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The Intrepid and her battle group (Athena and Scorpius) have been escorting three civilian research ships in uncharted space for nearly a year. There are three weeks remaining on the tour.

For the scientists, it has been a great year of research. Three new systems found, mapped and basic research logged for further review. What has been found will keep them busy for years when they report back to the colonies.

For the Colonial Fleet members, it’s been sheer boredom. Fighter wings have mainly done science escorting and some war games. For the crews of the three battlestars, this assignment cannot end fast enough.

The sad note of this tour is that it is the final one for the Scorpius. She was part of the old Ares class battlestars. There were eleven built as a “stop gap” solution between the original battlestars and the current Mercury class. She is the one of three still in service.

Scorpius has served as the headquarters for the deep space scientists on this tour. Her crew is preparing her for long-term storage at the Regula Stowage facility. They will transfer off to the Intrepid and Athena. Her final fate is still unknown. There is a debate among the politicians of turning her into a museum, a full time science ship or scrapping her.

The new Scorpius is nearing completion at the Caprican construction yards. Most of her crew and officers will transfer over for training and space trials. Commander Cole, the ships’ C.O. is transferring to fleet operations.

When the Intrepid and Athena put into dock, they will receive the new network programming and receive general overhauling. When they put back to space in six months, the new Galactica will join them.

Along with the three battlestars, there are three civilian research ships: Discovery, Delphi and Prospector. The Discovery and Delphi are space-only ship while the Prospector can land on planets, take samples and even process material like a mining ship.

A group of communication buoys keeps them in contact with the colonies…with several hours of delay. They are almost cut off from civilization and are alone. The Intrepid handles all message traffic for the fleet since it was outfitted with long-range communications equipment.

The bridge of the Intrepid is just like any other in the fleet. It is the busy nerve center that controls nearly all activity on the ship. It stops almost for noting.

BS Intrepid
Day 0

“Admiral on the bridge.” snapped Lt. Trevors as he saluted the senior officer of the ship. The bridge personnel followed the example quickly.

“Crew, as you were.” Stated Admiral Thomas Jacobs in his usual matter-of-fact tone. The crew quickly went back to their tasks. He made his way to the command station and DRADIS. Lt. Trevors was laying out the various reports on the table for the C.O. of the ship.

“Good morning sir. How was your evening?”

“It was relaxing, Lieutenant. It was nice to see the communication buoys worked so we could get mail from home.”

“Aye, Sir. My wife sent me new pictures of our three-year old. I can’t wait to get home.”

“That makes two of us. A year of escorting and babying civilian egg-heads to chart space is wearing thin.”

“Sir,” the Lieutenant smiled “I couldn’t have said it better myself. While we’re on the subject of the scientists, Dr. Buckly has radioed twice demanding to speak with you this morning.”

“Great…I so love the discussions with him. They give me the same feeling as slamming my head into a brick wall.” Jacob pauses and rolls his eyes. “So, how was the night watch?”

“Quiet. The Scorpius is continuing her wind down and storage preparations. She will be transporting her nukes to us this morning. There was nothing major from fleet, sir. Looks like the diplomat from the armistice station is behind in reporting in. For some reason, fleet communications copied us on the message.”

“Yeah…we’re gonna make six to eight jumps to do that one” Stated Jacobs with a smirk.

“Fleet has asked for crazier things, if I may say so sir.”

“Well, if we make the jump, I ain’t coming back here.”

“And I think the crew would thank you, sir.”

“It would be worth the court marshal.”

“You’ll see the current sick bay report is in. It looks like Captain Davis will be able to rejoin us soon on the third watch. A week at most, it seems.”

Jacobs looks at the young Lieutenant and grins “What? Are you not enjoying late-night command?”

“Aye, I could get used to it, sir.”

“You’re doing a damn good job.”

“Aye sir and thank you, sir. One last thing in the message activity burst. It seems like today is Galactica’s decommissioning ceremony. Several commanders are sending messages to Commander Adama.”

The grey-haired admiral puts on his glasses and reads the communiqués, with a grin. He served with Commander Adama on the Atlantia many years ago on the flight line.

“With a seven to ten hour delay in communications, they’ve started the ceremony already. Still, I’ll send a congratulatory message to old “Husker”. Thought of retirement has to be driving him nuts…and the thought of Galactica being a museum is nauseating. The old girl deserves better.”

“Aye, sir.”

“Copy Athena and Scorpius on the fleet traffic and then get out of here. Go enjoy some time off. See you same time tomorrow, Lieutenant.”

“Aye and have a good watch, sir.” Lieutenant Trevors salutes and headed out of the bridge.

