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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 3 “...of Mothballs and Engineers” part 1
PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 12:22 am 
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Battlestar Intrepid

Episode 3, part 1: “...of Mothballs and Engineers”
Last time on Battlestar Intrepid:
Athena and Scorpius are lost in combat with the Cylons
Intrepid loses two engines in the fight.
Admiral Jacobs decides to go to the Duavan System instead of Ragnar for repairs.
What plan is Jacobs working on?

Intrepid CIC
Day 1

Lt. Trevors looked up from the navigation monitor with a smile on his face. “Admiral, I show us in a stable orbit between Duavan and her first moon.”

“Very well and good job, Lieutenant.” Admiral Jacobs looked at the DRADIS and then to Commander Guynes. “All looks to be clear, but lets get some eyes and ears out there. Inform Major Laswell to launch his CAP and a raptor. You have the bridge. Remember, one hour in the main conference room”

“Aye Admiral” Guynes said as he contacted Laswell.


Intrepid main conference room
Day 1

Jacobs is going through the various print outs and writing out important pieces of information. The Admiral earlier called down to the main mess hall and had coffee and fruit brought up. There is a knock on the door from Commander Guynes. Major Wilson follows the commander into the room.

Major Wilson looked more like a farmhand than an engineer. He is tall, somewhat bulky with a long, thick mustache. He pops a salute “Good evening Admiral.”

“Good evening and both of you and please have a seat.” Jacobs said as the three men seated themselves.

“I’m going to make this short. From the reports I’ve seen, we can with certainty say that the Twelve Colonies has fallen into the hands of the Cylons. Colonial signals have dropped to almost nothing. Also, we have a lot of people packed onto four ships.”

The admiral paused for a moment for a drink of coffee. “Being the only military unit in a group of four ships is not very comforting to me. We have over two and a half battlestars worth of vipers…but if the Cylons find us, we’ll fly through ammunition quickly. Also, being this overloaded will be hell on previsions and life support systems.”

He pauses for a moment and looks at the both of them. “I do have a plan and it relies on the both of you working together.”

Chief Wilson, never a mincer of words looked up “What do you exactly have in mind, sir?”

“We were supposed to dock Scorpius at the Regallian Storage Base. Fleet had left me with the sealed codes to get us past the minefield and into the base.” Jacobs paused before continuing.

“There are four older, supposedly working battlestars and a fueling freighter docked at the base. These older ships are maintained to assist the fleet or ferry supplies, if needed. They have a wide selection of parts, rations and even older vipers.”

Jacobs looks at both men “The both of you are going to grab a ship or two.”

Commander Guynes cautiously speaks up. “How do we know there are any ships there…the Cylons may have destroyed the base already. This seems a bit of a risk, sir.”

“I know it’s a risk, but it’s one we have to take. I found an old depot listing in our systems for the base. Quartermasters fleet-wide have access to these if they need parts.”

Jacobs hands copies to both men. Major Wilson noticed the date on the list.

“Sir, you are aware this list is nearly a year old?”

“Yes I do Major. Since we were on the scouting mission, fleet did not include us on the updates since they were sizable files.”

Guynes fliped through the report quickly “Sir, do you have a ship in mind for us to take?”

“Actually I do. It’s these two right here…Colonial Auxiliary 25 and Colonial Fueler
N7589V. The first ship is the old battlestar, formally known as the Taurus. When the new Taurus was commissioned, the old Taurus was slapped with this name.”

Chief Wilson looks up and smiled. “My first tour was on her as a lowly knuckle dragger years ago. If I remember right, fleet retired her about ten years ago. If maintenance did their job, we could have her running in twelve hours. Of course, she hasn’t done a jump in a long time...even before retirement.”

“You and Commander Guynes will have thirty-six hours to go there, grab both ships and make it back. Since the Delphi has several engineers and deckhand from the Athena on her, you’ll be taking her. Before you jump into the system, send a raptor to scout it. If all comes up clear, proceed.”

Guynes looked at both the admiral and major. “That works for me. What about the scientist on the Delphi? Are we going to transfer them off the ship? I also need to grab some bridge staff to fly these ships.”

