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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 2 - The battle of the first buoy.
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Note, this takes place in the opening days of the war. These stories will explain how Intrepid and her fleet finally met Libra.

Battlestar Intrepid Mini-Series
Episode 2: - The battle of the First Buoy.
Rating – PG-13 for some language and descriptive violence.

Last time on Battlestar Intrepid:
The Intrepid and taskforce ships are wrapping a one-year exploration cruise.
Engine problems give engineers on the Scoprius headaches.
Intrepid and group are ordered back to Caprica to defend the colonies.
A few minutes after arriving at Communications Buoy One, other ships jump in.

BS Athena
Day 1

A well built, dark skinned man is walking down a corridor near the middle-front section of the ship. He is carrying fire suppression equipment and heading to a staging area in case of a fire.

But he turned left instead of right.

He made his way down another hall. There is a marine stationed there.

“Specialist Onru, I think you took a wrong turn.”

He stops close to the marine, face to face. Onru looks around giving a surprised look as he laughs a bit at his apparent mistake.

“Well, I guess you’re right. I’m feeling pretty stupid. Private Barrants, right?”

“You should at least remember my name after taking my money in poker the other night.”

“Yeah, you were such an easy mark…” grinned Onru as he landed a kick right into his gut.

Before the private could react, Specialist Onru moved behind him and snapped his neck.

“That’s not the only thing I’m taking today.”

Onru quickly moved the body out of the way. He knew there were supposed to be two marines here. He had to act fast before the other one came back.

BS Intrepid CIC
Day 1

“Admiral, they have a sortie of 144 craft between both ships. Three minutes until contact.” Lt. Bays reported.

“ETA until all vipers are launched?” inquired Admiral Jacobs.

“One minute until the last vipers are launched sir. We had a majority of them out there on a heavy CAP.”

Jacobs looks at the DRADIS and the number of craft both sides have fielded. He quickly picks up his handset.

“Fire Control, prepare a solution to clear out the incoming craft. Tell Major Laswell that they may want to keep out it. They need to clear off any raiders that try and come around our guns.”

“Aye, sir” popped Commander Guynes on the other end.

“Lieutenant Bays, get a message to Athena and Scorpius to follow. Vipers will handle the raiders, We’ll take the baseships on my mark…”

Outside the Intrepid
Day 1

Captain Watkins feels the jerk of the catapult and she applies full power to her viper. Sabrina always had the fear that something would happen and she’d die in the launch tube.

But it doesn’t happen today. It was just another clean launch from Intrepid.

Lt. Kevin Butler, her wingman, is already in space and waiting to form up.

“Well captain, I guess we find out if all that sim-training paid off.”

“Your right and do me a favor Lieutenant.”

“What Captain?”

“Less talk and kill lots of toasters. Contacts are coming fast…”

BS Athena
Day 1

Onru had taken the keys off the dead marine and opened the hatch. He walked into the room and quickly opened the box that said oxygen mask. Inside were four clay-like bars.

He moved around the room placing each one on a shelf and implanting an electronic device. He took another small item from his kit. It had two buttons on it.

This wasn’t his first choice for setting up his little operation. “This will work; it just won’t be instant like I planned. It will get the same result” he thought.

There were too many marines where at the spot he really wanted.

Besides, Onru knew the plans of this ship better than any engineer onboard. The structuring of the hull, ventilation, pipes, conduit and other items in the Athena he had memorized.

He knew the paths of least resistance.

He looked around the chemicals room and was satisfied with his fast work. As he pushed the first button, he hears foot steps coming from the door and the unmistakable sound of a round being chambered.

Onru then heard the marine call for backup and the creaking of the door as it opened. He saw the marine standing there, a shocked look on his face.

“Specialist, what in the frak do you think you’re doing?!”

Onru grinned at the marine. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

“I’m just going home…” as he pressed the second button.

The explosion rocked the Athena and sent it into a slight downward arc. The CIC went partially black. Commander Fairbanks was thrown across the room along with several others.

He tries to stand back up, but he felt the pain from his right leg. He looks down and notices both bones are sticking out on opposite sides.

The commander tries to keep his composure, but still screams in pain “Was that a nuke?!”

A bridge hand responds slowly through the half dark CIC “No sir, some sort of internal…” He never gets a chance to finish his statement.

The explosion from the chemical room almost breached the hull. The blast doors and bulkheads in the area were knocked open or warped from the pressure wave of the explosion. In less than twenty seconds, Onru’s main aim occurs.

The chemical room is just down from another storage room. It is a room that holds explosive rounds that fed into a set gunnery magazines.

The fire reaches its true target before damage control can even respond. Most of the Athena crew never knew what hit them.

