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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 13 - Under One Flag (pt. 1)
PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 3:21 pm 
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Battlestar Intrepid Episode 13:
Under One Flag

Part 1 of 2

Previously on Battlestar Intrepid…

Ground – 4th planet of System 21603
Day 30

The Cavil unit that called himself Dr. Clive Owens and the Simon unit using the name William McDonald raced to a shuttle…trying to hail the baseships. They saw the nuclear flash take out the missiles and knew they had to send to coordinates of the Intrepid fleet quickly.

The Simon unit tried to work the radio quickly, but with all the EMP interference, he could not get a message out. Moments before the blast, he looked at Dr. Owens.

“We tried and it nearly worked.”

“If only I could have convinced Dr. Dunnavan and the Admiral to bring the entire human fleet. They’ll be long gone before we can downl…”

The nuclear missile went off before he could finish his sentence.

Battlestar Taurus
Day 55

Over the next several minutes, they laid there, recovering from their time of pleasure. Finally, Sabrina Watkins looked up at Kevin Butler.

“I’m not just a frak, right?”

Kevin immediately answered, although the question had caught him completely off guard. “Of course not! You are more than just a frak!”

“What am I then?” she grinned.

Without skipping a beat, he answered with a devilish grin “You’re my commanding officer…”

Sabrina’s eyes opened wide as she playfully slapped his abdomen, “I better be more than that!”

Battlestar Intrepid
Day 56

“I have some good news, actually.” Commander Guynes pulled out a cigar and handed it to Admiral Jacobs. “That’s from Jenni.”

“Tell her I said thank you. Now are you going to hold me in suspense forever?”

“You’re going to be a Godfather, if you say yes, Tom.”

The ambrosia almost came up through Thomas Jacobs nose. “You mean that Jenni is…”

“About six weeks or so, Tom. It was confirmed by Dr. Sonji a few days ago.” Will smiled

Battlestar Taurus
Day 61

Commander Guynes looked at Alexander Bryant as two marines guarded the condemned man. “Mr. Bryant, do you have any last words.?”

“My only regret is that my lawyer and the judge couldn’t join me for the plunge, Commander.” He snarled and then spit at the feet of Guynes.

Guynes looked at Captain Storm to go forward. He placed a hood over the cuffed mans’ head. Moments later he felt the noose slip around his neck. His heart raced and the hood became hot and humid.

“To all of you watching, you can kiss my rosy white motherfra…”

Alexander Bryant never finished his final words. On cue, the collapsible platform gave way. After a plunge, the condemned man’s neck snapped five feet above the floor of the hanger deck.”


Battlestar Intrepid
Day 62

“Good morning, Major. Are you ready to get you ass beat in handball?” Lt. Amanda Bays smiled as Major Lia Davis entered the court.

“If you think youth is going to help you out, guess again Amanda. Besides, I’m not that much older than you.” Lia tossed her the ball. “Lets get started, whipper-snapper. After I hand your head to you, I have to brief the admiral on election stuff.”

Amanda bounced the ball on the floor a bit. An evil grin shot across her face as she pitched it into the air and then whacked it with her hand. “Better you than me sir…”


Luxury Liner Nimbus
Day 62

Patrick Greene was sitting at his desk going over the notes from the previous day’s convention activity. He smiled over the quick progress that had been done to get a new civilian government rolling.

If we’re lucky, we ratify the amended…

There was a knock at the door and then it barely opened. Anthony Ito peeked in, “Your early morning meeting is here, Mr. Chairman.”

“Yes, please show Mr. Ohara in and get us some coffee as well.” Greene stood as the door fully opened. A short, older man entered the room as Patrick extended his hand out. “Arturo, good morning and what can I do for you?”

“Chairman Greene, thank you for your time.” Mr. Ohara said in a business like tone as he shook the Chairman’s hand and took a seat. “I am here on the behalf of others, actually.”


“I am here representing Humanity Watch.” Ohara opened his briefcase and handed Greene some documents. “We wanted to bring this to your attention personally. We have given Mr. Ito and other staffers this same report to pass to you, but we’ve never heard anything from you.”

