whenver possible.

The day came when an appropriate vessel, a true base, was found. It was one of the old support vessels from the Cylon War, a Jumpstar. With it, the group could truly be independent of the Colonies. Not that they ever considered that they would need to be entirely free of the Colonies, but it was best to be prepared for any situation. Jumpstar Sol Invictus was in fairly good shape, having suffered no major damages in the War. With pack members like Gwen Wyatt, Crespo, and Osten, repairs and upgrades were performed. And as The Pack had a good reputation within certain circles as being effective at tasks, their funds grew. Funds which were quickly transformed into goods.

Kalrk, president of K Industries, contracted The Pack and paid it very well. Moreso, Kalrk was preparing for something big. Weapons on his private yacht. Mysterious crates to be hidden. The Pack sped up its preparations.

When the cylons attacked the Colonies, Lycanthrope had a crew of 165. They were not just Pack members, but a true crew. They hadn’t considered the near total annihilation of all twelve Colonies in the matter of hours, however. The Colonial military fell so simply and so swiftly. Lycanthrope did the smart thing; she maintained radio silence and listened to the wireless chatter.

The next day, she went to one of the battle sites. An entire Battlegroup, an entire fleet of ships had been destroyed here. What could one old, even perfectly restored, Jumpstar do? They collected what they could. What they could use.

In time, they took to deep space to get the Cylons off their trail.

Day 10

“Dradis contact.” Paula Gold announced to all in CIC.

“Cylon again?” Captain A.E. Merton asked, worried that they would need to jump, even with two shuttles out scavenging.

“One of ours.” XO Ivan Shirenko answered. ‘Thank the gods, it’s one of ours. A raptor.”

“Hail them, Gremlin.” Merton said to the elderly Gwen Wyatt.

“Colonial raptor, This is the private vessel Lycanthrope. Picon registry. Please identify yourself.”


Gem of Aquaria
Day 10

Michael Brennan was walking down a corridor when he noticed two marines. He thought it was no big deal. He was just like all the other people on this ship: Someone who was vacationing when the war broke out.

As he turned down another hall, he noticed another marine. Once again he thought it was no big deal.

When he turned down the hall before he got to his room, he noticed five marines in front of him, weapons drawn.

“Get down on the floor now, mister! Make no sudden movements!” barked a marine.

He did as he was told. He heard other footstep running from behind. He felt the handcuffs being slapped on. He was jerked up to a sitting position.

“I’m sure there must be some mistake, ladies and gentlemen…”

The marines in front of him stood ready to open fire. The Lieutenant reached for his radio.

“Man of interest number one has been taken into custody without incident. We are heading to the landing bay. Inform Intrepid he will be in transport in ten minutes.”

As they walked through the ship, Michael stayed silent. In the last hallway before the hanger bay, he saw Brittany. They looked at each other for just a moment before he was taken through the door.

Next episode is #6 "Deal"

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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