The front half of the ship rips upward and twists. Atmosphere is seen venting and she comes to a stop. Smaller, secondary explosions are seen from space on two-thirds of the ship.

Outside as Vipers and Raiders make contact.
Day 1

Captain Watkins was lining up and firing on her first raider when she saw a flash off in the distance.

“What in the frak?!” she shouted in shock.

Lt. Butler took a fast look out his cockpit. He couldn’t believe what he is seeing as the main explosion occurred on Athena.

“Dear Gods, please have mercy on their souls…” he mutters.

A raider goes to make a fast cut and Watkins snaps her wingman back to reality.

“Radiological alarm from the raider at 11 o’clock! Break and get him now!”

BS Intrepid CIC
Day 1

The baseships have tried to play a distance game of tag while the raiders attempted to deliver nukes. Each time fleet vipers or the defense cannons have taken them out.

Jacobs ordered the Communications Officer in auxiliary control to try and hail Athena. He needs his people in CIC to keep up with the vipers and Scorpius.

“Admiral, vipers are containing the raiders at this time. We have a clear path to the baseships.”

“Very good, Lieutenant Bays, order Scorpius to engage the port baseship. We’ll take the starboard toaster.”

“Aye sir”

Jacobs goes back to his handset and contacts fire control “Commander, give me nukes one through six. Prepare assault launch package alpha and hold nukes until we…”

Lt. Bays exclaimed “Radiological alarm from the baseship two! Incoming ordnance…and they’ve turned to close!”

Jacobs quickly looked at the DRADIS “POINT DEFENSE GUNS, FIRE!”

The defensive shrapnel guns tear open. They catch the salvo of the nukes before they can get close to Intrepid. The deadly dance between battlestar and baseship reaches it’s zenith at close range. The ride became bumpy as the ships drove towards each other.

“Admiral, baseship two now in optimal range!” shouts Commander Guynes over his headset.


The Intrepid weapons found their marks and beat the Cylon gunnery to the punch. The baseship erupted in fire. Atmosphere is seen venting as explosions occured all up and down the ship.

The baseship’s general weapons rip along two engines of the Intrepid. It’s the best she can do as they pass and it does hurt the Intrepid. The rest hit the armor plating that withstands the impacts or went harmlessly into space.

Then three nukes left their launchers on Intrepid. Moments later as she pulled away at best speed, the nuke exploded on target. The baseship blew into molten pieces.

Black Hat Viper Squadron
In Combat, away from battlestars and baseships
Day 1

Capt. Watkins saw the nukes from Intrepid obliterate the baseship. Several of the squad members cheered.

“Nuke that bitch, Mighty ‘I’!” exclaimed several pilots.

“Keep you heads in the game or these toasters will blow them off.” She reminded them.

The captain lined up a raider and pulled the trigger. Her guns blazed, ripping the Cylon apart until it blew up.

“Why do I get the feeling the toasters were not expecting this tough of a fight? Watkins wondered.

BS Scorpius
Day 1

On the other side of the battle field, Scorpius was having a far harder time. Both ships were exchanging gunfire nearly at point-blank range. Unlike Intrepid, she had no nukes.

“Colonel Mavis, order red squadron back to assist” barked Commander Steven Cole.

“They are inbound to us but…INCOMING NUKE!”

The two ships were close enough that there was almost no time for the defensive guns to react. The nuke impacts at the front-bottom of the Scorpius.

The explosion caught both ship in the damage wave. Scorpius started a hard port side spin and went out of control while the baseship limps away, guns still strafing.

Commander Cole was thrown into the air. He’s flying through CIC and it all seemed in slow motion. He saw monitors exploding, people flipping and items bending into odd shapes. It sounded like air was being sucked out of the room. Even screams were in slow motion.

As he started to come down, he noticed broken monitor rack pole. It had held four flat-panel screens until the explosion. He noticed the jagged edge that was he was closing on. He couldn’t react.

Commander Steven Cole landed on the broken stand. His head was impaled on the shaft. The rest of the bridge crew dies quickly as atmosphere vents out.

The crew in Auxiliary Control took over when the control circuit from the bridge went black. It was their fight for survival now. Lt. Nick Wu had ordered damage control to seal off the front sections of the ship.

“Tell Engineering to cut the engines, we’re out of control!”

“They’re reporting that the main reactors are having cooling problems and they might not…Lieutenant, radiological alarm!” shouted ensign Haibeck.

“Gods no!”

But the ordinance never hit them. The sensors on the Scorpius were damaged and all they knew was that it was two nukes fired by someone. Fate would have it was Intrepid coming to protect them and it was the baseship that met and ugly end.

The battle was over. The Cylons had lost this round, but humanity paid an ugly price for a victory.