“I assure you Artuo they have briefed me each time.” Patrick read the documents and placed them back on the table. “Alexander Bryant was found guilty at an open trial and executed per military code. We are under martial law until a new government is in place. Also, the press was there for the trial every step of the way. If there were any problems, it would have been plastered all over the fleet.”

“It was an act of barbarism, Mr. Greene. Martial law or not, he was a civilian and should have been held for a civilian court to try.” Ohara paused “In a time like this, the last thing we need to do is execute people…not that his life would have been any better on that slave ship.”

“I am aware of the conditions on Colonial Fueler may not be that great, but it is operating under military standards.” Greene tried to smile, even though he wanted to verbally go off. “Hard labor and the rules governing it, including overview has been done by medical staff. Colonial Fueler is where they go to serve their time.”

Arturo Ohara frowned, “Colonial Fueler is where prisoners are confined for weeks to cells with little food if they are found to not be working hard enough or for the smallest of infractions. The convention has to address this, Patrick.”

“The convention is set up a government to address these issues. If all goes well, we could have just that within two days” Greene said in a genuine tone of voice. “I know you, me and Humanity Watch want to address this…”

Ohara stood up to leave, “And we will, Patrick, today whether you like it or not.”

“There is no need to even imply a threat…”

“It’s not a threat Mr. Chairman” Ohara said as he walked away “It’s a promise, trust me on this one.”


Battlestar Taurus
Day 62

Specialist Ed Wadeford saluted Capt. Lane Azmos as he exited the raptor. The chief engineer has spent the early morning the Catalina inspecting repair from the laundry fire from several week back.

“Major, welcome back and how was your inspection?”

“I’m surprised with the way folks are pitching in over on the Cat to fix her back up. If all goes well, we could move everyone who was displaced back in a month and a half.”

Wadeford smiled, “Good to hear. Do you have a moment sir?”

“Of course, what’s on your mind Specialist?” Azmos asked.

“Well, you’ve heard the Commander and his wife is expecting. Some of us want to do something for them and we need your design help. There was a group of us at breakfast that hatched a plan.”

The Captain looked at the specialist and smiled, “Okay, what am I designing for an on the way baby?”


Battlestar Intrepid
Day 62

Ranger Scout reappeared to the after of the fleet. Admiral Jacobs looked at the DRADIS as her ID information filled the monitor. “It looks like one of ours is back from scouting, Major.”

“Always good to see them come home” Major Davis said. “I’ll contact them…”

There was no need to contact the scout. The pilot was hailing Intrepid.

[Krypter, Krypter, Kryper. This is Ranger Scout Three. I’ve detected an unknown signal some distance from the fleet. I’m transmitting the data now.]

After a few minutes of looking over the information, Jacobs shook his head. “What ever it is seems to be close to a nebula, Major. Those can give off signals on any’s a weak signal as well. Maybe it’s the nebula giving it off?”

“Anything transmitting naturally is all over the place and not steady, sir.” Davis looked across at Admiral Jacobs. “That nebula could be distorting a Cylon signal as well.”

“Correct on both counts. It’s a long ways away, but the Cylons have proven they have improved jumping capabilities.” Thomas looked at the DRADIS and took a deep breath, “Order the fleet to condition one and distribute jump coordinates. After we jump, send the data over to Taurus and Discovery for another look. Maybe it’s nature or maybe the Cylons have learned a new trick as well. I don’t want to find out.”

“Aye sir.” Major Davis picked up her handset. “Action stations, actions stations! Set condition one throughout the ship, this is not a drill…”


Day 62

With the news of a jump, the fleet prepared itself. The government convention suspended as Rep. Ohara was about to speak. Most people on different ships sat down in a comfortable place to chat and prepare.

On Colonial Fueler, production stopped and the prisoners returned to their makeshift cells. Most actually enjoyed it when the fleet would jump…it was a break from their hard-labor work days on the ‘prison’ side of the ship.

One by one, the fleet disappeared until the Intrepid was alone. Moments after her last viper landed, the flagship of the fleet disappeared in a bright-green flash.


Nimbus – Governmental Convention
Day 62

Arturo Ohara approached the podium for the afternoon restart of the convention. Patrick Greene watched from his seat on the stage as the man opened up his speech. The Chairman, like several other in the hall, waited to hear what Mr. Ohara had to say.