“I see no need to move off the scientists. They can help with moving supplies off the base and onto the ships, Commander.” Jacobs grinned, “Besides, physical work is good for everyone. As for the bridge staff, the Auxiliary Control staff made it from Scorpius…grab them and a few others if you need them.”

Wilson looks up “Admiral, I would like to get some of my people to help on this, especially my assistant chief.”

“I have no problem with that. Just remember that some of your men are working on repairs here…we need some extra hands as well.”

“Understood, sir. I'll take about a dozen Scorpius engineers.”

Admiral Jacobs stands “I leave you two to plan then. You have eight hours to get what you need and jump. Commander, you are the leader of this mission and Major Wilson is your number two.”

Both men stood and saluted as the Admiral left the room. Jacobs turned and smiled at them when he made it to the door. “And guys, try to get some rest when you can.”


Outer Duavan Moon
Day 1

Lt. Kevin Butler is holding in as “station keeping” position with Raptor 1240 and a viper piloted by Captain Watkins. They were ordered to keep radio silence unless they detect Cylon activity.

Butler opened his flight book and a photo floated out. His fiancée Belinda had sent it to him just a few weeks earlier via e-mail. When he got back from this tour, they were to be married. Now, he wonders if she is alive or anything left of their lives back on Picon.

“I have to stay positive…she’s alive…she has to be.” He thought, “The Cylons just couldn’t have obliterated everyone, could they?”

In the other viper, Captain Sabrina Watkins mind was lost in thought as well…

Nearly one year before the attack
Fall season

It was a warm, wonderful fall day in Benton, a small town nearly three hours away from Caprica City. The leaves had started to turn colors and the city park was beautiful. It was the last day for the city’s large fountain to run before it was turned off and readied for the winter.

Sabrina sat on a bench with her boyfriend Merrick. They had enjoyed a lot of time together when she wasn’t on duty. They had lived, laughed and loved.

But it seemed this was not one of those moments. In fact, this was to be the last moments they would spend together.

“Merrick, it is totally out of the question…I can’t do that.”

“Sabbs…sweetie, I can understand the military has done a lot for you, but there is more to life then being a viper pilot.” Merrick said with a hint of frustration.

“It’s my life right now. You didn’t have a problem with it until I showed you those pictures of shore leave on Scorpia…”

“That’s not it.” He interrupted.

“Funny, that’s not how it seems to me. Yeah, we all went to bars, got plastered and did silly things. You don’t have the stress we have to go through…”

“No, that tattoo of your squadron emblem on your ass was more than silly…it was frakking stupid. Also, hanging all over your male buddies like you did sure makes you out to be a slut.” Merrick retorted. Right as he said the words, he wished he could have taken them back.

“So, now I’m a party girl and a whore?! Hhmmm…funny, the last time I checked this was my life, not yours on loan to me.” Sabrina stood up infurated “Never have I cheated on you…I’m frakking tired of this and you.”

Merrick stands and grabs her arm harshly. “You know what I am tired of? Holding a pillow instead of you at night. I’m tired of worrying about you being out in the middle of nowhere for no reason. I’m drawing a line right here and now; it’s the military or me.”

She slapped Merrick at full strength. He let go as he stumbled and fell back on the park bench.

“Forcing someone to make a choice like that is wrong as frak. I hope your pillow keeps you warm because it’s over!” Sabrina threw the engagement into the fountain and walked away.

Captain Watkins snaps back to the present just in time to see the relief patrol arrive. She gives a ‘thumbs up’ to Butler and the raptor. They left their station and made it back to Intrepid.


Intrepid CIC
Day 2

“Good morning Admiral. All was quiet on the night watch.” Lt. Trevors yawned “Sorry, sir. Delphi has jumped on her mission.”

“Very good, Lieutenant. How is engineering coming along on repairs?” Admiral Jacobs looked fresh after a partial night of sleep. He poured a cup of coffee for himself.

“They are machining the parts they need. Chief said they’re still on target to complete repairs.”

Jacobs took a sip of coffee “Anything on the fleet communication front?”

