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 Post subject: Intrepid 12 - Bump in the night.
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Battlestar Intrepid
Episode #12 – Bump in the Night

With Silverlantern as The Pack.

Intrepid Port Hanger Bay
Day 54

Ensign Marc Rehi made his way across the hanger deck to Ranger Scout Four. CPO Jason Zwink popped a salute to the pilot.

“Good morning sir. How did the Colors game go last night?”

Rehi raised an eyebrow “Got my ass handed to me, Jason. Damn second frakkin marine second lieutenant from Taurus cleaned several us out, including Colonel Pretrivich. Think I’ll take the next few days and build my ego back up and scout a system or two. How’s my bird?”

“This bird is ready for your mission. You have a week’s worth of supplies. Make sure you e-note some photo’s back to me, sir.”

The ensign walked into the scout he smiled at the deck chief “I’ll send you some picture with me and the local women. See you in three days at most, Jason.”


Taurus Brig
Day 54

Alexander Bryant sat in his cell not really paying attention to his lawyer, much to the annoyance of Anthony Ito.

“The least you can do is listen. I’m trying to keep from meeting your makers.”

“Insanity plea…I have to be a nut.” Bryant snarled. “If you think it will work, I’ll run with it.”

“We have a good psychiatrist lined up who will say you’re out of touch and present some strong evidence. You spend some time getting help and they you are reintegrated into society after you are declared fit again.” Ito smiled, even though he didn’t fully believe what he had just said.

“Right…I’ll follow what you and the doc say to do.”

“Damn right if you want to keep breathing.” Ito said seriously. “Now, lets review the childhood molestation information that you told the shrinks about…”


Taurus Medical
Day 54

Dr. Amhed Sonji walked into the examination room, holding a page with lab results. He noticed the patient looked at him rather nervously. The doctor smiled at the woman.

“We know how this happens now and it’s quiet normal…in fact it’s happening in the fleet a lot.”

Captain Jenni Guynes looked up “But I didn’t think it would happen to me…not just yet. I mean, we practice…”

“And sometimes those means fail. You’re a nurse and should know that.” Sonji smiled “This is a good thing, Jenni. We may wonder why in Hades the Gods picked now, but they did.”

“Well, I can’t and won’t undo this” she finally smiled. “I guess I need to tell our Commanding officer about this…”


RS4 Scouts - System 2149-Regula
Day 55

Ensign Marc Rehi quickly awoke to the loud beeping going off in the scout. He looked down at the DRAIDS and then at the other monitors.

But everything was clear. In fact, there were notices on his screen that scans had been completed and asking if he would like the results. Rehi then realized where the beeping was coming from.

It was coming from the front window of the ranger scout. His suction-cup held alarm clock had gone off.

“You would think after putting everything that they did in this damn electronic bucket; they would have put in a damn alarm clock.” He said out loud as he rubbed his eyes. “At least the build in a small toilet and fridge…”


Taurus Conference Room
Day 55

Anthony Ito had listened to the prosecution give its long opening statement. He had a pad full of notes about what was said and how they were going to prove their case.

What made Ito nervous was that they were pretty much on the mark about everything they said.

Judge Carlo Varekova looked at Ito after the State finished. “Councilor, it’s your turn.”

“Thank you, your Honor.” Ito said as he stood up and addressed to court. “What drives a man to past the edge of the realms of sanity and insanity? What could push him to the point where nothing was black and white? What could drive a perfectly normal person to commit a heinous crime?”

“Could it be in the past? Maybe it’s the time we live in where death lurks at the next jump. Maybe it’s the fear of the future that none of us are sure about. What drives an ordinary man to do the unthinkable?”

“The defendant, Alexander Bryant has dealt with with all of this. Back on the colonies, to those who knew him on the outside, Alexander seemed like a normal bank worker and average man. What people didn’t know was his past…a past that involved a dark time and dark crimes committed on him by an uncle.” Ito paused for a moment and then continued.