BS Scorpius
Day 0

“Damn it girl, all I need is three more weeks and a few jumps out of you”. Chief Engineer Dean Wilson is not having a good day. “Chuck, you still showing FLT fluxes in the sim?”

“Aye, Chief. FTL three is still failing” paused the technician. “The culminator is overloading the positive flow conduit out to the rest of the engine…according to the sim readings.”

“Frak me running!” Chief Wilson comes down the ladder from the second level. “Get some folks and pull the culminator. I’m going to take up Intrepid’s offer to use of their spares.”

“We’ll need an adapter for that one to mate.”

“I’ll get Bowers to machine one. In the mean time, take FTL three offline and get started. I’ll let the bridge know.”

“Aye, Chief.”

“I’ll be catching the first raptor to Intrepid. You’re in charge until I get back.”

“One problem with that, sir.”


“They’re moving the nukes as we speak. Hanger bays and the flight decks are on security lock down.” The tech cracks a grin “The egg-heads are pitching a fit because they have to stay in their quarters until it’s done…and the Admiral apparently royally riled Dr. Buckly.”

“This’ll be good. What did old man Jacobs tell him?”

“As I heard it when I was on the bridge doing work, he told the good doc that he could go and sit in his room during the transfer or he could always let Commander Cole introduce him to the fine dining and accommodations of the brig.”

“And I would personally frakking escort the egg-head to HAC.” The chief pauses “Well, that transfer is going to put us back several hours. Get to pulling, I’m going to talk to Commander Cole.”

“Aye, sir”

As the chief walks away, he stops and lights a cigarette. The lighter looks to have run out of fuel. “What else can go frakking wrong today?”

BS Intrepid
Day 0

The bridge shifts are beginning to change on the Intrepid. The last message bursts are being received. Admiral Jacobs noticed Commander Guynes twisting his way towards the commander’s station.

“Good afternoon admiral.”

“Same to you, commander. As you see, the DRADIS is clear and all is still quiet in the middle of nowhere.” Jacobs just couldn’t resist the quip.

“Good.” Commander Guynes takes a quick look around the room “Twenty days until we’re home and in dock.”

“Down time for everyone but the engineers. They have to do that network upgrade that everyone else has. At least we’re just in time for hunting season at my place on Caprica.”

Admiral Jacobs pauses a moment “Will you and Lieutenant McDowell be joining me for the deer hunt?”

“Actually, I may need to pass on that. I’m getting ready to have a talk with her mother…about marrying her daughter. It’s a Virgonian tradition, you know.”

A smile breaks across the old Admiral’s face. “So, Jenni said yes, I take it. Congrats, Will!”

“Thank you sir. No date is set yet, but that should be decided soon.”

The mode is broken as Lieutenant Kelli Darva walks up. She is completely flushed and her hand is shaking. The admiral straightens himself as she approaches.

“What’s wrong, Lieutenant?”

“Pri…pri…” she gulps with tears running down her face. “Priority One message from Fleet, sir…it was sent in the clear.”

“Kelli, what’s wrong?” Commander Guynes asks.

“Lets see it, Lieutenant.” Admiral Jacobs takes the messages and scans them quickly. All signs of emotions wipe from his face.

“Thomas, what is wrong, what is going on?” the commander asks with a small stutter.

“Commander, set condition one throughout the fleet. Spin up all FTL drives.”

“What is going on, Sir?”

“The Cylons are attacking…” he pauses “They’re nuking the colonies.”

“By the Lords of Kobol, no!”

“These orders are seven frakking hours old. Lieutenant Darva, open streaming communications between us and the buoys. Actual, get me Commanders Cole and Fairbanks.”

“Aye sir”

“Commander, plot the hyper-light jumps that get us to Caprica quickly. Keep in mind Scorpius has one of her four FTL drives down.”

“Yes, sir. What of the civilian ships?” Commander Guynes asks as the klaxons start to blare.

“Let me talk to Steve and Lynn first.”

“Aye Admiral.”

BS Scorpius – Engine Room
Day 0

“Finish up the wiring and we’ll sim-test the new culminator, Chuck”. Chief Wilson had to jump through some hoops to get his parts over during the nuclear weapons transfer, but he got it done.

“Aye, Chief. I should have this finished…”

The klaxons sound and red lights begin to flash. The next voice is that of Commander Cole. “Action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill. Again, action stations, action stations. Set condition one throughout the ship. This is not a drill.”

“Chief, we’re out in the middle of frakking nowhere!”

“It sounds like we found something unfriendly.” Chief Wilson pushes a button on the comm-station at his workbench “Attention engineering, bring all systems up to full and get into your induction suits. That’s an order!”

A buzzer on the comm-station goes off as the chief is getting into his suit. He quickly grabs a headset and answers the page.