“No sir, the raptors we have out are not picking up military or governmental transmissions. There were some civilian transmissions, but they just…” Trevors seemed to be looking for a way to explain what he heard.

“I understand, Lieutenant. When was the last time you got some sleep?”

“A little over a day or so.”

Jacobs looks at him “Skip the mess hall and head for a bunk. I want to see some shine in those eyes when you relieve me.”

“No argument here, sir. I bid you adieu, sir and I’m heading for my dark hole in the wall.”


Regallian Stowage Yard
Day 2

The jump and scouting of the area around the base went without a hitch. Commander Guynes and Major Wilson stood on the bridge of the Delphi as they approached the edge of the minefield.

“Captain Torrie, please have the code I gave you transmitted on the correct frequency.” Guynes said looking out the forward windows.

“I’m personally sending it, Commander.”

Major Wilson watched as the mines with propulsion opened a hole for the Delphi to travel through. “Thank the Gods that worked…” Wilson thought as he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Captain Torrie, take us in. Keep us on path or this will end in a mess.”

“Yes, Commander. Navigator, take us in slow and straight.”


Intrepid CIC
Day 2

Lieutenant Bays had spent the morning going though the old buoy messages and what little the raptors have brought back She walked a path directly to the admiral with a fresh pot of coffee in hand.

“Good morning, sir”

“Thank you and good morning to you, Amanda.” Jacobs said as she poured him a cup. “Have you found anything of interest?”

“A few things sir. I’ll start off with the communications we downloaded from buoy one.” She handed him printout with items she had circled. “It seems like much of the fleet suffered similar issues that the Discovery went through…the loss of ship control as the Cylons approached.”

Jacobs starts reading the communiqués “Sitting ducks in a barrel for the Cylons to pick off…”

Bays looked at the admiral “After talking to our techs who visited Discovery, I think I know what caused it, sir.”

Jacobs’ glasses slid slightly down his nose as he looked up “And what is that, Lieutenant?”

“They all had similar software upgrades to what Discovery had. She is a governmental ship and served as the test bed for the new software over a year ago.” Bays paused “Most of the colonial military ships had gone through the fleet upgrades. Since we were on this tour, we never got it.”

It hits Jacobs what his young Lieutenant is trying to say “You are suggesting possible sabotage on a fleet level, correct.”

Bays looks him squarely in the eyes “Admiral, that is exactly what I’m saying.”

“Order the techs to completely isolated those programs on Discovery and check every computer system in the fleet…quietly, Lieutenant. You said there was something else?”

“Yes, while we were at buoy one, there was communications on a large scale. It seems like a large group of ships jumped en masse. They didn’t indicate ship name or who they were talking to.”


“Civilian open frequencies, actually. Since it came from the buoy, we couldn’t execute a trace to locate them.” Bays said.

“Continue your search, Lieutenant. There has to be more than just us out here.”


Regallian Stowage Yard
Day 2

The Dephi had been docked to the station for over three hours. The base looked like a long rod with a habitat ring in the middle. Along the “rod” portion of the base, several ships were docked.

Commander Guynes ordered all running lights turned off and any room with a window kept dark. He wanted to keep the appearance that no one was at this mostly automated facility.

Major Wilson and the engineers had made it to Taurus. Reactor and engine start up was going as planned. They had even started refueling directly from the station’s storage tanks.

Colonial Fueler N7589V had started up with no issues and could be ready for flight within the hour. She too was topping her tanks and storage containers from the base.

Commander Guynes was in the CIC of the station. He quickly poured over the storage logs. People had started to move material over from the base and into all three ship. Since all ships were in dock, he relied on the in-house PA and internal communication systems to talk with everyone.

“Commander Guynes to Major Wilson”

(Yes sir?) The major said after picking up the secured handset at the docking hatch.

“How is Taurus coming?”

(Engine and bridge wise, just fine, we should be running as schedule. She does have a few other problems, sir.)

The commander bit his lower lip for a moment “What problems?”

(Well, I had the knuckle draggers check the main guns and over half of the turrets are frozen into place. We have the parts to take care of that once we get back to Intrepid. Also, we found two squadrons of Mark IIs gone. The three squads of Mark Vs are still here.)