“Then, there were the events of 55 days ago and the start of the exodus. Fears and anxieties took over my client and he retreated into a fantasy world…a world he could control. A world that through his mental abnormalities became dark and deadly. This man is not a cold-blooded killer. The evidence and expert testimony that I will present will show Mr. Bryant to be insane.”

“With the right treatments and counseling, he is a man that can be rehabilitated and be productive in society again. Prison or execution is not the answer here, your Honor. The answer is help for someone who so desperately needs it…”


Convention / Wireless
Day 55

The commentators sat at a table outside the convention hall. The two men wearing headphones didn’t see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues over the years. Then again, the last 55 days had been out of the ordinary for them.

But those who knew the two men agreed on one thing: They didn’t expect them to fully get along politically even after the exodus and that would make for good wireless.

And Rick and Brad would not disappoint…

Rick: Welcome and I am Rick Jamerson on the Right…

Brad: and I’m Brad Willford on the left this is My Side, Your Side. Then newest and only wireless program in the universe dedicated to politics and the affairs of the fleet.

Rick: Brad, we never saw eye to eye before the exodus, and I don’t see that happening now.

Brad: Well, I think we can admit we don't like Cylons and I’m more correct about things than you.

Rick: Bullfrak Brad! Yeah, we hate the Cylons, but the left is generally wrong. Lets take a look at the the ram-rodding your man, Chairman Greene is doing in this convention.

Brad: I figured, YOU of all people would like what he is doing! It’s just slight modifications…

Rick: More like he is pissing on the Articles and the people who wrote them. The real power behind this convention is Greene’s aide, Anthony Ito!

Brad: Well, seeing that he is trying to keep suspected murderer Alexander Bryant from getting executed, I think this is the chance for the right to come in and influence the process.

Rick: Hang the frakker is my thought.

Brad: Bryant?

Rick: Both…works for me.

Brad: Ugh…you can't do that!

Rick: No, but it's fun to imagine. One murderer and a morally questionable lawyer at room temperature. Now that would be a blessing.


Taurus Executive Officer’s Quarters
Day 55

Although a lot had changed in the last 55 days, some things carried over from the ‘pre-exodus’ days. XO Dean Wilson and Chief Engineer (Major) Lane Azmos were having their weekly ‘bullfrak and drinking’ session. Sometimes, there were several people who attended…this week though, it was just the Colonel and the Major.

“Looks like everyone chickened out tonight, boss.”

Wilson poured another shot for Azmos and himself, “They know the good, new rock-gut won’t be ready until next week.”

“Catch that new wireless program today?”

“Heard part of it in the CIC…blowhard bullfrakkers, both of them. I think politicians and pundits are the curse the Cylons gave us.” The Colonel pulled out a note pad after downing his drink.

Azmos followed suit and poured both of them another drink “What are you doing?”

“Well, you remember the Stealthstars?”

“Sure…even worked on one about five years ago.” The major paused for a moment. “Didn’t they pull those off the flight lines two years ago because of some classified problem?”

“Supposedly avionics…but I call bullshit on that, Lane.”

“Would be handy to have one…I know they were planning a new one based somewhat off the designs of the new Viper Mark VIIIs. I think they were going for an FTL engine and longer body. But all of that was five to eight years off though.”

“Who says we can’t design one of our own?” grinned the Colonel.

“If it was going to have FTL, that might be a bitch. Raptor FTLs are too big to mate to it.”

“We may have to make our own out of spare parts and ingenuity, my friend. You game Lane?”

The major tipped back his drink. “Okay, I’m in. Tell me what you have going on in that head of yours…”


RS4 Scouts - System 2149-Regula
Day 55

“All systems are nominal and I will maintain orbit over the 18th moon of the second gas giant of this system during my rest period.” Ensign Marc Rehi said as he spoke into the voice recorder. “Scanners are showing a high concentration of frozen water at this moment. Time is now 2301, this is Ensign Rehi signing out for the night.”