Ladies and gentlemen of the convention,

We have been charged to set up a government. Any government that is to be set up must be just and fair. Today, there are those who toil away in oppressive conditions on Colonial Fueler N7589V. This fleet also has blood on its hands with the executions of eight people. The last thing we need to do is kill our own. They need help and they need to be reformed.

Unfortunately, Admiral Jacobs and the military courts he has set up since the start of the exodus do not agree. Regrettably, Chairman Greene has time after time has ignored the calls of those who want to address this during the convention. Mr. Greene told me this morning that we are charged to set up a government and that this new government will address this issue.

No, me and several my like minded representatives feel that now is the time to address the issue. Through reviewing the rules that govern this convention, we will use this platform to protest until we are heard and this is addressed. There will be no votes on a constitution until the issues of treatment of prisoners and executions are addressed.

Mr. Greene and Admiral Jacobs, you have forced us as well as my friends in Humanity Watch to filibuster this convention. You can restore this convention by addressing the grievances we bring before you. Until then, we will use this podium to tell the stories of our brothers and sisters.

Mr. Ohara’s words were met with a mix of boos and cheers. He reached into his briefcase and produced an old copy of the Caprica City Times and began reading it out loud the the convention.

Patrick Greene sat in his chair, glaring at Mr. Ohara. You son of a bitch…


Day 62

The filibuster was moving into the evening as Kayla Welch excused herself from the convention hall. She was quite content to let the humans talk all night long. The Cylon Three had other plans to tend to.

After arriving at her room, she kicked off her high heels and dropped to her knees, sticking her hand under the spare bed in the room. After a few moments, she produced two shoe boxes hidden in the box frame.

Kayla opened the first box. It contained a small electrical board, an earTunes player, batteries, solder and a soldering iron. She opened the second box and looked upon three grayish cylinders. The cylon shook her head and let out a deep sigh.

There is only one way to get these past the security. Even for a Cylon, this is going to be…discomforting.


Battlestar Intrepid – Conference Room
Day 63

“I’ve made it a point to stay out of the way of the workings of the convention.” Admiral Jacobs said in an honest tone. “With the filibustering that started yesterday, I feel that I have to bring both of you together.”

Patrick Greene smiled, “Admiral, I thank you for not interfering. I feel though you are needed to resolve this issue…or help us resolve it.”

“It was your courts that have convicted and killed.” Arturo Ohara frowned. “People are being overworked in bad conditions and the death of any human is wrong, especially now.”

Jacobs glared at Ohara “I have reviewed every death row case in the fleet. In the end, each judge made his or her rulings based on the evidence. I have abided by those rulings and attended each and every execution for each death warrant I’ve signed. If I wanted to be a dictator as some of your people have claimed, I would invoke my right as an admiral to handle each case myself and passed judgment myself.”

“And the conditions of Colonial Fueler?” Ohara bristled. “Twelve hour work days with limited breaks and…”

“And three square meals a day, medical treatment, their own bunks and all of it within the colonial laws and military rules.” Jacobs said. “If we were real beasts, all of them would have been airlocked. Cry me a river, Mr. Ohara. If you and your friends are insisting on calling me out, don’t be so surprised when I answer back to your allegations.”

“Okay, this is supposed to be a meeting where we work out our differences, not build them up.” Greene intervened. “Lets start at the top and work our way though this. We’re all level-headed people here.”

Jacobs nodded, “Agreed. Lets leave the tearing apart to the Cylons.”


Battlestar Taurus
Day 63

“Ms. Holliwell, thank you for meeting with me today.” Colonel Dean Wilson said. “I see after meeting with Lt. Michaels and Captain Azmos, you have a very deep knowledge of FTLs and their computer systems.”

The Six model smiled, “Yes and I’m looking to contribute any way I can. The least I can do is to help serve the fleet.”

“Yes and we thank you for that. We have need for people like you. Are you interested in joining a military ship or civilian?”

“I would like to serve in the Colonial Navy, but will work where I am needed.” She smiled.