“Engineering, this is the Chief”

“This is Commander Cole. I need a status report on FTL three.”

“I was an hour away from doing tests when we went to condition one, sir.”

“Put your best people on it because we need her now. Spin up the other drives and prepare for a jump.”

“May I ask what is going on, sir?”

“The toasters just reappeared and it looks like we’re back in the business of war, Chief. The admiral will be making a fleet wide statement shortly.” In the background, one could here the loud activity on the bridge. “Dean, work a miracle and do it fast. Get me that FTL drive, A-SAP. Bridge out.”

“Aye, sir…Engineering out.”

Assistant Chief Azmos brought the Chief his induction suit. “What in Kobol’s name is going on?”

“It isn’t good, not good at all. Take charge of the FTL three repair crew. I need that fraker back fast. If she sims clean once, let me have the drive.”

“Aye, sir.” Azmos pauses “It must be really bad if we have to do all this.”

“Yup and my best advice is to pray and do your job. Admiral Jacobs will be making an announcement soon.”

Azmos puts his helmet in his right hand and starts making his way to FTL three. “I’ve been praying since we went on alert.”

Chief Wilson quickly starts getting his induction suit on as he watched his assistant chief walk away. “Not sure if prayers alone are going to get us through this one” is all he can think.

BS Intrepid
Day 0

The mood on the bridge is completely different. It’s gone from light but business to nothing but business. Off-duty crews have made it to their alert stations. Throughout the ship, the crew is preparing for battle. Pilots are getting in their flight suits next to their Vipers. Damage control crews are ready to put out fires or seal hull braches. Medical is getting ready for casualties.

Admiral Jacobs, Commander Guynes and Lt. Trevors are at the command station in the bridge. They are readying for a fight and the possible unexpected.

“Admiral, fleet reports jump preparations are continuing as expected. We should be ready to jump within twenty minutes.”

“Very good, Lieutenant. Finish up confirming jump coordinates and send them to all ships. After that, take over in Auxiliary Control. You will have responsibility for dispatching damage control crews.”

“Aye, sir.” Lt. Trevors salutes and goes back to the navigation station.

Commander Guynes looks at the Admiral “We can be back to the first buoy in three jumps and on the edge of Caprican space at the end of the fouth. Navigation is making sure I didn’t put us into an asteroid or a star along the way.”

“That’s going to be a hell of a stress on the drives.”

“Aye, but Negalla wants us back and you’re the one who told me to do it the fastest way.”

“Good point and fully noted, Commander. I need you to take personal command of fire control. At this point, I am authorizing the use of nukes should we need them. Summon Major Pretrivich to the bridge for the execution of nuclear protocols.”

“Don’t we need Presidential or Admiralty approval to do that, sir?”

“At this point commander if the Cylons are nuking planets, our gloves are off. Admiral Negalla is probably using nukes as we speak. Besides, we don’t have to use them if there is no need. I just want the launch computers on active and weapons on launch safety active.”

Commander Guynes paused for a moment in thought. “Agreed, sir and I’m heading to fire control now.”

“Good…and know I’m not making this decision lightly.” He said as he eyed his second in command.

“Yes sir, I understand the reasons completely.” Commander Guynes said as he walked towards fire control.

At this point, the Admiral is alone at the command station. Thoughts of the last days of the previous war are going through his head. He was only in the war for the last eight months as a pilot, but he remembers it vividly. Thoughts of the fights and old friends…alive and dead, rush back to him.

He mumbles “I hope these kids are frakking ready to handle this hell.”

Lt. Darva walks up to the admiral with a wireless headset. “All ships are online for you, sir.”

Jacobs snaps back to the present. “Very well, it’s time to break the news to everyone.”

He takes the headset and positions it for comfort. He hears the attention whistle play with the words of Lieutenant Darva. “Attention all task force ships, this is Intrepid Actual. Please standby for an official statement from Admiral Thomas Jacobs. Once again, this is Intrepid Actual.” The attention whistle sounds again. She then looks at Jacobs and shakes her head, letting him know he can start.

“All ships, this is Admiral Jacobs. Ten minutes ago, we received communications that the Cylons have launched a surprise attack on the Colonal Fleet and our home worlds. We have been order home by fleet command to join the fight.”

“With there being a seven hour delay in communications, we do not know the full status of the fighting. We do know that several battle stars have been destroyed and at least four worlds have been nuked.”

A gasp tears throughout the bridge. The admiral looks up with a glare and the bridge crew falls silent. He shakes his head with a sympathetic look on his face and continues.

“It is my full intent to be in Caprican space within four jumps. If the Cylons want a fight before then, we will give it to them. I expect you to be ready to do your duties. Your fellow crew mates, colonists and families are counting on you to perform at your fullest. We will do our best to defend the colonies or die trying.”