The ensign turned on the alarm clock and looked for his makeshift eye-cover…a bandana.

Sleep will be good tonight, better on the Intrepid tomorrow…


Storeroom 55L
Day 55

Major Sabrina Watkins let out a small moan and then collapsed onto the chest of Lt. Kevin Butler. She shook for a few moments in complete ecstasy. As she laid on her head on the joint of his shoulder, she lightly giggled.

“Damn, you’re good, Kevin.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Butler’s little bundle of joy aims to please.” Kevin said with a huge smile on his face.

“Nothing little about this Butler bundle of joy…” she grinned. Both started to laugh in the large storage room on the Taurus.

Over the next several minutes, they laid there, recovering from their time of pleasure. Finally, Sabrina looked up at Kevin.

“I’m not just a frak, right?”

Kevin immediately answered, although the question had caught him completely off guard. “Of course not! You are more than just a frak!”

“What am I then?” she grinned.

Without skipping a beat, he answered with a devilish grin “You’re my commanding officer…”

Sabrina’s eyes opened wide as she playfully slapped his abdomen, “I better be more than that!”

Kevin quickly rolled over on top of her and gave her a long slow kiss. “You are…and I’m ready for round two!”

As they started to make love, there was a small thought in the back of Kevin Butler’s mind. It made him feel a little guilty to be doing what he was with Sabrina.

It was the memory of his fiancé Belinda.


RS4 Scout System 2149-Regula / Intrepid Fleet
Day 56

Ranger Scout Four had cleared the gas giant and was out of the path of any of the planets in System 2149-Regula. It would take three jumps to arrive back at the fleet. Ensign Marc Rehi had all three jumps plotted in his systems.

After the first two jumps and taking time to listen for signals, he spool the FTL one more time and engaged it for home. Within a few moments, he could see the fleet a small distance away.

“Intrepid Flight Control, this is Ranger Scout Four. My mission is complete and I’m happy to report no bogies were detected on my way home.”

(“Roger that, Scout Four. You are cleared for landing in the upper port landing bay when you catch up. Welcome home.”)


Taurus Conference Room
Day 56

Edwardo Alverz looked at the judge after he had finished up his follow-up questions with Captain Daniel Storm. “Thank you Captain and the Fleet rests, your Honor.”

“Very well, prosecutor.” Judge Carlo Varekova looked at Ito, who was already standing. “Go ahead, Mr. Ito.”

Anthony knew this wouldn’t work, but it was a matter of protocol that he had to do. “Sir, the Fleet in my opinion has failed to prove they have a case. They are basing their case completely conjecture from several non-qualified witnesses. Their DNA evidence is questionable at best because it was analyzed in a facility that is not meant for evidence processing.”

Ito paused for a moment, “Anyone in this courtroom today can see that the State is putting on a farce. I ask that you dismiss the charges and place Mr. Bryant in medical care. It’s where he needs to be. Not a prison or an execution chamber…he needs medical help.”

“Councilor Ito, I see no reason to dismiss the charges at this time. You may proceed with you clients’ defense and call your first witness.”

“Very well, your Honor. I call Dr. Steven Pair to the stand…”


Intrepid CIC / Discovery
Day 56

“Dr. Dunnavan, this is the admiral. What do you think about the data?”

Robert Dunnavan poured through the data and looked at the photos. (“The moon with frozen water would be nice to supplement our needs and we have confirmed the data that the asteroid belt between the fifth and six planets does contain tylium and other needed ores. It looks good to me, sir.”)

“Anything else piquing your interest?”

(“Several things look good to me about this system. They radiation field around the second gas giant is similar to what we say in the Duvaun system. Stick around long enough and we might find any hidden Cylons…if there are any in the fleet, Admiral.”)

