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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 4 “...of Mothballs and Engineers” part 2
PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2006 12:34 am 
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Battlestar Intrepid
Episode 4 “…of Mothballs and Engineers” part 2

Last time on Battlestar Intrepid
Repairs begin on Intrepid
Adm. Jacobs send Commander Guynes and Major Wilson to the Regallian Stowage Yards to get ships and supplies.
A fleet of civilian ships appear. Rep. Patrick Greene of the Quorum of 12 is with them
The Cylons have shown up at the Regallian Yards and have opened the minefield.

Intrepid Medical
Day 3

Private James Perrimore stumbled into the medical bay. His skin had turned pale and he was sweating. Nurse Lt. Jenni McDowell ran to him immediately.

“Nurse…help…me.” The private passed out in her arms.

“Folks get Dr. Kersh, NOW!” she order.


Regallian Stowage Yard
Day 3

Commander Guynes and Major Wilson looked at the DRADIS in horror. A Cylon Baseship had started to move through the minefield.

“Major, set condition one throughout the base and have the ship get ready to launch.”

“Yes Commander…” Wilson paused looking at the minefield control panel. “Sir, if I am reading this right, they just used a code to get in to the field. We still have master control of it from here.”

Guynes looked up from the weapons control panel “Really! How deep into the field is that baseship?”

“About a quarter of the way, sir”

Guynes shot an evil grin to the Major “Let the toasters get in half way and emergency close the field…”

“I like that frakking idea!” Major Wilson thought and paused for a moment “But that will also lock the field as well, sir. If not enough mines go off, we could have problems getting out”

“Leave that to me if it happens. This place has some missiles we can use.”

“Aye sir” Wilson said as he picked up the handset “Action stations, actions stations. Set condition one. Taurus, Delphi and and Fueler, stand by to cast off.”

As they both watched the DRADIS until the Baseship reached the center of the “tunnel” in the minefield wall.

“Mister Wilson, emergency close that damn minefield.”

Major Wilson pushed the emergency close button “With pleasure, sir!”

At that moment, the emergency thrusters fired on the mines. The base computer system had locked them onto the baseship when the emergency close was given. The Cylons had figured out what was going on and fired cannons and point-defense guns and the incoming mines.

But for the Cylons, it was too late. Over one hundred mines of various sizes converged onto the baseship. Within ten seconds, the ship was nothing more than small wreckage and a burning gas cloud.

The explosions also opened up a big enough hole for them to get all their ships through.

Both men stood in the CIC and cheered for a moment. It felt good watching the Cylons go up with no chance to survive. Then, they were snapped back to reality.

“Time to go major…have the Taurus wait for us.” Guynes said. “Inform all ships to use the secondary jump plan back to Duavan.”

“Yes sir.”


Taurus CIC / Regallian Stowage Yard
Day 3

Taurus, Delphi and Colonial Fueler N7589V had made it to the outer edge of the minefield. Ahead, open space greeted them.

“Major Wilson, are we ready to jump?” The Commander asked somewhat nervously while looking at the DRADIS. It had been many years since this ship and done any major traveling…let alone doing an FTL jump.

“Clean and green across the board sir” Major Wilson grinned a bit “Don’t worry Commander, the old girl still has her jump legs.”

“Well, it’s time to find out. Mr. Wu, start your countdown.”

Lt. JG Nick Wu inserted the jump key after muttering a small prayer “Clock is running and we jump in 10…9…8…”

At that moment, Major Wilson gripped the command desk and mutter “Come on Taurus, be that ‘Raging Bull’ I remembered so well…and don’t make me look like an idiot.”


All three ships jumped without a problem. Back in the CIC of the base, another clock started running. One minute after the last ship jumped, nuclear warheads went off at separate ends of the base.

A maelstrom of pressure, fire and radiation ripped through the base and the various attached ships. Parts of base and ship remains flew into what was left of the minefield, causing more explosions. After ten minutes, all had calmed down…when two baseships appeared in the distance.


Intrepid CIC
Day 3

Even in this time of war, somethings never change on the Intrepid. Lt. Trevors had just poured the Admiral a fresh cup of coffee when he arrived.

