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 Post subject: Intrepid Episode 11 - Story time and old times.
PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 5:09 pm 
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Battlestar Intrepid Episode #11: Story Time...Old Times

Taurus Pilot’s Rec Room
Day 44

“Another good batch of beer, Kevin.” smiled Lt. JG Shonda Francis. “How did you get so good at brewing?”

“It’s called ‘spending time with dad’. It’s a bit of a family thing.” smiled Lt. Butler.

“The brew is good, but are you in or out?” Captain Storm asked flatly.

Marine 2nd Lt. Ramona Neuman smiled “Yes, in or out…”

Kevin (age 14) and Brad Butler
Years before Day 0
Four months before Colonial Day

“Make sure that that water is cold enough to lower the temp on the incoming mix.” Brad looked at his son. “If it’s too hot, it’ll kill the yeast when we put it in.”

Kevin checked the water temperature, “Understood and it will be enough to cool it down. Wouldn’t it be okay to use dry yeast instead of a liquid one?”

“I ain’t making bread, son. Dry yeast just doesn’t give it a good punch.” Father looked to at his son “There is a good-enough way to make beer and there is a right way. You’re learning the right way.”

“And the good-enough way?”

“Handy for college or if you ever go into the military.” Brad Butler smiled “I’ll teach you that when you get a bit older. The batch we’re making is for Colonial day, so it has to be done right.”

“Kevin, are you in or out?” asked Major Sabrina Watkins as she rubbed her foot between his legs under the table. “We’re not getting any younger.”

“I’m in” smiled Butler

2nd Lt. Neuman smiled, “Good, because I have full colors.”

Everyone at the table groaned.

“At least the beer is good” smiled Kevin.


Max Solingen
Day 45

It was a quiet morning on the Lycanthrope. Max looked around the CIC and awaited Captain Merton to return with Col. Dean Wilson. The XO of the Taurus was there to talk business. More than likely, he was also there to get away from the Bull’s CIC.

Two weeks before the destruction of the twelve Colonies
Former jumpstar Sol Invictus, re-named Lycanthrope

“Welcome aboard, Mr. Solingen.” The commanding officer of the civilian ship said to the new arrival in the hangar bay. Merton introduced the pother Pack members present: Ship’s Security officer Corinna Harrison, Deck Chief Michael Osten, and Electronics Specialist Gwen Wyatt.

“I still can’t believe that you… we have a jumpstar.” Max Solingen said to them.

The Ulfhednar Group has all sorts of wonders, Max.” Corinna said to their new pilot. “You’ll be astounded.”

“I don’t doubt it. I just want to see the CIC.” He turned to Merton. “A perfectly working jumpstar CIC… and I’m her main pilot.”

Better than ‘perfectly working’, sonny.” Gwen Wyatt said to him, with pride. “Me and my team, and Chief Hoyt and his team have got this old girl working better than any jumpstar ever did.”

“I’ll take real good care of her, Ms. Wyatt.”

Gwen laughed at that, and so did the others.

“I’m no lady, Max. Call me Gwen.”

“Or Gremlin.” Merton said with a smile. That was your callsign when you were in the Colonial Forces.”

“That was a lifetime ago, Merton. Or should I call you - ”

‘That won’t be necessary.” Merton raised his hand casually in protest.

Max Solingen’s curiosity had been piqued by the exchange. “So you’re both ex-military, like me?”

Gwen laughed again. “If you check the records, then yes. In fact, many of The Pack were military, …and some had honorable discharges.”

Merton added to what she had revealed. “Some of us still have ties within.”

“But there aren’t any records to it.” Corinna Harrison piped in.

The new pilot felt comfortable enough to ask another question. “And your funding? Where does The Pack get enough funds to purchase this ship, those shuttles…?”

“Like I said.” Corinna answered. “The Ulhednar Group is full of surprises. We have very influential friends, and some very rich friends.”

“Including a guy named Kalrk.” Merton said.

“Kalrk? As in-?”

“That’s the only Kalrk I ever heard of.” Wyatt cackled. ‘We’ve done some work for him, like putting weapons on his private yacht, hiding some booty of his. We even have some of his belongings here aboard Lycanthrope, like Buzzard, his very own-”

“Better than telling him about it,” Deck Chief Michael Osten interrupted. ‘”Let’s show him.”

“Fine by me.” Max was eager to see what the electronic entertainment figure could possibly have stored on this private ship, and with the name buzzard. “Then, I really want to see the CIC.”


Day 45

“Navigator, bring me a navigation chart.” Admiral Jacobs said as he sipped on some coffee.

“Yes sir.”

Major Lia Davis looked across the command table “Plotting the next jump?”

“Yes. We haven’t seen the Cylons in a while and I want to keep it that way.”

“Need the Ranger Scout reports?”

“Yes, please bring me the last three days worth.”

Thirty five years before Day Zero
Battlestar Columbia

Columbia’s crew and battle group was one of the youngest in the fleet. Many people mustered out when given the chance to. Fleet Command decided that a war game would be a good thing to do. Ships would react to a simulated Cylon incursion somewhere in the Colonies.

A comms specialist rushes up to the command table “Priority one message from Picon Fleet Headquarters, sirs.”

Commander Negela looked over the message and then handed it to Colonel Thomas Jacobs. “Looks like we are starting the game, Tom. Plot a jump that puts us just this side of Canceron and then distribute the coordinates to the battle group.”

“Aye, Commander.”