“I would hope we have them all, doc…but going into orbit around that gas bag sounds good. We’ll plot a jump that places us near it.” Jacobs paused. “Anything, Robert?”

(“No sir, I’m go if you are.”)

“We’ll jump sometime before the end of the hour. Intrepid Actual out.


Day 56

“DRADIS shows just us and Lycanthrope, sir. One minute until fleet arrives.” smiled Colonel Wilson. “Vipers are launching and assuming normal post-jump positions.”

“Very good, Colonel. Stay at condition one until the Intrepid arrives. Standard defensive jump drill.” said Commander Guynes. “We’ll stand down after the ‘I’ arrives.”

The voice of Lt. Wu was heard moments later “T-Minus forty five seconds until fleet commences jump.”

Colonel Wilson was looking at the DRADIS when four ships appeared right on top of Taurus and Lycanthrope. A moment later, they were identified, much to his dread. “CYLONS!”

Commander Guynes quickly looked up and noticed the four blips: One was baseship and three smaller unknown ships. “All guns, open fire on the baseship! Order vipers to attack any raiders they find!”

The guns of the Taurus locked on to the baseship immediately began to fire. After several moments, the baseship finally figured out what was going on…and returned fire!

Another ship appeared in the distances…several minutes away from the fight. After a few moments, it ran away from the fight. It’s plan was to put distance between itself and the combat zone. Those on the ship hoped they raiders and baseship could buy enough time for them to jump away. What raiders that were getting off of the baseship raced to join her.


Day 56

“Stand by to fire on the nearest vessel.” Merton said to XO Shirenko. “Max, turn the ship to defensive position. Gremlin, I.D. of the three smaller ships?”

The old lady was peering into a viewer. “I think they’re tankers, or some other support craft. They remind me of fuelers.”

Her memory was flawless. She could never forget the Cylon War, when she was A Colonel, and Xo of Columbia. Gwen Wyatt had survived battles that no human should have. But the battlestar had endured the war miraculously. Folks said the ship had been protected by the gods.

“Well, whatever the frak they are… one is going kaboom.”’ Ivan Shirenko said, then he picked up the handset. “Open fire on that frakker!”

Fleet Tug ‘Mini-Mighty’
Day 56

“Thirty seconds to jump captain and all in nominal.” smiled the navigator.

“Perfect. Hopefully we’re going somewhere we can slow down and do some work to this old girl.” Captain Brent Chapman signed. “The Gods know we can’t do too many more jump without an overhaul.”

The Mini-Mighty had a small crew and all but one were in the cramp CIC, looking out the windows. The navigator started to count them down.

“Jumping in 5...4…3…2…1…JUMP!”

Moments later, they appeared to the port of the Lycanthrope…and baring down on a Cylon ship in front of them.


Captain Chapman never got the chance to finish his thought. The Mini-Mighty slammed into the back of the Cylon freighter before they really take any actions.

The Cylon ship started to disintegrate explosively section by section. The Mini-Mighty continued forward into the ship in a telescoping manor until she blew up, finishing off both craft.


Day 56

It was a worst case scenario for every captain in the fleet: Jumping into a combat zone.

Colonial Heavy 691 was one of the first ships to jump. They were to the rear of the fleet and somewhat away from the action. Captain Andy Meyers quickly moved his ship away from the combat area when he noticed another ship on DRADIS moving quickly away from him.

Meyers got on his headset and hailed the ships jumping in. “Evasive maneuvers! We’ve jumped into a fight…follow me and break away now!”

This helped the ships in the rear and to the front of the fleet, but it didn’t help the four to six ships in the mix of the combat zone…where missiles, bullets and debris was flying.


Day 56

Major Lia Davis watched the countdown clock “Jumping in three, two, one. Jump!”

A few moments later, the Intrepid appeared in the middle of the fleet and in the center of the action. After a few moments, the DRADIS came up with all the targets…and a loud tone.

“Radiological alarm! Cylons in the fleet!!!” shouted Major Davis. “Incoming ordinance!”