“Yes, I’m showing those went to Caprica and to the Galactica for museum display purposes. It’s logged in the base CIC.”

(They also sealed up each end of the landing bays. The maintenance crews just used simple welds…but we’ll have to get a crew out there to take all that off. Port landing deck has two full battlestar engines created up in parts.)

“I’m reading here that in one of the secured lockers, there are twenty-five nuclear warheads and the missles bodies are in another storage bay. I want some of your trusted hands to get those.”

(Aye sir, as soon as we get this old girl up and going I will go and get those personally.)

“I’m going to grab a welder and open up the main storage safe at some point. Nuclear triggers are there for the warheads. Keep me informed major, Guynes out.”

Intrepid CIC
Day 2

The Day shift was in the final hours of the shift. Ship life had been quiet and somewhat subdued. Lt. Bay was still going over previous communications and listening to what the raptors brought back.

Then, just inside the orbit of the second moon, there were several flashes. The DRAIDIS lit up and everyone sprung into action.

Admiral Jacobs quickly grabbed his handset. “Action Stations, Action Stations, Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill, actions stations!”

He quickly switched channels on the phone to the hanger deck “Major Laswell, scramble all vipers…”

Lt Darva then shouts out the entire CIC “Wait, I am getting Colonial signals…confirming at this time sir.”

“Lieutenant, make it fast on the IDs.”

After several tense moments “Identifications are confirmed. There are three military ships and eleven civilian.”

“What are the military ones?” asked Jacobs.

“Two fleet heavy tugs and a marine heavy transporter.”

“Order all ships to radio silence, Lieutenant” the admiral grabbed his handset “Stand down from action stations. Now setting condition two throughout the fleet.”

“Sir, there is a Representative Patrick Greene on one of the ships that is demanding to speak with you, sir. He claims to be a member of the Quorum of Twelve.”

“Tell him if he can get a shuttle, we will have him escorted over. Meanwhile, get him off the comm and tell that captain go radio silent.”

Jacobs rubs his eyes and mumbles “Great…just what I need; a frakking politician.”


Intrepid’s main conference room
Day 2

Representative Greene had finally made his way from the Nimbus to Intrepid. He is an older, tall, thin, grey-headed man. He was being escorted by two aides, marine Major Pretrivich and five other marines.

A tired Admiral Jacobs went to shake Rep. Greene’s hand, but only got a cold stare in return.

“Why am I being escorted like a criminal through this ship, Admiral?” Greene said coldly.

Jacobs just rose and eyebrow “For one, it is for your safety. Secondly, may I remind you that we are in a state of war and you are on a Colonial warship.”

“That is fine and dandy, but may I remind you that you answer to the people and I demand access to a radio to contact…”

Jacobs cuts Greene off in mid-sentence. He had already had it with this man. Decorum be damned…

“And what you demand will only be given as a courtesy, Mr. Greene. Now, you can be nice and we can talk about things or you can get the frak off my ship.”

Rep. Greene backed off for a moment and then took a deep breath. “All I want to do is to try and contact the main governmental entities. I have been on the Nimbus for nearly three day with a captain who will no let me contact the President.”

“And honestly sir, that may be the exact thing that saved your life, radio silence. We have been listening for colonial broadcasts and orders during this same time. The last thing I heard for from fleet headquarters nearly three days ago.”

“Okay Admiral, I can live with that.” Greene paused for a moment. “There are currently 1400 Colonial Marines on the Nimbus right now. Is there anyway you can get them off?”

Jacobs flipped through the reports “Actually, from what I understand their transport had severe mechanical problems and the captain of the Nimbus allowed them to transfer over since there was only 500 people aboard.”

“Yes, that is correct. A friend was hosting a political fundraiser. She rented the Nimbus for a three-day tour. I just feel that it is more appropriate for the marines to be on a military ship.”

Jacobs folds his arms across his chest. “Right now, I don’t have the room on any of my ships.” Jacobs paused “You see Mr. Greene, there used to be three battlestars and three exploration ships in my group. Yesterday, the Cylons destroyed two battlestars. Right now, all of my ships are filled with survivors.”