Within three minutes, Jacobs and the navigator had plotted the jump. It had been a few years since the Columbia had executed a jump. The jump would be a challenging one since they had to jump around a smaller system that was somewhat in the way.

The Colonel handed the coordinates to Commander Negela to review. “Very good. Distribute and set your jump clock to twenty minutes. Set Condition One throughout the battlegroup for battle simulation…”

“Do you want me to plot that with the navigator, sir?” asked Major Davis.

“Nah, I’ll do it.” Jacobs smiled “I need a good challenge.”


Taurus Port Hanger Bay
Day 45

“Okay Greenhorn, go and get me the right gimble for this raptor.” growled the deck chief.

“That was the one in the storage bin, sir.” said specialist Egart as he went back to the parts room.

“Well, go look again. I’ll have someone’s ass if they mis-stocked again.”

Col. Dean Wilson had just arrived back from the Lycanthrope and heard the men. “What’s up chief?”

“Trying to get this raptor back in service...”

Battlestar Taurus Port Hanger Bay
Twenty seven years before the storm

Chief Fernanda Sarahyba stepped out onto the deck from her office. It was three weeks before the Taurus was to leave dock. Once again, over half of her deck crew was ‘greenhorns’, rookies out of basic training and basic engineering.

Young, snot-nosed kids…twenty of them. I’m glad this is my last year, she thought as she walked up and down the inspection line.

“My name is Chief Sarahyba and this is my deck, greenhorns.” she looked at each person on the line. “I don’t care how good you think you are, you have a lot to learn. You will be greenhorns until I say you’re not a greenhorn. Frak up and that warm feeling on your ass will be my boot.”

The chief stopped in front of a young man that had not unlocked his eyes off of her since she hit the deck. “What is your name, Greenhorn?”

“Specialist Dean Wilson, sir!”

“From here on, if you hear me yell Greenhorn Wilson, you will get your ass over to me. Are we clear on that!”

“Sir, yes sir!”

“I ain’t no marine, Greenhorn Wilson! A simple yes sir will suffice!”

“Yes sir!” Wilson said as he squirmed a bit.

“Take it easy on the kid, chief” Wilson said as specialist Egart was running back. “We were all greenhorns once.”

“Sorry sirs. Here is the correct gimble.” said Egart panting.


Nimbus – Office of Patrick Greene
Day 46

Patrick Greene sat in his office getting ready for the new day. He took a break to from the paperwork and opened up his desk. In there was a photo and a note.

He looked at the photo and then he looked out the window.


Eight and a half years before Day 0

“Happy birthday, Lanora!” several people shouted. This was Lanora Greene’s 17th birthday. It was held at a hotel resort next to the beach. Debra Greene put the party together and invited her ex-husband Patrick Greene to it

She figured that he would at least show up for his daughter’s birthday. As
Lanora started to open presents, he father walked into the room.

“Hello, my little girl!” Patrick smiled.

She rushed her father “Daddy, I didn’t think you were going to make it.”

“The trip got off to a late start from Caprica.” Greene smiled as he kissed her on the forehead.

As the evening started to draw to a close, ex-husband and ex-wife watched Lanora and he friends go into town to continue the party.

“It’ll be good to have her on Caprica this summer before she goes off to college.” Patrick smiled at Debra.

Debra felt uncomfortable. She searched for the words to break the news to Patrick. “You haven’t talked to her lately, have you?”

“No, why?”

“She won’t be coming to Caprica when she graduates in two weeks. She’s joined the Colonial Marines.”

Patrick sat there in shock “Colonial Marines? Why didn’t you call me! The military is no place for my children!”

“Our children. And I seem to remember that you have a son in the Navy.”

Greene coldly looked at Debra “That person is dead to me.” He stood up and made his way to the door.

“Where are you going? Don’t you want to talk to her?”

“If she wants to go in the marines, fine. Lanora can expect no help from me.”

Debra watched her ex walk away. Unlike some other politicians, her husband’s nearly anti-military stances were not just talk, it was what he believed.

Over time, daughter and father would reconcile. They had talked nearly every week after she was assigned to a base on Caprica, until…

Picon – family cemetery
Exactly six years ago.

Patrick Greene watched Lanora’s casket lower into the ground and his ex-wife Debra cry as she grasped the folded flag. A raptor carrying her assault team crashed into the side of a mountain in bad weather…

There was a knock on the door. Patrick put the letter and photo back in his desk. “Come in.”

It was Anthony Ito with breakfast and paperwork. “Good morning, Patrick.”


Leonis Pride
Day 49

Alexander Bryant and a young woman had been partying all most of the night. They retired back to her room to continue the fun.

As she stepped into the bathroom to ‘freshen up’, he got ready as well. He took the thick black belt out of the belt loops as sat it to the side. His plan was simple: to give her a thrill and then get the thrill of killing her afterwards.

An hour later, they both laid there exhausted. Alexander went to kiss her, belt in hand. She saw his hand out of the corner of her eye and tried to run. As they struggled, he managed to get the belt around her neck.

Alexander tried to strangle the life out of the woman. Then, she managed to get a hand freed and punched the assailant in the throat.

Betty Reynolds got off the bed and ran into the hall with the belt still around her neck and naked. Alexander tried to put on his clothes and leave. As he stepped out into the hall, he was tackled by a marine. As he started to fight the marine, he heard a round being chambered into a gun.

“FREEZE!” another marine shouted.

It was no use fighting. Alexander stopped resisting and was handcuffed.

"Times change...and so must I." - The Doctor, 'Time of the Doctor'


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