Jacobs grinned at Trevors “Good morning and am I that predictable, Lieutenant? “

“Commander Guynes and Captain Davis gave me pointers on what you like when you come into the CIC.” smiled Trevors “Best advice I got from them was not to scorch your coffee, sir.”

“You do a good job and you make a better pot of coffee than the Commander…but don’t tell him I said that.” Jacobs laughed for a moment “Report, Lieutenant.”

“No signs of Cylon activity, sir and Colonial channels have been quiet. Raptors are continuing the search for additional civilian ship.” Trevors paused for a moment “The Delphi is due back from her mission at 1400 and engineering informed me we will be fully jump ready at that point.”

The lieutenant handed the admiral some printouts “We did have these reports come in. One is from sick bay and the other was an incident report filed from the port flight deck.”

Jacobs read the medical report first and was immediately puzzled. “Radiation sickness? We didn’t get hit with any Cylon nukes in the fight. How are radiation levels throughout the ship, Lieutenant?”

“I checked them again before you got here sir. All are well within parameters and the armor is keeping out the gas giant’s radiation. The specialist is a cook in the main mess hall. Nothing out of the ordinary in the way for radiation there, either.”

“We’ll keep an eye on this one…maybe send out some DC teams to inspect the areas that he frequents.” Jacobs read the second report and grimaced “Dear Gods, I won’t hear the end of this one anytime soon.”

“Mr. Greene originally asked to speak with you, but was told you were unavailable.”

“Who said that, Lieutenant?”

“I thought it a matter I could handle and did so personally. Sorry for not paging you sir.” Trevors said.

“Don’t worry about…I’ll was planning to chat with Major Pretrivich later anyways.” Jacobs paused. “Mr. Greene did want to be somewhere secure…”

Both men tried not to laugh.


Intrepid Medical
Day 3

Private Perrimore’s condition had quickly gotten worse. Whatever had affected him had progressed quickly. His kidneys had shutdown, he was blind and was losing fluids faster than the medical staff could get them into his system.

Dr. Steve Kersh, was puzzled. The blood results had come back for the third time with the same answer; there was nothing wrong. The doctor looked at specialist Brad Marcus, a lab technician and shook his head.

“Specialist, you guys are sure all of your equipment is correct back there?”

“Yes doctor. We’ve recalibrated the every machine that blood has been through half a dozen times and…”

The medical system monitoring the private sounded an alarm. His heart had gone into arrest and his brainwaves were flat.

The doctor quickly looked at Marcus. “Resuscitation cart, stat Specialist!”

Within seconds, several nurses and another doctor had arrived. They worked for ten minutes trying to bring Private Perrimore back to life. Nothing they did worked.

Doctor Kersh looked down at his watch “Nurse Kwan, please note that his time of death was at 1114. Have him taken to the morgue and prepped for an autopsy. Dr. Sonji will assist me.”

“Yes doctor” the nurse said as she covered the private’s face.


Intrepid CIC
Day 3

Lt. Bays walked to Admiral with the midday reports. He took them and looked them over…and frowned.

“Damn, two days with no military signals.” He looked at Bays and the DRADIS “I’m really beginning to think we may be the last ones, Lieutenant.”

“I hate to say it sir, but I was thinking the exact same thing.” Bays said in a low voice.

“Well, at this point, the colonies may as well be considered lost. The reports from the other ships, the buoys and lack of any signals…”

At that moment, a raptor jumped back into the system. It had brought back another civilian ship. The DRADIS finally put up a name and listed the ship type in the extended information.

More humans safe and sound…at least for now.

“Lieutenant, you have the bridge. I’ll be in the conference room next door. Come get me in thirty minutes or if something of interest happens.”

“Aye Admiral.”

Jacobs paused and looked at Bays again “Also, page Major Pretrivich and tell him to meet me in the conference room.”


Taurus CIC
Day 3

The Taurus had proven she could still run, but she had also shown she had some problems as well. Major Wilson walked back into the CIC from engineering, with a slight frown on his face and reported to Commander Guynes.