“All guns, open fire on the nearest baseship!” Jacobs barked. “Launch all vipers!”

As the guns of the Intrepid fired and her vipers launched, the severely damaged baseship salvoed her remaining nukes at Intrepid.

“All guns, take out those nukes!” ordered Jacobs.

The point defense guns tore open with a rain of bullets and flak, shreading nearly all of the missiles, except one. The nuke found its mark in the center section, port side of Intrepid.

The mighty battlestar shuttered from the nuclear direct hit.


Fleet Combat
Day 56

‘Mother’ gave the order for her raiders to run and protect the resurrection ship. She would make a stand while they protected the most important ship in their fleet. The ship took hit after hit from the colonial ships and tried to give out as much punishment as possible.

But she and the biological Cylons onboard her knew it was no use. They know the ship would be destroyed…that is why the Resurrection ship had to make it out and get the others. Vengeance and resurrections could be had if everything worked out.

In her final death throws, she fired her nukes at Intrepid and Taurus. Her regular ordinance was also thrown at them…except for a few missiles.

The baseship and her biological masters never saw the hits they delivered. One nuke made it through to the main battlestar. Some of her regular missiles hit Taurus, causing damage and internal explosions.

Two missiles found a civilian ship…a long a somewhat slender ship. One missile slammed into the engine room area while another exploded near the bridge area. Explosive decompressions ripped throughout the ship, ripping her apart until she was only debris.

Part of an engine hurled though the combat zone and found the center section of the converted space park / science ship Delphi.


Day 56

“All vipers, turn after the raiders and the mystery ship off in the distance.” Fleet CAG Major Laswell ordered. “Take those cans down!”

For over a minute, most of the vipers chased the raiders at full speed. The Mark VII vipers were slowly catching up when their targets started to disappear one by one.

“Frak me running, they’re getting away!” growled Lt. Kevin ‘Battlemaster’ Butler.

Then, the ‘unknown’ ship and the remaining raiders disappeared from DRADIS.

“Damn…they slipped away.” Major Watkins said dejectedly. “Dammit!”

“Okay, hold the chatter down folks.” ordered the Fleet CAG. “Lets head back to fleet and assume a CAP along with the Mark IVs. Keep your eyes open and be ready for anything.”


Day 56

"Damage report, Major!" the admiral shouted as he coughed a little. The CIC was still covered in smoke from a fire near the navigation station.

Major Lia Davis looked up from the readouts "The armor did her job and took the brunt of the nuke. We have fires mid ship along the starboard side. FTL one is down, but the other FTL drives are operational. ETA on repair time should come to us soon.

"Too early for a sickbay report yet. Vipers?"

"Major Lazwell has everyone on fleet CAP. They report ready to fight if the cans show up again."

Jacobs looked Davis in the eyes "Fleet report."

"The fleet tug 'Mini-Mighty' collided with a Cylon ship as she jumped in. Pan Galactic 788 took some missiles from the dying baseship and was destroyed. The science ship Delphi was hit with debris, but is still flying. I'm expecting a damage report from her any minute."

Jacob's fist slammed into the table "Dammit! Have navigation issue the second jump coordinates stat. Call Delphi and see if they can jump or not."

"If they can't, I'll get Lt. Straight's tug to hook up to them...if there is engine damage, not structural."

Comms officer Adele Cravey approached the command table. "Admiral, I have Commander Guynes and Captain Merton on the line for you."

Jacobs quickly grabbed the handset as Major Davis continued her work "This is Jacobs, report."

[Sir, Taurus has battle damage, but we're operational. Those Cylons jumped right on top of us...but we got the first shots in. It was like they were not expecting us.]

["Merton here, Admiral. Lycanthrope has some scratched paint, but that's all. We're in top shape. We took out of the three Cylon supprt ships. Could be a fueler."]