“Well, let me tell you about both…”


Taurus Port Launch Bay
Day 63

Lt. JG Shonda “Franny” Francis and Maj. Sabrina Watkins made their way down the hanger bay to their vipers.

“Ready for another boring patrol, Major?”

“About as ready as I can be Franny.” Watkins smiled, “How did the Pyramid game go last night?”

“2nd Lt. Neuman cleaned us out again…lucky grunt. How did your rendezvous with Battlemaster go?”

The major stopped in her tracks. “Excuse me? Lt. Butler?”

“Oh brother…” Franny rolled her eyes, “With all due respect, we all know Major.”

“Know what?”

Francis shook her head, “Do I need to spell it out?”

Watkins crossed her arms “Please do!”

“Okay, you two are frakking each others brains out.” The Lieutenant felt some regret after saying that comment. “You two are doing what half the ship is doing.”

“Anything going on in my private life is just that Shonda. Can we please keep it there?” The major felt flustered and blushed.

Franny was about to make her way to her cockpit when she looked back at her commanding officer. “Okay…nothing is going on between you two. He’s still hung up on his dead fiancé from what I’ve seen. He even carries her photo into missions still. It’s just a rumor we all heard…and maybe that is a good thing.”


“I’ve heard he’s hung like a champion Caprican race horse that has been put out to stud.” Francis evilly grinned. "I wouldn't want my CO to be walking around sore all the time."

Watkins now bushed brightly and stammered on her words, “Get…in your viper, Franny!”



Battlestar Taurus CIC
Day 63

Colonel Dean Wilson and Lt. Nick Wu had spent the morning going over Ranger Scout telemetry from the previous day. After checking and double checking the information, they made a straight line for the commander.

“Commander, could we have a moment of your time?” Wilson asked.

Guynes adjusted his glasses, “Sure, what’s on your mind gentlemen?”

Wilson looked over at Wu, “Lieutenant, I’ll let you take it from here.”

“Thank you sir. I’ve been going over the data of the unknown signal that was picked up by the scout yesterday.” Wu quickly rolled out a chart. “The signal we picked up was located here, I believe.”

“What makes you think that? It looks like it traveled a ways as well. I think the eggheads of Discovery called that a gaseous nebula. ” Guynes said as he looked over the rim of his glasses. “Dr. Dunnavan was starting to look at it when we jumped.”

“This signal strength was the clue on distance. Even though it decayed over the distance, it was still enough to reach us and stayed on frequency. As for it being an unknown signal, I might have an answer for that. If you’ll look on my laptop, sir.”

The Commander looked along with the Colonel as Wu continued. “The Ranger Scouts were loaded with data to look at Colonial military and known Cylon signals. It had nothing to reference for anything else. Now, if I add in other known signals, we get a result.”

As the computer executed its review, the data used the new known frequency data. Commander Guynes slowly took off his glasses and couldn’t believe what he saw.

SIGNAL KNOWN: Frequency 1530 GHz – Colonial Maritime Craft;
Colonial Civilian Signature Unknown.

“Lt. Wu, my first question is are you sure about this?” Guynes asked cautiously. “I mean damn sure?”

“Colonel Wilson confirmed it with data independently, as well as Dr. Dunnavan on Discovery.” Wu said confidently. “What ever emitted this signal did so for 18.2 seconds, sir.”

“Mother nature doesn’t stay locked onto a frequency that steady, Commander.” Wilson added. “Someone is out there.”

“Someone is out there or it’s a Cylon trap.” William looked at the laptop play back the scan in a loop and took a deep. “You two are sure about this?”

“Yessir, I loaded all the civilian signals and compared charts and…” Wu said nervously.

“Don’t worry Nick, you’ve sold me on it.” The commander stated. With that, he looked at the star charts as Lt. Wu let out a sigh of relief. “It’s nearly two frakking days worth of jumping to get close and another day to actually get there. Does a Ranger really have the legs to make it there and back?”

The Colonel shook his head, “Can be done, but not recommended. Also, the gasses and radiation can screw with the scout telemetry. We can send a scout, but a bigger ship needs to go with it…someone who can give a trace signal if needed.”