Jacobs pauses and sees Commander Jacobs and Major Petrovich at the door to the bridge. “Between jumps, we will check the buoys for additional messages and orders. I will provide updates as they warrant. Good luck and may the Lords of Kobol be with us all. This is Intrepid Actual, end of transmission.”

Traveling to and arriving at Buoy Number Two – Intrepid
Day 1

The fleet had made several jumps with no issues. Scorpius now had FTL 3 online. At each communications buoy, they would take a few minutes, download messages and jump to the next one.

And progressively, the news gets worse. Ships getting destroyed wholesale…a surrender plea apparently not accepted.

“This is the end and all we can do is die” The admiral thought “No, get that out of your head. You’ve made it though the toasters once…”

Intrepid’s bridge had rotated crews to try and stay fresh. The only one who almost never left the CIC was Jacobs. His assistant at this point was a Lieutenant who had just put on to the Intrepid before the start of the tour.

“Another young kid who is going to grow up fast…is she even 24? They keep getting younger every day.” was all he could think as she counted down.


Six flashes and a few moments later, they were at Communications Buoy Two.

“No contacts on DRADIS, sir” reported Lt. Bays.

“Very good, Lieutenant. Launch the CAP Vipers and download the messages from the buoy.”

“Aye, Admiral.” Lt. Bays paused for a moment “If you want to get some rest sir, I could have Commander Guynes summoned. I don’t mean to sound out of line sir, but you look beat.”

“Ms. Bays, I’ll be fine and thanks. Just have another pot of coffee brought up.”

“Aye, sir.”

The wait for messages was the worst part. The buoys they had set up were slow and not meant to handle heavy traffic. The memory on them did not even allow for the sending of home videos or major files. These buoys are just meant for messages and some photos, when traffic and memory allowed.

The admiral had taken off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. Being up a day was beginning to take its toll.

“Tom, go get some rest or a shower to perk up.” Commander Guynes had surprised him.

“William, did that girl send you in?”

“Yes, and like a good part of the bridge staff, were starting to worry about you…”

“I was up for days when they were in diapers napping.” Jacobs retorted.

“Yes and even old people need their sleep…just like those diapered kids.” Shot back the commander in a quiet tone “It’s going to take two hours for the messages to process. Get some rest my friend…or I might call Dr. Kersh.”

Jacobs knew he had lost the argument and smirked “Okay, you win. Wake me up when the messages are in. I’ll be in the conference room with the lights out.”

“Aye sir and sweet dreams.”

The admiral just looked and Guynes and cracked a smile.

Conference room on the Intrepid
Day 1

With a knock on the door, Jacobs turns on the lights to the conference room. He motions for Commander Guynes to come in.

“Will, what’s the news now?”

“Sir, to be completely honest…I think we’re frakked.”

The glasses slide downward slightly on Jacob’s face and then Commander Guynes hands him the traffic. The first thing he notices is the pile of paper is smaller than the last one.

Quickly, he starts thumbing through them. There were several maydays from fleet and civilian ships. Cities on planets were offering to surrender...begging for mercy.

And there, towards the end of the stack, was a possible ray of hope.

“William, read this. Am I tired or does that actually say what it says?”

Commander Guynes reads through the message. “Yes sir that says exactly what it does.”

“How fast could be get to Adama at Ragnor?”

“Well, we would still need to hit the first buoy, but then it’s a short jump from there.”

“Adjust our jump program. Depending what the messages at buoy one say, we will jump to Ragnor Station and join with Galactica. Pass this information to Athena and Scorpius.”

“Aye, admiral.”

Jacobs stood up, stretched and adjusted his uniform. “I want us to jump in fifteen minutes. Recall the CAP.”

Buoy 1 – edge of Colonal Space
Day 1

“The DRADIS is clear, sir” reported Lt. Bays.

“Launch the CAP and start message downloads. Have Mr. Guynes and the navigator on duty join me, please.”

A few minutes later, the admiral, Commander Guynes and Lt. J.G. Keller were caucusing on the best route to Ragnor. Scorpius reported the failure of FTL 3 and noted that it would take a shipyard to bring it back.

And then the DRADIS lit up.

“Admiral, two unidentified ship just jumped into the area. They look to be launching fighters of some sort” reported Lt. Bays. “I’m marking the ships as Hostile 1 and Hostile 2. Contact in four minutes.”

“Luietenant, set condition one throughout the fleet” barked Jacobs. ”Order the Athena and Scorpius into battle formation and launch all vipers. Advise Discovery, Prospector and Delphi to head away at full speed and prepare to jump…”

And the fight was on. <End>

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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