"We took a nuke, but we're still in good shape." Jacobs said to both of them, as Major Davis handed him a note. "Delphi is still in good enough shape to jump. Here is the gameplan: A ranger scout is jumping ahead to make sure the coast is clear at the new coordinates. Once they report back, Taurus will combat land her vipers and jump with the fleet. Lycanthrope and Intrepid will follow a few minutes later after the fast SAR is complete."

[I can do that Admiral. The Bull is spooling as we speak. Wilson has been speaking with the civvie ships since the end of the battle and we're all just about back together. I'll make sure to have him give the order to keep everyone together.]

["Understood, Admiral."] It was Merton. ["Lycan to remain here with Intrepid and conduct SARS."]

"Very good. Let's keep ourselves ready for anything. The Cylons will be back and I'm betting it will be with more baseships than freighters. Intrepid Actual out."


Lycanthrope – SAR
Day 56

“Okay, people. You know the drill.” Merton said to his CIC personnel. “We find ‘em, we get ‘em, and we get out.”

The jumpstar’s XO, Ivan Shirenko barked some orders through a handset to the weapons’ staff, while Gwen Wyatt, the Electronics Specialist, was on another line to the Chief engineer. Merton’s handset was now connected to the Deck Chief, Michael Osten.

“Ox, you’re running the show at the bay. Keep in contact with Max here at the helm. “After the shuttle crews are in full EVA gear, you are go for launch.”


Taurus CIC / Fleet
Day 56

“Fleet will be ready to jump in four minutes, Commander” reported Colonel Wilson.

“Tell Major Watkins to bring our birds home. They need to ready for combat launches off of the deck.”

“We’ll do Commander.” Wilson said as he grabbed the handset to get the vipers on board.

Commander Guynes looked over to Navigation. “T-Minus three minutes, start your clock..”

The vipers spent the next few minutes landing. As the last one touched the deck, the landing bays started to retract.

“T-minus thirty seconds and counting until we jump, Commander. The vipers have landed and we’re green across the board.” Wilson said.

“Signal the fleet to jump thirty seconds after we leave. You are go for jump, Colonel.”

A few moments later, the Taurus disappeared in a green flash. Then, one by one, the civilian ships of the fleet followed suit.

Lycanthrope and Intrepid were left to complete the SAR.


Lycanthrope – SAR
Day 56

The cargo shuttles Canis 1 and Canis 2 were out in the blackness., locating and retrieving pilots. The jumpstar was at a short distance from the larger pieces of cylon freighter debris.

“Everything’s moving like clockwork.” Wyatt said to Merton, to reassure him. “We’ll be out of here before any more baseships show up.”

“Sir!” it was Paula Gold. “There’s a pilot way over to our port. No raptors or shuttles are near him.”

Shirenko was peering into some console. “The SARs’ ships are all busy. We’re the closest.” He looked at Merton.

The CO turned to the helmsman. “Max, can you get us there?”

Viper pilot Lt. Thomas “Road Trip” Weggas floated in the quietness. His suit’s wireless had malfunctioned for ‘gods know whatever frakkin’ reason’

He could make out the battlestar, and the jumpstar; they were large and well lit. And he imagined he could see a raptor’s glow here and there. One thing he did know: nobody was looking where he was, not even close.

The jumpstar was turning. It was pivoting on its central axis. It was moving forward, to him.

Oh gods. Weggas thought to himself. I’m gonna get run over by those idiots. What a way to die, Road Trip. You survive the cylons… but get squished by [i]Lycanthrope.

The jumpstar was traveling rather slowly.

[i]Great. I can’t die fast enough, so they’re gonna take their time getting here.

The ship began to blink on and off.

Weggas was baffled. Is that dots and dashes? he began to decipher the message coming from the fore lights of the jumpstar.

“Hold. Still. This.Won’t. Hurt Much.” Oh, hell, they’re coming for me… with the jumpstar! Just send a raptor or a shuttle!