“I think I know what you are thinking Dean. Before we call out enterprising privateers, we need to run this past the old man.” Guynes took a quick sip of coffee, “If we can get close enough, do you think you can find what ever emitted this?”

“Get us close enough, we can track it all day if what ever broadcasted this is in the nearby area.” Wilson smiled. “Local conditions of the nebula may screw with us, but if we are close, it’s doable.”

William shook his head in agreement, “Lt. Wu, have comms get the admiral on the priority one channel.”



Intrepid CIC
Day 63

Major Steven Kersh slipped quietly entered the CIC looking for Admiral Jacobs. He frowned when he saw no signs of the Admiral. Major Lia Davis noticed the doctor and made her way to him.

“Good afternoon Doc. What brings you to the CIC?”

“Just bringing up my reports and hoping to see the Admiral.” Kersh smiled. “Where is the old man?”

“Pot calling the kettle black, Doc?” Davis laughed lightly. “He’s tied up in a meeting and has been all afternoon.”

“Greene and Ohara still? They’ve been meeting since this morning.”

“Actually, there was a two hour break, but you are pretty much on the mark.” The XO took the folder from Kersh. “Got anything of major note in your report?”

“Two births, a civilian death due to a heart attack on Catalina and a specialist having a nervous breakdown on the Delphi.” Kersh then grinned broadly. “I left out of the report of you getting your ass skunked in handball by Lt. Bays.”

“Ouch doc, that hurts! Bad news travels fast but don’t worry, I’ll kick your butt up and down that court in the morning.” Lia raised an eyebrow, “She got lucky.”

Kersh laughed “I see the XO has an attitude that needs to be adjusted.”

“So, you think you can really do that, Mr. Old…”

Comms specialist Deke Meyerson interrupted from the two. “Major Davis…sorry for interrupting sirs. I have Commander Guynes on Priority Channel One wishing to speak to the Admiral. He said it was urgent.”

“Patch him to my handset and then page Admiral Jacobs, specialist.”


Before she picked up the handset, Davis looked at Dr. Kersh. “I’ll get this in my over all report and I will see you on the court in the morning.”

“Take it easy and be careful what you wish for Lia, you may just get it.”


Lycanthrope – Mess Hall
Day 63

Admiral Jacobs and Colonel Dean Wilson stepped off the raptor and on to the hanger deck of the Lycanthrope. Thomas Jacobs quickly saw Captain Merton approaching.

"Captain Merton, thank you for meeting with us on such short notice." The Admiral smiled as he extended his hand.

"Any time, Admiral." Merton said with a smile, while shaking Jacobs' hand.

Colonel Wilson shook Merton's hand, "Captain, always a pleasure to have my boots on the deck of your ship."

"You're always welcome, Colonel. You're not that unlike The Pack."


The three men entered Merton's office.

After Jacobs took a seat, he looked at Merton and Wilson. "Captain, I'm going to let Colonel Wilson take this presentation from here. His finding, if it holds true will be one of the most significant events since the start of the war."

"Sounds intriguing, Admiral. For you to say such a thing..." he turned to Wilson "I'm all ears, Colonel."

Dean opened up the laptop that he had borrowed from Lt. Wu and ran the data as it was done earlier for the Admiral and Commander Guynes.

"When we apply the civilian colonial frequencies into the data, we got a hit." Wilson took a small sip of coffee before proceeding. "We have repeatedly checked the data not only on Taurus, but Discovery as well and it keeps coming back with this result."

"Amazing." Merton uttered. "If others survived... we have to find them."

"A ranger scout could make it to the area in nearly three days, but with the radiation of the nebula, getting back may be the hard part for the small craft." Wilson looked at Merton, "The heavier armor and the better navigational sensors of a ship would be ideal to let them get close enough to get a reading and decide where to go from there."

"We'd like to send you and the Lycanthrope with one of our Ranger Scouts." Jacobs added. "After two days of travel and jumps, the Ranger scout can do a small jump and listen. If the signal is still there, you can take him closer in to get a confirmation. Besides the obvious reasons of protection, you can also provide a better, closer navigational point for the pilot to make it back."

"Sounds like a plan to me. I need to discuss it with the others, but I know we're up for such an assignment. If there is another colonial ship out there, we need to find it before the cylons do."