BS Intrepid CIC
Day 1

“Admiral, Damage Control reports all fires under control and should be out within five minutes. I’m still awaiting casualty reports from Sick Bay.” Lt. Bays says as she continues listening in on internal com traffic.

“Okay, I need a report from engineering on engines four and five.”

“I’m working on that, sir.”

Lieutenant Kelli Darva was trying to hail the Scorpius. She finally cracked a smile. “Sir, I have Scorpius. They wish to speak with you.”

Jacobs picked up his handset “Scorpius actual, this is Admiral Jacobs…report please.”

“Sir, this is Lieutenant J.G. Nick Wu. We’ve stopped our spin and are trying to get engines restarted at this time. Fires are 70 percent contained. No casualty report yet.”

“When do you think you can make movement again?”

“We’re not sure yet, sir. I’m awaiting a report from Chief Engineer Wilson.”

Jacobs raised an eyebrow “May I inquire about the condition or location of Commander Cole?”

“I have a SAR team heading for the bridge. We hope their airlock doors held, but we are showing a complete decompression in that part of the ship. That nuke that made it in disrupted several primary systems. We’re working on battery power at this time.”

“Are you the senior officer of the ship?”

“In aux control, yes sir. Chief Engineer Wilson is the superior officer; he’s a Major…he’s just a little busy now to take over here.”

“Have him contact me when he is able to. If you need assistance, let us know. Intrepid Actual out.”

“Yes sir and Scorpius Actual out.”

Commander Guynes brought Jacobs a cup of coffee. The old man noticed his commander is shaking a bit.

“Will, I shook for two days after my first engagement with the Cylons. You’ll be okay.”

“I just can’t believe we made it. Tom…especially after Athena went up.”

“Everyone did well. It was all we could ask for given what happened.”

Lt. Darva walked back with an odd look on her face. “Sir, all the science ships have radioed in and…”


She paused and looked down at the report. “Discovery reports that they have a complete failure of their main computer network. They are running again, but they’ve had to bring up an old system that hasn’t been used in eighteen months to control the ship. Dephi and Prospector report no issues”

“That sounds weird…they were nowhere near the battle. Did they say what caused it?”

Darva paused, almost in disbelief “They’re claiming a computer virus.”

Jacobs raises an eyebrow “Virus?”

“That’s what they claim, sir.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant. Continue to check with the other ships. Commander Guynes, look into this and see if anyone else had a computer problem during the fight. Send some computer techs over to look at that system.”

“Aye sir.”

BS Intrepid CIC
Day 1

Lieutenant Darva had been running back and forth in CIC shuttling reports to the Admiral. She feels like there is a well-worn path as she walked back to Admiral Jacobs.

“Sir, I have SAR Team 1 online from Athena.”

Jacobs grabed his handset quickly “SAR Team 1, this is the Admiral.”

“Admiral, this is Lieutenant Taylor. I have survivors in the port hanger bay of Athena. We’ve been in radio contact with the Engineering room. Those seem to be the only ones that made it. Looks like 400 or so lived, but there are a lot of hurt personnel here. Right now, they’re running on sectional emergency life support equipment.”

“Have you heard anything or from anyone in the forward or center sections of the ship?”

“Negative sir, just the back end and this pod, seems like those were the only areas that held integrity. The front and central sections we can’t even get close to. Fires appear to be out, but there is no atmosphere in most of the ship. It’s just a horrid mess.”

“Can you give me an estimated time to evacuate the crew?”

“Engineering has to snake around to get to the port pod, but they can make it. If you can give me the raptors and heavy shuttles, I can be done in 90 minutes to two hours at most. A science ship would have been perfect, but I wouldn’t trust the remaining hatches unless I had to. There really isn’t much left of the old girl.”

Jacobs looks at Lt. Darva and shakes his head to send shuttles. “I’ll have shuttles to you in a few minutes. Get them out fast son.”

“Aye Admiral, SAR Team 1 out.”

BS Intrepid CIC
Day 1

And the bad news keeps rolling in. Engines four and five are out of commission for at least two days and if they can fabricate the parts. Sick Bay report 112 dead and 400 crew members wounded. In the dogfight a squad’s worth of vipers was destroyed from Intrepid.

They’re still trying to figure out what’s left of the vipers on the other ships. The Prospector, Delphi and Discovery are assisting in getting downed pilots out of the void.

“Admiral, I have Major Wilson on priority channel two.” Lt. Bays hands the headset to him. Jacobs positions it on his head.

“Scorpius Actual, this is Admiral Jacobs.”

“Sir, this is Major Wilson…” he paused for a moment “Do you want to good news or the bad news first, sir?”