The ship was bigger now, and began to turn, to almost slide, as though it was spinning.

They’re gonna kill me. I’m gonna be splattered along her plating. I’m…. she’s slowing down even more? That’s.. that’s her bay now. I’m gonna paint her deck red. I’m… holy frak. Someone’s coming up from the deck in a EVA suit. “Man, that must be one old suit. I think it’s from the cylon war. Like the one worn by Marcus Corfu in “Battle Over Leonis”. That’s one brave dumbass to be trusting that suit…

Michael Boehn smiled at the viper pilot, and waved at him as he was only a few feet from him now.

[“This is Boehm. I’ve got a live one here. Heading back to the bay. Can I keep him? Can I?” he joked.

[“Sorry, Michael. He’s Colonial property.”]


Intepid CIC
Day 56

“Thank you Captain Merton and good job. Recall your shuttles and set your jump clock to t-minus two minutes. We’ll signal when to run it. Intrepid Actual out.” Admiral Jacobs put down the handset and looked across to Major Davis. “Lets get the hell out of here, Lia.”

“No complaints here. I’ll call home our vipers.” the major said with some relief.


Open space / Intrepid CIC
Day 56

“Folks, you heard the call. Get your butts back to the ship. I’ll be the last to land.” Major Lazwell said to his pilots. A minute and a half after the call, the Lycanthrope disappeared in a green flash.

He listened to the vipers reporting as landed and the jump count down. As the last one touched down, the Major turned to land.

Then the warning tone went off. He glanced down at his DRADIS and noted four Cylon Baseships and another unknown ship had jumped into the area. Lazwell felt the magnetic pads grab the landing gear.

“CAG to CIC, we’re all home!”

The Admiral watched the DRADIS as Lazwell’s call came across the speakers.

“T-minus fifteen seconds until jump, Cylon raiders t-minus thirty seconds before the raiders arrive.” Major Davis met Jacobs gaze.

“Have jump coordinates ready and prep the fleet to jump again when we arrive.”

“Aye Admiral.” Davis looked at the clock. “Jumping in 6…5…4…3…2…1…Jump!”

As the raiders were opening their missile bays and preparing to send ordinance at the battlestar, the Intrepid disappeared in a green flash. After a few moments, 100 raiders paired off and jumped away from the motherships…with the orders to find the humans.


Taurus Commander’s Quarters
Day 56

Commander William Guynes sat on the couch nursing a glass of ambrosia. It had been a hell of a day. The causualties on the ship were not too bad, but the loss of PG 788 and the tug Mini-Mighty. Jenni Guynes came out of the shower and looked at her husband.

“Are you okay, honey?”

“As best as I can be.” William downed what was left in glass. “Just hate losing anyone.”

“It’s not your fault and what the Taurus and Lycanthrope did saved the other ships. We’re all still alive.”

“I guess I can feel good about that.” He said flatly. “We’ll have services for the dead tomorrow in the starboard hanger at 1100 tomorrow. Tom will be here and then I meet him again tomorrow night on the Intrepid.

“Well, I do have something I need to tell you, Will.” Jenni said in a completely serious tone. “Dr. Sonji gave me an examination the other day…”

William’s face turned completely white as he stumbled on his words. “What’s wrong? What did he find?”

Jenni slowly smiled. “There’s nothing wrong, honey…we’re going to be parents.”

The commander’s eyes opened wide and he stumbled on his words, “We…we’re…you mean?”

“Exactly.” Jenni smiled as she put her hand under his jaw. “We’re gonna be parents…now shut up and kiss me.”

William did exactly as he was told…and with a huge smile.


Intrepid – Admiral’s Quarters
Day 57

The two military leaders of the fleet had spent two hours talking about the previous battle and what to do next. They were both tired from the memorial services for the fallen, civilian and military. Jacobs pour them both a drink and handed it to Guynes.