“Commander, we’ll need to work on FTL drive two at some point.” Wilson said as he rubbed a rag to his right hand. “The other drives are spooled up and fully functional, sir.”

“Well, I expected some problems with the old girl. I’m glad we cleared out that ration storage hold on the base. It looked like the mess halls will going to take a few days to get operational again.”

“Just think of this as a big camping trip, minus the warm food and campfire.” Wilson put the rag in his back pocket “We’re going to have to do a lot of shuffling as well to make space for a crew. We crammed most of the quarters with what we could get out of the base.”

“What is the status of the port landing bay and hanger, Major?”

“I have the welded covers off the landing bay and two lifts working in the hanger. We’re open for business, sir.”

Lt. Wu walked to the command station. “Sirs, all ships are ready to jump.”

“Very good, Lt. Wu. Start your jump clock at five minutes and send the emergency jump coordinates to the other ships.” Guynes looked at both men “If there are problems at Duvaun, be ready to jump away.”


Intrepid conference room.
Day 3

“Major, you are aware we may be stuck with Greene for long time?” The admiral had to say and do something officially about the incident. “It may behoove us to try and play nice with him and his people.”

“I realize what I did may have seemed…” Steven Pretrivich was interrupted by the admiral.

“Well Major, don’t worry too much about it. I’m not going to bust your butt too hard for this.” Jacobs folded his hands “Give Mr. Greene a verbal and written apology and I will let it drop at that. We have bigger problems than him.”

“I will do that sir and I will give you a copy of the letter as well.” Pretrivick felt a lot better.

“Very good, Major.” Jacobs paused for a moment and opened Pretrivich’s personnel file “I see you were an assistant to Colonel Henry Maze’ back on a base on Cassiopeia five years ago.”

“Yes, it was a base of about 400 marines in the middle of nowhere.” replied the major.

“Well, on the Nimbus there are a little over 1400 marines and the highest ranked officer is a just promoted major…Major Lenna Mendez. Worst of all, she was transported to medical here in critical condition. According to Dr. Sonji, she maybe in a carrot state forever.”

Pretrivich flinched for a moment “Who’s keeping the jarheads in line over there?”

Jacobs hands several reports to Pretrivich “A captain Daniel Storm is trying to keep them out of trouble. It looks like some of them found out Rep. Greene was on board and have caused a few problems.”

Pretrivich looked slowly at the Admiral from the reports “Anatomical additions and adjustments of an ice sculpture replica of the representative…according to this report…re-writing a banner…cheesy grade school stuff, sir.”

The major paused for a moment “What’s their story sir? How did they get here?”

“Well, they were about to participate in a war game when the Cylons attacked. The senior officers were on the command ship in a meeting and died.” Jacobs flipped through a stack of reports and handed it to the major “Their transport ship was hit by a missile right as they blind-jumped. There was a colonel on the ship, but he died.”

“Damn Cylons…” muttered the major.

“They were found by Nimbus and her small group of surviving ships at the time. A fleet heavy tug is pulling the old transport. According to the engineers, it’s just best to strip it and get rid of it.” Jacobs paused for a moment. “You’re to take personal charge of the marines. Keep them in line, Steven.”

“I will head over there in a few minutes with Sergeant Alvarado.”

“One last thing, Major.” Jacobs pulled out a small box from his pocket “In case their major makes it, I want no confusion in the ranks of who’s in charge.”

Jacobs opened the box containing the colonel insignias and handed them to Pretrivich.

“I had put you in for promotion two weeks ago. As an Admiral, I can also award field promotions on the spot in times of war. Congratulations Colonel and don’t make me look bad, Steven.”

Pretrivich looked at the Colonel insignias in the box and then shook Jacobs’s hand “You can count on me and thank you, sir.


Intrepid Medical
Day 3

Doctors Kersh and Sonji finished the autopsy on Private Perrimore. Several organs, tissue and blood samples were taken to the lab for analysis.

“Steve, I don’t know what to make of the earlier results.” Dr. Sonji paused for a moment “Should we talk to the Admiral about this?”

“Not yet, Bennie. According to this report, we had another dead crew member come up with a lot of the same results.” Dr. Kersh paused for a moment “Once is a fluke, twice isn’t. I want proof before we talk to the old man.”