"That is the other reason why we want you to let the scout go ahead of you." Jacobs paused for a moment, "If there are any Cylons in the area, the scout will get a better read on the signals in the area. You are to get you and your crew out of there if there are any signs of the tin cans.."

"Makes sense, no need to risk more than a single person, as a precaution." Merton looked from one to the other. "How soon can we get underway?'

Jacobs looked to Wilson, "I could have a Ranger Scout and a briefed pilot over here in hour and a half."

"Captain, you could jump anytime after that." Jacobs said. "Just keep in mind, if we hear the signal coming from the area of NGC-9155, so did the Cylons. Not even our scientists know what's in or near that nebula, so be careful."

"We'll leave five minutes after that ranger scout arrives." Merton promised. 'And don't worry about that nebula. it'll take more than a big cloud of gas to harm this ol' jumpstar."


Fleet Wireless – My Side, Your Side
Day 63

Rick: Brad, final moments of the program. Got any final thoughts in that skull of yours?

Brad: Rick, although I find the protest of Mr. Ohara and those representatives who have aligned themselves with him and Humanity Watch to be addressing a noble cause…it’s time to move on and address this on day one of a new government. Now is the time to vote on the amended articles and go forward.

Rick: Arturo Ohara and his group of whiners have done nothing but freeze the governmental process. They are holding the people of this fleet hostage over criminals. These people have gotten exactly what they deserved.

Brad: Hard labor in bad conditions? Forced to work long hours and…

Rick:: Made to pay for crimes they were convicted of! They get three meals a day, medical attention almost as soon as they need it! Unlike a lot of people in this fleet, at least these criminals are working for their upkeep. Let them keep working on tylium is what I say. Maybe they will finally pull their heads out of their asses and become honest people…unlike several politician that claim to represent these people.


Battlestar Taurus – CAG Office
Day 63

Colonel Wilson looked at Maj. Watkins and Lt. Butler as he closed his folder. “That’s it and that's what you are looking for. Lt. Butler, Major Watkins, do you have any further questions?”

Both answered unintentionally in unison. “No sir.”

As Col. Wilson stood to leave, the two pilots stood, snapped to attention and saluted. Wilson returned the salutes. “Kevin, you are to be on Lycanthrope before 2145. CPO McDaniels should have Ranger Four ready for you to take. Good hunting and see you in a few days.”

“Yessir!” After Wilson left the room, Butler picked up his briefing book. He looked at Sabrina and shook his head. “I don’t know if this is real or a trap. Anything is possible with the toasters.”

“Yeah…anything is possible.” Sabrina said in a somewhat distant tone. “You better go get ready.”

“Sabbs, every thing okay?”

“Everything is fine Kev, it’s just been a long day. You need to go get ready, buster! You’re the one with a long mission in front of you.”

After looking to see if the door was closed, Kevin placed his arms around her and kissed her. “I’ll be okay. Keep your chin up and I’ll be back before you know it.”

A small smile broke across her face. “Okay. Just don’t do anything too stupid…like showing up late for Captain Merton.”

Inside, the words that Lt. JG Francis said earlier echoed through her head. What have I gotten myself into?


Lycanthrope CIC
Day 63

The jumpstar had been fully fueled, and more provisions had been shuttled over, for its solo mission to find that colonial vessel near NGC-9155.

[“Hangar bay is clear.”] It was Deck Chief Michael Osten’s voice,coming through Merton’s handset.

“Ok, OX. Thanks.” Merton put down the handset, and turned to his CIC crew. “Prepare for FTL Jump. Max, on my word. Gwen, patch me through to Intrepid Actual.”

“All ready done.”

[“Intrepid Actual this is Merton on Lycanthrope. We’re ready to Jump. And I promise we’ll take good care of your Lt. Butler; we’ll even feed him. Gods willing we’ll return with another ship. Merton out.”]

“Okay, Pack, let’s do it.”

The jumpstar Jumped away from the Battlestars Intrepid and Taurus, and the rest of the rag tag fleet.

Admiral Jacobs watched as the DRADIS blip that was the Lycanthrope disappeared from the monitor. May the blessings and the protection of the Gods go with you.

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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