“Well, over a day and no Cylons detected Will.” Admiral Jacobs said flatly. “I’m going to schedule another jump for 0100 to put more space between them and us.”

“A good call. I’ll let Lt. Wu know so he can expect it.”

“Now, you said you had something for me, Will?”

“I have some good news, actually.” The commander pulled out a cigar and handed it to Thomas. “That’s from Jenni.”

“Tell her I said thank you. Now are you going to hold me in suspense forever?”

“You’re going to be a Godfather, if you say yes, Tom.”

The ambrosia almost came up through Thomas Jacobs nose. “You mean that Jenni is…”

“About six weeks or so, Tom. It was confirmed by Dr. Sonji a few days ago.” Will smiled.

“Congratulations! A blessing in a time of tribulation, for sure. I would be honored to be…”

The speaker next to the handset buzzed and interrupted Jacobs. “CIC to Admiral.”

Jacobs instinctively grabbed the handset “This is the Admiral, go ahead.”

The admiral shook his head and said ‘I see’ a few times as Lt. Bays spoke with him. “Thank you and I’ll let Commander Guynes know. Admiral out.”

“What was that all about, Tom?”

“Looks like you have some construction work to do, Will.” Jacobs said as he poured the the Commander another drink. "Bryant trial just wrapped up..."


Taurus – Port Hanger Bay
Day 61

Alexander Bryant walked to a door leading to the hanger bay of the Taurus. Anthony Ito and priest Conlin DeShera could go no further with him.

“May the Gods take pity on your soul, Mr. Bryant.” DeShera said as the guards lead him away.

Bryant could see several people below on the hanger deck. He would not joining them…he would stay in the rafters and walk across a modified support beam with a built on platform.

Before he knew it, he was looking at a noose. Alexander looked down and the floor from the edge of the collapsible platform exention.

Commander Guynes looked at Bryant as two marines guarded the condemned man. “Mr. Bryant, do you have any last words.?”

“My only regret is that my lawyer and the judge couldn’t join me for the plunge, Commander.” He snarled and then spit at the feet of Guynes.

Guynes looked at Captain Storm to go forward. He placed a hood over the cuffed mans’ head. Moments later he felt the noose slip around his neck. His heart raced and the hood became hot and humid.

“To all of you watching, you can kiss my rosy white motherfra…”

Alexander Bryant never finished his final words. On cue, the collapsible platform gave way. After a plunge, the condemned man’s neck snapped five feet above the floor of the hanger deck.”


Fleet stats:

Intrepid 2375
Taurus 1958

Nimbus [Cloud 9]2100
Catalina [Cloud 9] 1400 (500 passengers relocated after the fire in episode #10)
Leonis Pride [Cloud 9]: 2200
Gem of Aquaria [Space Park] 2200
Silver Falls [Olympic Carrier] 1090

Pan Galactic Flights
402: 837
1190: 850
3150: 984
4502: 800

Fleet Heavy Tug N741A: 4
Belton Moving Co. [Demeter type cargo ship]: 12

Delphi [Space Park - Govenmental conversion]: 1145
Discovery [Space Park - Govenmental conversion]: 1194
Prospector [Hades Horn type mining ship]: 325

Highlands Dawn [Astral Dawn]: 500

Colonial Heavy 691: 150
Hydrus [Botanical Cruiser]: 120
University of Caprica “Sundog” [Botanical Cruiser]: 120

Scorpion Mining 742 [Hades Horn]: 300
Colonial Fueler N7589V [Necromancer]: 350

Total: 21,024

End of Episode 12
Next Episode #13: Under One Flag

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'

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OOOoooooOOOOoo NICE, guys!

Rick: Hang the frakker is my thought.

Brad: Bryant?

Rick: Both…works for me.


And terrific action! Nice rescue by the Lycan!

w00t !!

Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, about budget cuts for the US’s intelligence agencies: "We're not going to do more with less and all these other clichés. . . . We will just simply have less capability."


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