“Agreed, my friend and we should have comprehensive results in four hours.” Sonji paused for a moment “I’ll have the first body pulled for samples as well.”

“Very good, Captain.”


Intrepid CIC
Day 3

While the admiral was at his meeting, a few more civilian ships were brought to the growing fleet. Jacobs wondered what to do when three more ships appeared on the DRADIS.

“Admiral, it’s Commander Guynes and his group” Lt. Bays reported. “He’s wishes to speak with you.”

Admiral Jacobs grabbed his handset and they spoke for a few minutes. He hung up the phone and then pulled out a star chart. After a few minutes, he had made up his mind.

“Lt Bays, inform the other ships captain there will be raptors coming to pick them up. We will have a Captain’s meeting in the main conference room in one hour.”

Jacobs looked over at the navigation station “Navigator, start preparing a fleet jump based on these coordinates…”


Intrepid main conference room
Day 3

In all, there were twenty-five captains in the main conference room. When Admiral Jacobs and Commander Guyes walked into the room, they made it twenty-seven. He motioned for all to take as seat.

“Good afternoon, captains. My name is Admiral Thomas Jacobs of the battlestar Intrepid. I am glad you all have made it here.” he paused for a moment. “The person you see to the left of me is Commander William Guynes. He is in charge of the other battlestar you’ve seen…the Taurus.”

Jacobs looked across the room and continued “At this time, we have had no contact with the colonial government or military in several days. In my opinion, we are on our own and the survivors on each of your ships represents what could be the last of humanity.”

Several murmurs started at that point. Most had come to privately realized this, but no one has every said it with such finality as Jacobs did.

“Before the Cylon attack, the ships of my group were conducting long-range space exploration. We visited three systems, took samples and made observations.” Jacobs paused for a moment “As it is stated in our history and in the holy scrolls, life started out there. After one year of exploring. I fully believe this.”

The captain of Pan Galactic 788 raised his hand and the admiral pointed to her “So, are you taking us to one of those systems to start over?”

Jacobs looked at her “No. The Cylons may know of these planets via my reports to fleet command. I plan to send us in a separate direction. It is time for what is left of humanity to run and start again…far away from the Cylons.”

Another captain stands up “What do you plan on doing for fuel, food and supplies, sir?”

“We currently have two agriculture ships and a completely filled large fuel freighter. Also, we will do a complete fleet inventory and set up supplies based off of those numbers.”

Another captain stood up “My name is Andy Meyers of Colonial Heavy 691. If we go with you, what are we going to do for law enforcement and a government, sir?”

Jacobs had anticipated the question. He didn’t know how well his answer would set with these civilians

“Until the people can elect representative and set up a government, we will be under martial law and military rules. It is my hope that a new government and agencies would be formed quickly. There is a surviving member if the Quorum of Twelve on the Nimbus and he maybe able to assist. It will be up to the citizens of the fleet what to do for a government”

The captain of the Nimbus gave a low moan of somewhat disapproval.

Jacobs continues “If you are going with the military and governmental ships, we will be jumping in ninety minutes. Our navigation team will send you the coordinates five minutes before jumping.”

At this point, the Admiral paused and looked across the room “For those of you who decide to remain behind, I wish you the best of luck. I feel that your best chances are with us, but I leave the final decision to each of you. Are there any more questions?”

The room was in complete silence.

“Very good and the raptors that brought you here are waiting to return you to your ships. We will be back in touch with you in an hour.”


Intrepid CIC
Day 3

“What is the fleet status, Lieutenant Bays?” Jacobs said has he looked at the DRADIS.

“Sir, all ships report ready to jump on our mark.”

The admiral smiled with relief that all the ships were going. “Very good and inform Commander Guynes that the Taurus is to jump first and we will jump last. Navigation, start your jump clock.”

At that point, the CIC felt like a well-oiled machine. Staff members quickly did their jobs without error. Jacobs during this time watched ships one by one disappear off the DRADIS until there were none left. Then, he felt the FTL drives kick in…


(Next episode: #5 - Not alone)

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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