Jacobs slowly gulps “Give me the bad news first and then let me have something to cheer about, Major.”

“Bluntly, we have lost all engines and I just had to dump my reactor cores to keep from irradiating what’s left of this old ship and crew. I need help getting my crew out of here. It’s useless to even try and save Scorpius.”

The loud crash heard throughout Intrepid CIC was the Admiral’s fist slamming into a tabletop. “No hope of bringing her back?”

“I hate to say it, but no sir and I have four hours of life support left.”

“Do you have any working airlocks so Intrepid and another ship can pull up?”

“I have three working airlocks. Two on the port side and one on the starboard”

“We’re on our way to the port side and Prospector will dock on the starboard.”

Commander Guynes, who was listening in, moved quickly to navigation and gets Intrepid on the move.

“Aye sir…and the good news it I have 1500 crewmen alive. Still don’t know about my viper pilots”

“We’ll take care of your birds. Get your people into place to abandon ship. Just one last thing, Major.”

“Yes sir?”

Jacobs paused for a moment. He was going to hate giving this command, but it had to be done. He hoped it would throw off the Cylons.

“Rig your ship for self destruct. Tie some explosives into you gunnery magazines...remote rig a detonator into your radio. Put it on Intrepid’s ID frequency.”

“So it blows when we jump, correct sir?”

“That is exactly what I want.”

“I’ll rig it with some of my jarheads that know explosives. I will be the last off the ship. Scorpius Actual out.”

BS Intrepid CIC
Day 1

The evacuations are done. All vipers are still out on combat patrol. Most are ready for the Cylons to reappear. The four ships that remained are now serving and packed lifeboats.

Communications had worked hard to find any additional colonial fleet communications. Nothing had come up for several hours.

Jacobs was looking at various systems and maps. He needed somewhere to run and a plan. Commander Guynes comes up, holding a mug of coffee, a plated sandwich and orange.

“Fresh food from the mess, sir.”

“Thanks, Commander. I was getting a tad hungry.”

“So, what is the plan? You’ve been pouring over those maps for an hour.”

Jacobs points his finger and takes a bite of the sandwich. “My plan is the Davuan system. Only things there are a sun, a gas giant and three moons. I need repairs done before we fight again or find any semblance of the fleet…Ragnar or otherwise.”

“Why there, if I might ask? Why not head for Ragnar?”

“First of all, the Davauan system has no tactical or civilian importance. It’s just a ball of gas and three overgrown rocks. We need a place to hide and do repairs. Engineering took a bit of a hit. I figure hiding behind the nearest moon and using the planetary radiation fields to cover us from sensors would be good. ”

Guynes rubbed his eyes. “But that radiation may work against us as well. Stay there too long and we fry. We’d also have to have some eyes out looking for trouble since our sensors will be affected, too.”

“We’ll be there 72 hours at most, so the hull plating of the ships should handle it. Just let Major Laswell know he needs to plan on rotating CAPs often. I want to get out of there faster than three days. We need to figure our next move from there.” Jacobs lifted the coffee cup to his lips for a drink.

“That works for me. The other three ships have reported in and they’re ready to jump when we tell them when and where.” Guynes yawned “Sorry sir”.

“Good deal because I don’t want to stay here any more. After the jump, I need you and Major Wilson to meet me in the main conference room. In fact, make it an hour after we jump. I need to research something.”

“I’ll send for him sir. He’s been in sick bay getting a medical check and checking on his men.” Commander Guynes paused with a slight look of curiosity “What’s the idea?”

“I’ll finish my research and then tell you. I don’t want you to report me just yet to the good doctor for going nuts”.

“Why does this make me nervous?” chuckled Guynes.

“You’ll see commander. Have all vipers execute combat landings and lets get the hell out of here. Give these coordinates to the science ships. We’ll jump last.”

Communications Buoy 1 area / Intrepid CIC
Day 1

One by one, the ships jumped. They are but quick flashes of bright lights in the void as they move far from this deadly battlefield.




“Ship reports ready to jump Admiral. We’re green across the board.” reported Commander Guynes.

“Start your count down, Commander.”

“We are jumping in 10...9…8…”

Jacob thought to himself during the countdown “Goodbye Steve and Lynn. I wish I could have taken your home…I’ll offer a prayer for your souls.”

“…2…1…executing jump.”

The Intrepid flashed away. All is quiet for a moment and then two more flashes happen simultaneously.

One is the Scorpius self destructing as the dead-man switch worked perfectly. The other is a baseship that made the mistake of jumping right next to her at the same moment.

The explosion and shrapnel rips through the baseship and in less than ten seconds, it exploded into a ball of hot gas making a third bright flash.

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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