“Admiral, I am deeply sorry to hear that.” Rep. Greene paused for a moment “I’m sorry if I got us off on a bad foot. Is there a place here I can stay so I can try to conduct governmental business…a safe spot?”

Before Admiral Jacobs could respond, Major Pretrivich chimed in “I think I can find him a spot sir. It would be the most secure spot in the ship.”

“Sure…if you think we have a spot, he can have it.” Jacobs looked across at the major and then the representative “Keep to that spot, sir. I need my people to stay focused on the business at hand. The Major will also show you where the closest mess hall is.”

“I understand and thank you.” Representative Green walked out with is aides, the major and six marines in tow.

The marine guard in the room saluted the Admiral as he was walking out. Jacobs looked at him and paused.

“Son, your face read like you wanted to ask me something. Go ahead and ask…it’s all off the record.”

Private Keller paused for a moment, and then put it bluntly “I mean no disrespect sir and excuse my language, but isn’t that the same motherfrakker from Picon who said the Cylons had disappeared and kept trying to get the military budget cut, sir?”

Jacobs smiled for a moment “Yes that is him and between you and me Private, I find it ironic that he of all humans lived. The Gods must have a twisted sense of humor.”

Private Keller tried not to laugh. The admiral saluted him and the private responded in kind.


Day 2

“I’m sorry sir, but we have to kind of take a longer route due to battle damage” remarked Major Steven Pretrivich.

“No problem, Major.” replied Greene.

“I know a short cut, if you will follow me, sir”

They walked through the corridors of the Intrepid. Several crew members do a double take and can’t believe who they see. Rep. Greene tries not to make eye contact with anyone.

The short cut takes them right through the sickbay. There are people crammed into every open spot…there is just enough floor to navigate through. There are the smells of the infirmed and the moans of those in pain.

As they leave the sickbay, they pass right by the morgue. There is a stench in the air.

“Specialist Macko, could you take these limbs to the incinerator?” asked an officer.

“Yes sir.”

Rep. Greene nearly threw up when he heard this.

They wind down a few more hallways and arrive at their destination.

Greene looks up in near horror “You must have made a mistake, Major. Surely you didn’t mean to bring us to the brig.”

“Well sir, you wanted the most secure spot on the ship.” Pretrivich paused “You don’t have clearance to be in CIC or auxiliary control. This is the next, most secure spot you have access to on the ship. I even have guards at the door and no one can get in or out without permission.”

“I find this a complete and total OUTRAGE!” Greene could not hold his temper.

“Well sir, you did want the most secure spot you could get. The only other place I have for you is in the enlisted quarters and you wouldn't have the room to yourself.”

Greene gave the major a look that could kill. He paused for a moment. “I will take my chances back on the Nimbus, Major. Is there a direct route back to the shuttle bay your men can take me?”

“My men will take you directly there, sir.” Pretrivich said with a straight face.

Rep. Greene, his aides and the marine escort left the brig without incident.


Regallian Stowage Yard
Day 3

Commander Guynes had woken up an hour earlier and made his way back to the station CIC. People had been working around the clock to get the Taurus ready for flight. In another six hours, they would leave for Duavan system.

Lt. J.G. Nick Wu had filled him in on all the latest. The nukes, ammunition and other supplies had been moved over the various ships. He also reported that the explosives experts had rigged nukes in two locations. This should destroy the base and any ships attached.

Major Wilson came into the CIC a few minutes later. “Commander, I don’t think I could stuff much more into these ships.”

“Well, I’m showing there are two more magazines of explosive cannon rounds in the ship next to…”

The bases’ DRADIS lit up. It was a Cylon baseship at the edge of the mine field.

“Major, it looks like we have trouble.”

“I don’t mean any disrespect Commander, but no frak.” Wilson said straight-faced.

“We still have the minefield between us and them, so…”

At that moment, the correct code to open the minefield was received. The same hole that had opened up for them nearly a day early, now opened for the baseship.

Wilson looked at the stunned Commander. “Would you believe double-frak sir?”


"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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